Waitress uses hotdog as tampon and serves it

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Waitress uses hotdog as tampon and serves it
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Why a waitress used and served a hot dog as a tampon

Actually, it is unimaginable what happened recently in a pub. The waitress took an order and while arranging the food, the customer ordered among other things a hotdog, the woman took the sausage in her hand and used the hotdog as a tampon. She inserted the sausage into her vagina and then pushed it into the customer’s bun. What was going on inside this woman?

Kellnerin benutzt Hotdog als Tampon und serviert ihnGuests mobbed the waitress

It was a busy day at work and the waitress at the restaurant was also overwhelmed many times. The male audience was once again particularly cheeky and pushy. Again and again she was picked on and so it happened that her aggression towards the guests increased more and more. Then, when the guy on table 5 also made snide remarks about her figure and breasts while ordering, it was too much for her. The man, about 30, ordered a large glass of Coke and a hot dog with lots of condiments and ketchup.

Used the hotdog as a tampon for revenge

Then, as she stood behind the counter making the hot dog, she suddenly had the glorious idea that she could get one over on the guy. Some waitresses spit in the drink or add salt instead of sugar to the coffee. She came up with the idea to give the sausage a special flavor and used the hotdog as a tampon.

Diese Frau ist die Sau!

Secretly she inserted the warm sausage in her wet vagina and also had a feeling of pleasure, which will surely increase the spice. After pulling the sausage back out of its sheath, she put it in the bun and brought it to the table for the guest.

Gleefully ate the hot dog used as a tampon

Filled with satisfaction, she watched him gleefully eat the hotdog that was used as a tampon. If he knew where the sausage was just a few minutes ago, he might have even felt like eating it.

Menophilie - Tampons lutschen als Fetisch

Whether one can already speak of sitophilia here?

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