vrXcity: When virtual erotic spaces are created

vrXcity: When virtual erotic spaces are created
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Live out virtual erotic with real needs

To pursue sexual preferences openly and uninhibitedly and to live out virtual erotic full of relish? What sounds so simple often only works to a limited extent in reality. Factors such as uncertainty in expressing one’s own preferences, the lack of a partner or special fetishes often restrict the way one’s sexuality is lived out.

vrXcity: When virtual erotic spaces are createdLifelike Avatars

With vrXcity, however, a team of experts from Berlin is now for the first time developing an interactive platform on which it is possible to immerse oneself in virtual worlds and live out individual needs with completely animated yet lifelike avatars of real erotic performers.

“With the launch in autumn, users enter a unique world and choose between several erotic stars, different scenarios and possible positions with a click, before the tingling pleasure and virtual erotic begins,” explains Tobias Platte, Managing Director of me.mento 3D interactive GmbH in Berlin.

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To you or to me?

Whether in the office, bedroom or living room – at the beginning of the adventure, users can choose between several fully equipped locations. The individual interior is convincing with its unique charm: in the living room, for example, warm sunlight shines through several skylights onto lush green plants and a large sofa set, which creates a romantic atmosphere and invites you to spend hours together with your favourite avatar. Here the user can really live out his fantasies in a completely new world. Without shyness, without shame. Just be yourself and act according to your heart’s mood.

How virtual animations are changing the adult industry

“For the virtual future and virtual erotic, we are planning further scenarios and implementing more design freedom for users and erotic stars. Whether on board a private jet or in an American diner with a large bar: “There are almost no limits to our imagination,” the expert emphasizes. Thanks to vrXcity, those interested in eroticism have a multifaceted selection of several locations and various extras at their disposal, which offer plenty of scope for individual fetishes.


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