Vara Laval – firefighter and masochistic slave in interview

By Julia Moreno
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Vara Laval
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Vara Laval is a horny mixture of fire and ice

Her green eyes seem to have an almost hypnotic effect. The 80c bust size invites the eye to linger. The tattoos look extremely sharp on the pale skin. Sexy blonde Vara Laval describes herself as honest, tender and spoiled. That this does not have to be a contradiction is proven to us by the changeable beauty par excellence.

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In real life, as she calls it, Vara Laval works as a firefighter. So things are already heating up for her from a professional point of view. She describes herself as ladylike, values an elegant outfit and prefers high heels. She’s into yoga and her hobbies include art and culture, as well as jogging and dancing.
On the other, wicked side, the showgirl wants to distance herself from the conformity of society.

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That’s why, for example, she thinks it’s great to take her clothes off in front of other people. Vara Laval has always had a soft spot for red light and feels at home in the BDSM scene. The first time she had sex filmed, the perky blonde discovered her exhibitionist streak and it got her hooked. Well, once you’ve tasted blood in the industry, there’s no stopping you. This is what happened to sweet Vara.

Once you have found your place in the world of eroticism, you will not want to give it away. Finally, one’s own lust is lived out for everyone to see, one’s own desire for sexual satisfaction is satisfied. Thereby, the green-eyed dream woman creates new videos with nice regularity, which the inclined viewer can enjoy in silence at home.

BDSM with Vara Laval

The hot blonde is into bondage and shibari. If you watch her videos, you will notice a rather submissive streak in this cute girl. Here, for example, Vara Laval likes to slip into the role of the innocent stepdaughter who has to let herself be used. Mostly she just gives the bitch in her horny little movies. Here the blonde tattoo mouse can live out unrestrained and collect lots of new, horny experiences.

Vara Laval

Vara Laval in exclusive interview

We are glad that we had camgirl and amateur Vara Laval in exclsuive interview:

Eronite – Das Erotikmagazin We are pleased that you take the time to answer exciting questions for our readers and thus bring light into the dark tunnel. Because today we want to talk about the topic of BDSM. A term that is often foreign to many readers and leads to uncertainty. How’d you do? When did you have the first reference to BDSM?
Camgirl Vara Laval Well, to be honest, I became aware of BDSM through a video when I was 14. It was there about a woman who was mummified, gagged and whipped in a session with bondage foil. I could immediately identify with this one. I still have this video 1:1 in my head. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. From that point on, it never let go of me, burned itself into me, and remains an important part of my soul to this day. I started to get smart and did some research. Then I finally came of age, got a car, and was able to leave the village where I grew up to get my first experience. Of course, this became more and more intensive and indescribably many new things were added.

Vara Laval im Steckbrief

Geburtsdatum2. Februar 1996
Körpergröße168 cm
Gewicht56 kg
BH-Größe80 C
HobbysFashion, Lesen, Fitness, Wirtschaft, Autos
Lieblingfilme/-serienGame of Thrones, Madame Claude, Stolz & Vorurteil, Bridgerton, 365 Days
LieblingsfarbenGold, Schwarz, Rot
Das mag ich: Rosen, Exklusivität, Eleganz, Stil, Niveau, Intelligenz, Ästhetik, Respekt, Ehrlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Kunst, Kultur, Bücher, Wein, Cocktails, Italienisch, Ausgehen, Champagner, Reisen, Fashion, Hunde
Das hasse ich Spinnen, Regen, Lügen, Intoleranz, Verleumdung, Unpünktlichkeit, Respektlosigkeit, Unmenschlichkeit

In private life slave, professionally firefighter

Eronite BDSM is a wide spectrum. Many readers are surely wondering whether you also live by this in your private life or only behind closed doors. Would you like to tell us something about that? And anyway, what is it about BDSM that fascinates you so much?
Vara Laval In private life I pursue BDSM when an opportunity arises. In general, as with everything else, I stand by this passion in public and do not hide it. For example, I always wear my ring of O and even when I go to parties, I am clearly recognizable as a slave. This refers to fetish/BDSM parties, fairs, shows and everything that has to do with it. I am particularly fascinated by the richness of facets and the growth of one’s own preferences. You are always breaking boundaries, discovering new things for yourself and developing further. Of course, I can only speak from my experience and can say that this scene is totally tolerant and open-minded. Again and again you can see people at certain events who live out their fetish and have no inhibitions. They know they feel “safe” and are not looked down upon. Even if you can’t understand this fetish for yourself, you can still accept it and be happy for everyone, in my opinion.

Vara LavalEronite The erotic industry offers many opportunities for men and also for women to use or exclude specific areas. Were you just curious in general about the erotica field, or did you literally jump right in at the deep end? Because you mentioned recently that you used to see old photos of “Betty Page,” “Damsel in distress,” and “Playboy.” Was this the trigger for your entry into the scene or just the counterpart to it?
Vara Laval I would say that my interest in the adult industry has always been there, and for me I have gradually found out more and more where I am drawn. Or in other words – which way I will go. Older bondage images, photos from magazines, documentaries and women like “Betty Page” that inspired me just helped me filter it a bit. In the combination with BDSM, especially in Shibari, first pictures of me were created at that time. Due to my exhibitionist streak, I am very eager to show off, which only benefited it. I am happy when I can share this with others. Through the job as an escort lady in Hamburg I had my first touches with the topic “sex work”.

Of course she also has “normal” sex

Eronite Fans can see you in action during your live webcam shows and literally feel your absolute passion for the work. You come across as very confident and incredibly sexy to readers. It seems like you’ve never done anything else. Also, you come across as very authentic in your videos. What was your first experience in this area like?
Vara Laval As far as the webcam goes, it was never my first thought to follow up. In retrospect, however, I found more and more joy in it. It’s nice to interact with your fans, share and show yourself through this way. By my standards, I started relatively soft with the videos in the mainstream and POV clips. Now I’m doing more story clips. In the videos I also show a side that has less to do with BDSM, this one also exists and concerns my “normal” sexual desire.

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Eronite When you speak of a meditation intoxication, whereby – why actually intoxication? Isn’t there something rather passive about it? Or are you saying you can also imagine the active role in sex play? The readers and we are curious: What exactly attracts you to BDSM?
Vara Laval I speak of this highest possible “state of meditation” when I practice shibari. Here it is possible for me to step away completely and experience an indescribable feeling of happiness. When I am tied up, I feel warmth through the ropes, absolute security, the narrowness, hopelessness, helplessness and the pain are just beautiful. One understands how to let go, feels like reborn afterwards and the soul is reset once.

Only when I am absolutely fixed, I get really horny

Eronite At the beginning we talked about the term “BDSM as a broad spectrum”. We know that bondage – as one of the many BDSM practices – restricts the freedom of movement and belongs to the bondage practices. Some performers consistently reject bondage. The mere holding of the arms or the clasping of the legs already belongs to this area. Bondage with ropes and anchor knots, handcuffs, chains and others are among the most popular techniques. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can you tell us what specifically attracts you to bondage?
Vara Laval The possibilities with bondage are indescribable and there are no limits to creativity. Not everyone is receptive to this. That’s fine too, they may have preferences for that that I don’t have. For me, shibari is at the top of the list. I am also interested in mummification with bondage foil, steel shackles, chains and latex bondage like an inflatable latex bodybag. According to the motto “The tighter and harder – the better”. Only when I have the feeling that I am really at the mercy and have absolutely no chance, it really starts to irritate me. For example, if someone holds me down, I can get free, even simple handcuffs or light bondage don’t really give me much.

Vara Laval - firefighter and masochistic slave in interview

Eronite One of your interests is art and culture. Especially in the cultural field, you can meet new people and exchange ideas on a different level. The term exchange de facto is certainly quite exciting for our readers. Hamburg, as an almost big metropolis, surely has locations or BDSM meetings for like-minded people, right? Can you enlighten our readers as to whether they can live out the allure of the unusual in Hamburg? But nevertheless, of course, the beginners, the beginners?
Vara Laval Since I moved to Hamburg in April 2018 for professional reasons, I naturally looked for locations, like-minded people and parties here that have to do with BDSM. There is the Catonium in Hamburg, where different regulars’ tables and parties take place again and again. Some parties are at different locations depending on the organizer. For example, I was once at the “Code Unique” at “Planten un Boomen”. Probably the oldest and most famous place is near the Reeperbahn the “Club de Sade”, there is an indescribable amount to discover. It doesn’t matter at all if you have experience, are new to the scene, are looking to connect or have been living out this side forever. Everybody starts out, and once you get over yourself the first time, you decide if it’s for you, if a new door opens, or if it’s going to be a one-time experience.

Escort is for me more adventure than BDSM

Eronite your hot curves are also available to touch. This represents an additional attraction for many men. You are a woman who is not only sexy, but also intelligent. In addition, you say about yourself that you are honest. At the same time you offer yourself as an escort. The escort can also simply be a nice companion for a business lunch or similar. Or a business lunch with a happy ending? Why don’t you tell our readers how your preferences for BDSM and escort services can be combined? Exclusively BDSM? Or are you saying you can imagine normal “flower sex” in the process. We are curious.
Vara Laval That’s right, an escort lady can also be simply a nice companion to a business dinner. For certain ventures and togetherness. Escort for me has more to do with an exciting adventure than with BDSM. That plays only a minor role here. If the man shares this passion, it definitely expands the possibilities. Here I am primarily interested in responding with empathy and sensitivity to a man, either a stranger or a man I know, and giving him an unforgettable time. I enjoy meeting new people and find it totally exciting how quickly two people can become close.

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Eronite Perhaps our readers are now asking themselves what are the requirements for working as an escort. Anyone who looks at your profile actually has all the answers with it. Normal conversations are possible with you and you are a good listener. Escort means first and foremost not only to look good. An escort is reliable, honest and very open-minded. You bring all these qualities with you. Escort is not comparable to an affair. Rather, it’s about spending quality time and living out fantasies with busy men for a pre-determined period of time, as an example. What was the trigger for you? How did you get into escorting and what attracts you to it?
Vara Laval At some point I was asked if I could accompany someone. At first I was a little skeptical, but I really wanted to experience it. Then at some point I had applied to an agency and so it became a “side job”. Life is short and I want to live it to the fullest and not tell myself later that I regret something I didn’t do. These adventures and detours from everyday life make me forget. It is exciting and so I see things that I might not have seen without this experience as an escort lady.

Eronite Our readers now know your passions and hobbies. You are actually interested in challenging topics and seem to have a bright mind. But what is it like for you with lifestyle? Just not thinking about general world events or the economic sector and enjoy free time? How are you doing with parties, events & functions?
Vara Laval Good question – and for this I find it hard to think of an answer. In the first place I would spontaneously name my family and my dog. Sports, for example, going jogging in the old country or playing tennis when it comes up. When I’m at the gym, I like to combine it with a sauna and some wellness afterwards. But for me, it’s also very relaxing when I make myself comfortable, drink a glass of wine and read. However, there is little time for this, as I am also working full-time, self-employed as Vara Laval and also try to use every free minute productively to further my education.

Even in everyday life I wear high heels and lingerie

Eronite your photos are stunning as always. However, our readers can consider you in patent and leather, but also more elegant in return. Ignorant people often represent the stereotype that people with preferences in the BDSM area in any case appear in everyday life only with short, tight skirts and overknee boots. We’re just imagining you walking into an art opening wearing a bright red tight dress and high boot heels and a neckline almost to your belly button, and almost every man’s champagne glass falling out of his hand. Is that so? Tell us what your dress code is. What are you wearing?
Vara Laval I’m more of a “Lady by Day, Slave at Night” kind of girl. It’s true, I like to provoke and stand out from the crowd. However, in an elegant way. For example, when it comes to an event with a BDSM context, of course I wear from elegant lingerie with gold chains to completely naked. In everyday life I am on high heels, also wear lingerie, even if it’s just for me. A more elegant wardrobe of either pencil skirt with silk blouse and blazer or elegant sheath dress. As an eyecatcher I like to wear a hat or silk scarf. My favorite designer is definitely Versace. But I can also wear a nice jeans outfit sometimes, which I also find very nice and offers a change.

Vara Laval - firefighter and masochistic slave in interviewEronite We talked about the fact that there are different techniques on the subject of bondage. In this context, the term shibari has come up. Shibari is a special form in BDSM, because it is about the Japanese bondage technique. Speaking of Japanese: Why Japanese in particular? Care to enlighten our curious readers? What is “Shibari”?
Vara Laval Japan is the country of origin of Shibari. In the past, ropes have been used there to capture people, torture them and also present them to the prisoners. This had evolved over time. Here you tie up with different ropes, depending on what you want to achieve. There are ropes that provide a greater pain stimulus than others. So different are the styles and bondage. There is a lot of emphasis on aesthetics, for example, to beautify the model and create a beautiful overall image. For me it is at least as intense as sex. The rigger communicates with me via the ropes. An indescribable intensity and closeness builds up.

Eronite We admit, especially shibari is not common and requires some practice. Incidentally, this has a lot to do with art. Professional backup is indispensable. We can imagine that injuries have certainly occurred at one time or another. The exciting thing about BDSM is that there is a story to every scene or game, certainly a background to Shibari. What does shibari mean to you?
Vara Laval Toi toi toi – nothing bad has happened to me yet. So I have never hurt myself unintentionally. Of course, something can always happen, but so can anything else. The ropemarks I have, for example, after being tied up, I think are nice and I’m always happy to get new ones to remind me of good times. So it is with traces of various percussion instruments like traces of whips. Maybe not everyone can relate to that, but they make me proud and again, I’m always happy to see new ones.

I let my dreams and visions become reality

Eronite While we’re on the subject of art. You wear beautiful looking body art on you. Our readers have certainly noticed that you express keywords such as respect and loyalty in addition to a snake. Tattoos is nothing that you can just erase if you don’t like it. Every tattoo has a story. What is your story? Do your tattoos have a connection with BDSM or what do your jewelry pieces mean?
Vara Laval For me, every tattoo has a meaning. Most of them express my values. Either in a scroll or else as a motif. They are very important for me. Directly with BDSM I associate only one tattoo – and that is my eagle on the back, which symbolizes freedom. Freedom I have with BDSM, but also the freedom to make my dreams and visions a reality.

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Eronite Looking at the BDSM scene, it is especially noticeable that most people look with prejudice condescendingly at the very people who use the word at all. At the same time, every woman secretly wishes to be dominated by her man, at least in a soft way in bed. But when our readers watch your videos, we’re moving more into the hardcore realm already. What are your preferences?
Vara Laval For, I say vanilla women, meaning women who have nothing to do with BDSM, it’s definitely hardcore what I love and have done with me. I could probably write a small book about all the preferences, because I’m sure there are some that I haven’t experienced in eight years. In the first place are shibari and bondage, but everyone should know that now. Pain is just as important to me and I can’t imagine life without it. My favorite percussion instrument is a hunting whip. Pain is simply part of it for me, no matter if it is during bondage or separate spanking. I really like role-playing games. To give a few more insights: Interrogations, Torture, Demonstrations, Presentations, Lacquer, Leather, Latex & Inflatable Bondage.

I can certainly be very receptive to pain stimuli

Feuerwehrfrau und masochistische Sklavin im InterviewEronite You told us that you are more the passive, submissive part in the game. BDSM, no matter in what form, has something to do with submission and humility. Nevertheless, we are now moving once more into the sadistic part. And as we all know, this can also hurt a bit. For many practitioners, however, this is just the absolute peak – the flow, the rush. How do you feel about it? Why is pain so important to you and what does it do to you?
Vara Laval Exactly – and I am also exclusively submissive. I am very accommodating to a man with a sadistic streak, because I am masochistic. How much, of course, always depends on my counterpart. There are men who despair of me because I need too much pain and there are men who would like to or could go one better. Let me try to explain: When I am tied up and so already in my favorite state, I am very receptive to pain stimuli. At first it’s okay, then it gets harder, then the limit comes and if it continues and you don’t stop, it starts to really trigger me. Then I don’t feel the pain, but release and welcome it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out.

Eronite You are wearing a very interesting piece of jewelry, and it is a finger ring. As we can see, it looks like a signet ring. It looks very good on you, by the way. In relation to BDSM, it is called the “Ring of O”. What does it mean anyway?
Vara Laval Through this ring, anyone who is familiar with it can see that I am a slave. It is a distinguishing feature, so to speak. Besides a tattoo also the only one. It would also go a collar as an identifier. However, I would never put this on myself, the meaning is much too important to me. I would only wear it if I had a master and he put it on me of his own accord. Then I would never take it off again, no matter what the occasion.

I would like to introduce others to the art of bondage

Eronite The ring of O expressively decorates the hand of the slave. Many interested people experience this challenging field not only in the playroom, but also in everyday life. There are subs that want to be controlled and directed 24/7. In your porn videos we see scenes where you are subjected to “doggy”. Is there a direct connection for you from BDSM to individual porn scenes? Does porn automatically count as BDSM for you?
Vara Laval To mention this once, my videos so far are more about my “normal” sexual desire, as I also like to try myself in this area. My nascent career as a porn actress seemed just right for that. So I could show myself and my personality to a wider audience and thus, as I hope, initiate one or the other nice gentleman in the art of BDSM, who had no contact with it before. The videos with BDSM context will follow now when this interview is online. I thought it might be a nice way to start. To express my passion that I have for BDSM in this nice conversation and at the same time to show it in my new films. Thus, the willing reader can see directly afterwards what this conversation suggests about me. In addition to newcomers and the curious, I would like to address the BDSM community in particular. This is familiar to me and I would like to take it with me on my new, more public path.

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Eronite Peter Acworth – a term for incredible aesthetics, but also pain. The operator of the biggest kink site turned old, dirty dungeons into the biggest BDSM porn studio in the world. A dream for every BDSM lover who loves to be in front of the camera. Is that also your dream, to model in the USA in probably the most impressive studio?
Vara Laval Oh yes – without question, in any case it is my absolute dream. Before I officially started here, I checked out his site. Unfortunately, I still lack the means to realize this. It hits my preferences to a tee and I get really warm just thinking about modeling for him or starring in videos. I would like to show this as well as I can in the German-speaking area. As far as it is legally allowed of course and remains completely authentic.

I always divide profession and passion 50% each

Feuerwehrfrau und masochistische Sklavin im InterviewEronite BDSM is one of your passions. Is it called that because it creates suffering? Putting the word on the gold scale, this is also true – at least in the sadomasochistic area. We briefly summarize. You enjoy the work, so you separate yourself from things you dislike. In the end, at least for you, it doesn’t feel like work. But things are also hot in your normal life. You work as a firefighter. Have you “come out” to your family, friends, and co-workers? So, have you been open about your inclination? Do you admit them to yourself?
Vara Laval Difficult and good question. My parents and family know absolutely everything about me. They knew it before I even implemented it. So my environment also knows everything about me and I am really glad that everyone has taken it so “positively”. Work is another issue. Of course, my colleagues know it by now, too. I’m active on social media and this was just a matter of time before it came out. If I should be asked about it, I will also answer honestly. You never know how people talk about you, but so far I haven’t picked up anything negative. It’s important to me that I separate this and I don’t compromise here, because this work is very important to me. I love helping people and doing this profession. When I do that and I’m at the station, all that matters to me is the service and knowing that my colleagues can rely on me 100%. Because this I would never mix together, I would never want to harm that. No matter how much I work, there always has to be a balance. I would never neglect one or the other. So it affects my free time, my main job and the dream I live as Vara Laval. I dissociate myself from the conformity of society, from what has been done before and how it should be. I would always support minorities and subcultures, stand by people who are “different” because they live a life they have chosen for themselves and, like me, are at peace with themselves. I stand 100% by myself and all my facets. To me as an absolute lady who lives by old values, to me as a masochistic slave whose soul is taken by BDSM, to me as a firefighter who helps people and also to me as a woman who is an escort, porn actress, webcam girl and erotic model. All that I am and I would never deny.

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Eronite BDSM is an attitude. But does this attitude also apply in life? Would you say that you live by conservative values – true to the motto: man goes to work and decides, woman stands at the hearth and waits for instructions? Or can you draw parallels to your attitude toward BDSM in your life?
Vara Laval I wouldn’t say that now. Values that are conservative, yes, but not with the typical role distribution of that time. Time changes and I look at it individually. So in everyday life, I place more emphasis on respect and equality. Away from BDSM, I am an independent woman who lives her life, realizes dreams and has just as much a sense for business and economy. I don’t think that in a relationship it can be predetermined who does what. It’s more of an interplay.

Classic lady on the street, whore and slave in bed

Eronite Our reading have read very exciting, insightful topics. One or the other reader may want to look into the subject more intensively or learn more details. Can you recommend a good book on the subject for our readers?
Vara Laval Oh yes, definitely I can recommend a book there. For women who have more than just 50 Shades of Grey fantasies, I definitely recommend reading “The Story of O” by Pauline Reage. Even though I find the relationship described in this book rather toxic, however, it comes very close to the overall theme. I have not yet discovered a better example.

Feuerwehrfrau und masochistische Sklavin im InterviewEronite There are supposed to be people who can change within their roles. Let us think classically of the sociological roles of the woman, the mother, the mistress, the wife, and the successful businesswoman. Each of these individual roles expects a different behavior, a different demeanor. You are the lady on the street, but the slave in bed. How do you manage to switch roles and separate in between?
Vara Laval I do not change my role, but I am myself in every single “area”. All this I am only depending on the situation. Also, I think everyone does this in a subconscious way. When it comes to BDSM and there are switchers, it’s perfectly okay, because everyone should live it the way they want. That’s what’s so great about it. If someone finds themselves dominant and also submissive, so be it. After all, everyone should live it up the way it makes him or her happy. Speaking for myself, I can not imagine it, because I need BDSM as a balance for my soul and so I am exclusively submissive.

I am the way I am – and that’s good too

Eronite Let’s get back to the “24/7 slave” issue. After all, this practice implies that the slave may be given small tasks or instructions in her daily life. This brings additional excitement and raises the tension. Especially in case of rejection or displeasure, punishment follows on the foot. This can also be very tingling and enrich any BDSM relationship. What do you think about it? What can you take away from BDSM in everyday life?
Vara Laval First of all, I would like to say that 24/7 would not be for me. I’m much too independent for that in everyday life and can’t ask permission for every little thing. 24/7 or TPE are therefore omitted. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take anything away from it. On the contrary, BDSM teaches discipline, stamina, stepping out of your comfort zone and sometimes going through things you instinctively refuse to. That’s what I take away from BDSM in my everyday life. Sometimes in sessions there are situations that are new to you, you don’t know if you can handle them. But you get involved and, in retrospect, you’re glad you did it and overcame it. Whether one was afraid of this situation or did not want to fail. These situations also exist in everyday life. We are put to the test again and again. Especially when it’s outside our comfort zone.

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Eronite Let’s consider the group of curious people who want to try something different in bed and subsequently come to the conclusion that the sensation of pleasure tends to decrease. Then there is the other group who have always had the special inclination for a long period of time. After a BDSM experience, is it even possible to have a sexual partner who prefers only “normal” sex? How do you see it? Is normal sex still possible?
Vara Laval Yes, you can also see that in my videos where I have “normal” sex. So it’s entirely possible. I’ll say it for myself. It is already difficult to find the right man. Alone from the fact that I am a porn actress. Now add to that the fact that I am a masochistic slave who needs BDSM. Which definitely doesn’t make it easy. What I want to say? I am just the way I am and nothing will change. For this reason, as usual, it is indispensable to be honest from the first moment and to play with open cards. If you are honest from the beginning and communicate it clearly, only then does the other person have the opportunity to deal with it. Anything else is useless. When you do this, it decides on its own whether to compromise or not.

An orgasm after a session is much more intense

Eronite There are actually studies that prove that, for example, men from the BDSM area do not get an orgasm naturally. For these men it is potentially enormously important to exercise power. For our readers, the question of what is different from normal sex and a sex life with BDSM is exciting. What do you say the difference is?
Vara Laval I can’t relate to this study, but I can answer the question. I don’t think I’m the only exception, because BDSM or normal sex, both are primarily about feelings. For me, the difference is in the intensity. In both cases, I am satisfied, but the intensity is different. But that is not to say that I make distinctions in satisfaction. Here it’s all about acting out. If I’m completely honest with myself, an orgasm after a long and painful session in the rope is more intense than during a quickie in the locker room, there’s no question about that. From that point of view, for me it is rather the appreciation that is important and as long as both are satisfied and it fits the situation, everything is right. Every person wants to live out their individual needs, desires and preferences. Of course, one attaches a certain importance to that. If you have been waiting for a very long time for this desire to come true, the particular orgasm naturally means more to you.

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Eronite This was all very informative for our readers. We are sure that one or the other reader may have the courage to live out some of his fantasies. We are now all asking ourselves how things are going for you in the young prime of your life. What do you think our readers want from you? While we’re on the subject of wishes: What do you wish for the future?
Vara Laval I think the readers wish that I don’t change and always go on as before. You must not lose sight of your path, even if it sometimes becomes very difficult and you doubt yourself. You may change the path, but not the destination. This point is very important for me, because first and foremost I would like to see more acceptance and tolerance from all people. I wish to be able to turn my dreams and visions into reality. Being a statement. An expression that you can do anything you want, realize yourself. A statement for the fact that one can be an independent woman, a lady, who is a masochistic slave, who lives out her inclinations, is a porn actress and escort lady on the side, who on the other side pursues a serious main profession as a fire officer and helps people. That is my wish.

A few words in conclusion…

Eronite Wow, Vara, this interview was really classy and more than insightful and informative. You have given our readers a very good insight into your life, your work and your thinking and have certainly aroused the curiosity of one or the other. Thank you very much for this!
Vara Laval I have to thank for the opportunity to share and explain my thoughts and feelings to such a large readership, such a large audience. It was a lot of fun with you guys!

Videos and webcam times

The horny blonde releases a new video every Wednesday and Saturday. There are no fixed times for their webcam. Vara Laval decides this spontaneously, depending on when the desire grabs her. Here it becomes clear that her horniness is real and not played.

Interview: So fühlt sich Sex mit einem Zwitter an

When Vara Laval shows herself in front of the camera, she actually feels like cam sex and dirty talk. The curiosity and thirst for new, sexual experiences is also completely genuine. To be able to watch the horny tattoo girl doing this is an absolute privilege.

New shooting partners welcome

Vara Laval is constantly looking for new shooting partners for her porn. At the same time, the pretty blonde is very open and unprejudiced. The chemistry simply has to be right. By the way, Vara Laval likes to take enough time for the preparations of her videos. The planning, choice of location and outfit as well as writing a script is a lot of fun for her.

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When it comes to ideas for her films, Vara Laval is all about the unusual and extravagant. Suggestions for a shoot in the BDSM area, especially Shibari, always meet with open ears at Vara Laval.

Vara Laval has not been around too long

Still the sweet blonde belongs to the newcomers of the porn scene. At the moment, this still gives it the rank of an insider tip. However, this should change quickly over time. Because anyone who produces videos so diligently, chats with fans and is open to new filming partners will quickly become better known.

Direkt zu Varas Profil

Therefore, it is advisable to deal with the pretty SM mouse as early as possible. The number of her followers is still manageable, and the opportunity to engage in conversation with her is greater. No one should miss this opportunity.

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