Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?

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Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?
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The pussy smells like fish – if a mushroom is to blame

Surely every man had the experience at one time or another: everything was great, the preserves were done and all of a sudden this smell rises up one’s nose, which one normally only knows from the fish market. If the vagina smells like fish, the eroticism is usually gone. But why is that and what can you do about it?

Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?Sometimes a bad smell

If the vagina smells like fish, it can have a very simple reason:

If the vagina smells like fish, it can have several backgrounds. The simplest reason is nutrition. Yes, just as you can smell asparagus after eating it, you can also smell it on women’s vaginas after they have eaten fish.

The result: the pussy smells like fish. It is more pronounced in some fish species and less pronounced in others. But there are also other foods where the woman’s discharge smells unpleasant. Just as sperm can taste a bit bitter or funny in men. If the vagina smells like fish and it occurs only rarely, the man should leave that simply with it.

If the vagina develops fish odor, there is another reason that is not so amusing. The woman may have a fungus in her vagina. If the vagina smells like fish, this is the most striking feature.

These girls smell good

If the smell lasts longer than one or two days, the woman should be sent to the gynaecologist and examined as soon as possible. Women can get a mushroom anywhere, unfortunately this is faster with women than with men. Once on a public toilet not correctly paid attention and already one has a mushroom.

But beware, mushrooms are also sexually transmissible, so both should always seek treatment as a precaution. The treatment is usually done with tablets and creams or suppositories, which have to be used for one to two weeks. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse should be avoided and hygienic measures should be strictly adhered to. The man should also pay attention to this, so that when everything is over, one can again pursue all inclinations without a bad conscience.

The vagina smells like fish – it can also be the man’s fault

If the vagina smells like fish, there may be another reason – the male seed. Some vaginal floras react to the sperm and develop an unpleasant odor. This can disappear or remain over time. If it remains and disturbs you very much, you can only think about changing your partner.

Crazy: Making yoghurt from the vaginal flora

It is also possible that the vaginal flora smells like fish for other reasons, for example due to a deficiency that alters the flora. In this case, a visit to a gynaecologist who will take a smear test and determine what is wrong will always help.

The sheath smells like fish – what do I do now?

It doesn’t always have to lead to a separation. As described above, there are several reasons. The vagina smells fishy, because the acquaintance ate fish before, you can live with that. But if the pussy develops the smell of fish because of a mushroom, you just have to see if it is worth it.

The pussy smells fishy – the result

If the vagina smells like fish, you can escape or stay. If the vagina smells like fish, it is never easy for a man to ignore it. It is always best to address the woman directly and ask her what is going on. If it doesn’t last long, the problem will solve itself.

Otherwise, the man should ask the woman to consult a gynaecologist to determine what is going on. Even if it is an unpleasant thing for every man, it is always worth talking openly about the subject to find out where the problem lies.

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