Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?

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Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?
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The pussy stinks of fish – when a fungus is to blame

Surely every man has had the experience: everything was great, it was getting down to the nitty-gritty, and all of a sudden you get this smell in your nose that you usually only know from the fish market. If the vagina smells of fish, the eroticism is usually gone. But what is the reason for this and what can be done about it?

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Warum riecht die Vagina nach Fisch?Sometimes a bad smell

If the vagina smells like fish, it can have a very simple reason:

If the vagina develops fishy smell, it may have several backgrounds. The simplest reason is nutrition. Yes, just as you can smell asparagus after eating it, you can smell it on a woman’s vagina after eating fish.

The result: the pussy smells like fish. It is more pronounced in certain fish species and less so in others. But there are other foods that make a woman’s discharge smell unpleasant. Just as sperm in men can sometimes taste a little bitter or funny. If the vagina smells like fish and it happens only rarely, the man should just leave it at that.

But if the vagina develops fishy smell, there is another reason, which is not so amusing. It may be that the woman has a fungus in the vagina. If the vagina smells like fish, this is the most noticeable feature.

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If the smell lasts longer than one or two days, the woman should be sent to the gynecologist as soon as possible for an examination. Women can get a fungus anywhere, unfortunately it happens faster in women than in men. Once in a public restroom, you don’t pay proper attention and you have a fungus.

But beware, fungus is also sexually transmitted, so both should always seek treatment as a precaution. Treatment is usually with tablets and creams or suppositories, which must be used for one to two weeks. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse should be avoided and hygienic measures should be strictly followed. The man should also pay attention to this, so that when everything is over, one can again pursue all inclinations without a guilty conscience.

The vagina stinks of fish – it can also be the man

If the vagina smells like fish, it may have another reason – and that is the male semen. Some vaginal floras react to the semen and develop an unpleasant odor. This may disappear or remain over time. So if it stays and it bothers you a lot, the only thing you can think about is changing partners.

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In addition, the vaginal flora may smell like fish for other reasons, such as a deficiency that alters the flora. In this case, it always helps to visit the gynecologist, who takes a smear test and can determine what is wrong.

The vagina smells like fish – what do I do now?

Something like this doesn’t always have to lead to a breakup. As described above, there are a few reasons. The vagina smells fishy because the acquaintance has eaten fish before, you can live with that. However, if the pussy develops fishy smell due to a fungus, you just have to see if it is worth the matter.

The pussy stinks fishy – the conclusion

If the vagina smells like fish, you can flee or stay. If the vagina smells like fish, it is never easy for a man to ignore it. It is always best to approach the woman directly and ask what is going on. If it does not last long, the problem will solve itself.

Otherwise, the man should ask the woman to consult a gynecologist to determine what is going on. Even if it is an unpleasant thing for any man, it is always worth talking about the issue quite openly to determine where the problem lies.

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