Unvaccinated sperm is the new bitcoin

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Unvaccinated sperm is the new bitcoin
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Crossfuckers discover golden tap

Semen from unvaccinated men high in demand

In principle, we cross-fuckers have always known it. Our natural, unvaccinated sperm is not only nicer to look at and tastes better, but is also significantly more fertile. The global demand for unvaccinated, pure sperm is already so great that the first comparisons are being drawn with Bitcoin. Rightly so. Choosing not to get vaccinated gives each of us a golden tap!

Unvaccinated sperm: sweet, tasty, worth millions

Ungeimpftes Sperma ist der neue BitcoinJerking off can make you rich. Our parents never told us anything about that. And there was never a word about it in the double-page spread from the Dr. Sommer team in Bravo. And we don’t learn anything useful from our quality media anyway. After all, our unvaccinated sperm is many times more fertile than the goo of people who have already been injected. Semen from unvaccinated men increases in value every day. People used to swear by their savings books.

Later, it was stocks and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Today, the smart lateral can take his retirement planning into his own hands. Whether right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous is irrelevant. The working hours are also left to one’s own discretion. Get away from the dull 9-to-5 office routine. You can jerk off on a part-time basis and still produce enough unvaccinated sperm to make a good living.

Counteract the reduction of humanity

Of course, it’s not just the filthy lucre. Even if the possibility of getting rich from his unvaccinated sperm is literally satisfying. But no, we cross-fuckers have a mission! Through the global enforcement of vaccination by Bill Gates and consorts, the implementation of the New World Order has begun. That many sleep sheep fall for it and move obediently to the slaughter – excuse – to the vaccination center, was foreseeable. The damage is done and much of the world’s population is barren.

Deutsche Erotikstars

But fortunately there is still us! The connections recognizing and seeing through transverse fuckers who counteract this madness with their sperm. How did Ton Steine Scherben sing so beautifully? We win the last battle!

Through unvaccinated sperm we breed our army

Ungeimpftes Sperma ist der neue BitcoinThose who spread their unvaccinated sperm also automatically spread their genes. Soon there will only be children conceived with our sperm. These children are born to question things and challenge authority. Later, the offspring will grow up to be self-thinking people. It is not unlikely that they will later become politicians, presidents, generals and journalists. These children will eventually create the world we already want today.

Without war, without chemtrails, without lobbyists and especially without vaccination. Too good to be true? No. Unvaccinated sperm, which today is virtually considered a financial investment, will become the baby of the future tomorrow. Once the sperm is distributed worldwide, our army of investigative cross-fuckers will develop as if by itself. Granted, some of us won’t live to see the golden days when the cross-fuck generation reigns supreme. But our successors will certainly pay homage to the conspiracy pioneers.

Nachgefragt: Sind Querdenker auch Querficker?

Names like “Street of the Unvaccinated” or “Sperm Square” would be conceivable. It would also be conceivable to convert a sperm bank offering unvaccinated sperm into a museum. In this way, later generations could vividly learn, as part of their school lessons, how humanity was threatened in its time and saved by crossfuckers.

“This contribution is the purest satire, as it could not be purer.” Rainer Vogel, Bonn

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