Underwater brothel planned off the coast of Majorca

By Mario Meyer
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Underwater brothel planned off the coast of Majorca
Underwater brothel planned off the coast of Majorca

Unusual sex “bajo del mar

The seabed off the coast of Majorca will soon be enriched by an attraction: after months of secrecy, the world’s first underwater brothel was recently unveiled. Already from next week, adventurous punters can find their very special fun in the depths of the island of Mallorca.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

A group of diving-enthusiastic island residents in Mallorca came up with an exciting and interesting idea: why not open an underwater brothel and let not only the fish at the bottom of the sea fuck, but also the divers. As it was so often already the case at common barbecue evenings after one or the other beer respectively gin and tonic, also this ingenious idea, which could almost be called a stroke of genius, was launched with meat and sausages – the idea of an underwater brothel was born.

Underwater brothel opened by mayor

Underwater brothel planned off the coast of MajorcaWhat do divers actually do when they feel not only the pressure of the water but also the pressure in their own pants while diving down? How do they get relief? Would an underwater brothel, a haven of lust and sin, right at the bottom of the sea, be the solution to all these problems?

No sooner said than done. The final preparations are already underway. At a depth of 15 meters, so that even holders of the Open Water Divers (OWD, diving certificate for beginners; annotation d. Ed.) can give free rein to their desires and urges, the sea whorehouse was created on a rocky platform.

In a solemn opening ceremony, the mayor of Palma himself dived down to the new “Aphrodite’s Grotto” and cut the barrier tape – under water, of course. The brothel, located in an artificial coral cave, is the result of years of research, environmentally friendly construction and a good dose of humor.

Visitors to this exceptional establishment can look forward to a unique experience: the luxuriously appointed rooms feature large panoramic windows that offer a view of the colorful underwater world.

Meet sex diver

Customers can enjoy intimate moments here, accompanied by specially trained mermaid ladies, while being watched by curious fish.

Is there real mermaid sex in underwater whorehouse?

The mermaids, it is said, have been trained elaborately and are experts not only in seduction, but also in the use of diving equipment. After all, the safety of customers in the mermaid whorehouse is paramount.

But not only the erotic offer of the underwater brothel is revolutionary, also the environmental aspect is not neglected: The artificial coral cave provides habitat for numerous marine life and is thus intended to support the endangered coral reefs in the region. The operators also undertake to invest part of the revenue in environmental protection.

The underwater whorehouse “Aphrodite’s Grotto” already attracts tourists from all over the world, and the locals are also enthusiastic. A resourceful entrepreneur has already developed a suitable souvenir: Diving masks with integrated curtains – for those who prefer to remain undisturbed.

Breathless with enthusiasm – a milestone in the diving industry

The opening of the underwater brothel is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of pleasure houses. Whether the trend will catch on and underwater establishments will soon open in other coastal regions remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: In “Aphrodite’s Grotto” you will certainly not only get wet, but also breathless with excitement.

By the way, you can indulge in the scuba fetish in the humid environment of the new establishment wonderfully and meet like-minded people here for sure!

Whether octopods with their many arms will also be used to satisfy female clientele in the underwater brothel has not yet been decided, but will certainly be discussed at one of the following barbecues. Eronite will of course report on further developments.

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