Toxic masculinity and latent hatred of women

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Toxic masculinity and latent hatred of women
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Toxic masculinity and how to resist it

According to a survey, every fourth woman has ever experienced sexual violence. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. One reason is the so-called toxic masculinity. In society, there are certain role models despite emancipation. A man shows no feelings and reacts rather aggressively than indulgently. Toxic masculinity often has a fatal effect, especially on women.

Toxic masculinity and latent hatred of women | Erotic News MagazineThis is how toxic masculinity develops

There are basically two explanatory models. One is simply based on evolutionary biology. Since in the Stone Age the man was the breadwinner of the family, it is inevitable that this man had to show more aggressive behaviour. Men also play the dominant role in reproduction. The behaviour is controlled by testosterone according to this explanatory model.

Many scientists disagree with this explanation. They state that boys are taught to behave in a certain way even as small children. The sentence “boys do not cry” is still heard very often in the 21st century. In girls, aggressive behaviour is sanctioned more frequently than in boys. This results in a self-image which, in the worst case, favours toxic masculinity and leads to aggressive behaviour towards women.

What can the strong sex do against toxic masculinity?

At festivals like the Munich Oktoberfest, beer flows in streams and the rules of etiquette can be found in distant regions of the brain. If you want to get an impression of them, you only have to read the daily press or the corresponding websites. But toxic masculinity is not an insurmountable fate. No man is only controlled by hormones. Nobody has to give in to the impulse. It is not a trivial offence to beat a woman’s bottom.

These girls are not toxic

Friendly and respectful behaviour towards the opposite sex should also be possible with a slightly higher alcohol level. Anyone who knows that he is no longer in the grip of violence and is living out his toxic masculinity can, by the way, also grab other drinks. Basically, a man should assume that a woman means no if she says no. The often used sentence, no is a code for “Give yourself more trouble” is not true. Who tries it nevertheless further, the toxic masculinity can bring even to the police station.

How women defend themselves

Basically, every woman should be aware that she does not have to put up with sexual harassment in any way. Until a few years ago, toxic masculinity, which caused a man to beat a woman’s bottom, was not a punishable offence. That has since changed. In such a case the affected person may call the police.

Exploited by the Turk: Women hunting on the Internet

But even in the case of minor verbal attacks, it is the right of every woman to show clear boundaries. Men interpret an insecure voice as a willingness to give in immediately. For this reason, it makes sense to say with a clear voice that you don’t want that. If the man insists on his toxic masculinity and even becomes violent, it is better to get help immediately. Many men let go of the woman if she only resists hard enough. Of course, this is not a guarantee.

Especially at folk festivals it happens again and again that the woman doesn’t notice anything about a rape. If she wakes up in the meadow and discovers that her clothes are open or that she even finds semen stains on them, it is important to inform a policeman immediately. Maybe there are witnesses who can help to find the culprit quickly.

A self-assertion course also helps against toxic masculinity. Women and girls learn to say no effectively and to determine their own sexuality.

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