Tip: Detox with Yoni Steams at the Vagina SPA

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Detox with yoni steams at vagina spa
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Pamper the yoni or vagina with the help of soothing herbs

The word yoni is a tantric term for the female genitals. However, yoni sounds significantly more enchanting than vagina or vulva, which are common in our country. It is very often related to sexual terms. Yoni is considered a symbol of divine and creative female energy. Besides the classic steaming, there is the vagina SPA.

Origin and meaning of Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has been used in many cultures for a very long time. It is particularly popular in South America, Africa and Asia. Called chai-yok in South Korea, it is very common. At the same time, the use of vapors is not considered exclusively curative. In many cultures it is also considered preventive and nurturing. Vaginal steaming has also been successfully practiced in Chinese medicine for centuries.

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Prevention is better than cure is the basic idea here. Meanwhile, vagina SPA is steadily gaining ground in the Western world, especially in the USA.

Vagina SPA at home

Vaginal steaming is considered a detox cure. Intimate care is used to cleanse and improve blood circulation in the female genital area. In case of stress, Vagina SPA promises a significant improvement. The steam seat bath can be prepared very easily. In two to three liters of boiling water add a number of herbs. Rosemary is used to calm the nerves. Thyme has antibacterial and antispasmodic effect. Lavender has a relaxing effect. The anti-inflammatory calendula and the promotion of blood circulation with wormwood complete the steam bath.

Mit Yoni-Dämpfen beim Vagina-Spa entgiften

The hot herbal decoction is placed under a chair. Sitting on the edge of a chair, the yoni steaming can now be enjoyed. For the steam bath there are also special chairs with a hole in the middle. A large towel curved around the waist prevents the beneficial herbs from escaping. The best effect promises twenty to thirty minutes of application. In addition to the steam bath, V-SPA offers the dry method. In this application, only the smoke of Chinese medicinal herbs is used curatively.

Vaginal steaming a trend

Meanwhile, vagina SPA is successfully offered commercially. Stylishly furnished salons offer promising treatments. In addition to the V-SPA, several other relaxation fields open up to the customer. The whole thing is rounded off by the traditional clothing of the employees. The passing of tea, the sometimes very attractive decor, gives the meeting an additional flair.

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The well-trained staff professionally instructs the clientele. Everything about the project is explained in detail. All this gives a warm feeling of security. With a professional attitude, the customer is provided with a relaxing atmosphere.

Practical benefits of vaginal steaming

A vagina SPA has a detoxifying effect on the body. Through sweat, toxins are eliminated by stimulating blood circulation. The beneficial herbs have an anti-aging effect. The aging process is thus delayed, but cannot be completely stopped. Especially for the relief of abdominal pain, problems with conception and healing after childbirth, the use of Yoni vapors is recommended.

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The healthy herbs, dissolved in hot water, relieve menstrual cramps. The muscles are pleasantly relaxed by the strong heat. An increase in blood circulation leads to a pleasant feeling of well-being. The soothing vapors of wormwood relax the uterus and vagina after childbirth. For nervousness and feelings of tension, a vagina SPA promises significant improvement of symptoms.

Vagina SPA from the point of view of medicine

Yoni steaming is becoming more and more popular. However, gynecologists consider vagina SPA not very useful, even exaggerated. Medical experts agree that the vagina does not need help to clean. Apart from a relaxing effect, no beneficial physical effects were observed. There are no reliable studies that can prove the positive effect of V-SPA.

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Some professionals specifically advise against vagina SPA. Doctors point out that the vagina is an organ that cleans itself. Consequently, they argue that essential oils do not need to clean the vulva. The hot herbal vapors pose another risk to women’s health. It should be noted that burns are not uncommon. The use of the herbs can cause vaginal infections. In bad cases, allergic reactions are to be expected or the vaginal flora may suffer permanent damage.

Faith alone can help

Basically, there is hardly any danger from vaginal steaming. If a few basic rules are followed, rest and relaxation will be in the foreground. Some benefits of the treatment can be assumed to be safe. The warm steams strengthen the pelvic muscles. The blood circulation is promoted. It can be useful to have a treatment during or shortly after the period.

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Proponents point to help with waning desire for sex. An improvement in the general state of mind is very likely due to the relaxing procedure. In the case of inflammation in the vaginal area and occurring pain, a doctor should be consulted in any case. Ultimately, the advantages are likely to outweigh the disadvantages.

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