This is why you should fuck a bald woman sometime

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This is why you should fuck a bald woman sometime
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Bald women are especially good in bed

Many men prefer women with long hair. This looks especially feminine and sweet. Nevertheless, women with a short haircut should not be overlooked. It gets even more extreme when the woman is bald. There are men who even have a special preference or even a full-blown fetish for bald women. After all, you rarely see something like this. Fucking a woman who is bald or even shaving her bald head while fucking can be a whole new experience.

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Try something completely new

Every man longs for variety in the bedroom. Fucking a bald woman is the perfect solution. You may not believe it, but many men dare not even approach these women. A woman with bald fuck, you can easily, if you do not find this haircut deterrent.

Date mit haarloser Frau?

After all, not all bald women are lesbians. Many of them are even particularly keen on new sexual experiences themselves. A bald head shows self-confidence and a sense of adventure. You’re bound to have a hot date.

Extreme roleplaying game, only for the very brave

If you want a real sexual adventure, you should try shaving your bald head while fucking. Brave women are open to it and even desire it. A stark change in connection with erotic games is a very special experience.

Only the bravest ladies dare to do such a thing. Shaving as sexy role play is popular. If you’re looking for extreme experiences that are also completely safe, you should definitely give this a try. Shaving baldness while fucking is a borderline experience that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Seeing women from another side

This is why you should fuck a bald woman sometimeIf you ever want to fuck a woman with bald head, you should make the wish a reality. It helps to see a whole different side of women. It’s boring to touch long hair all the time. A real bald head on an attractive woman is rare and feels great. This also lends itself wonderfully to sexual play.

Whether it’s slave role-play or a haircut as punishment, the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination. A bald head brings up a whole new set of ideas. So you see women from a different side for once. It can still look feminine and it’s hot anyway. When do you ever see a completely naked head on a hot lady? The only way to get more naked is to shave your whole body.

Simply incredibly practical and uncomplicated: Who does not know it? During sex, sometimes a long, flowing mane just gets in the way. As beautiful as long hair is to look at, it can also be impractical. Sometimes things get a little rougher in the bedroom. Fucking a bald woman eliminates the problem of pulling hair. Simply shaving off the long hair can quickly remedy the situation. With a bald head, women can really get going. Freed from the long hair, they really let themselves go.

Date mit haarloser Frau?

A woman can show a whole new side of herself once she gets rid of her long hair. A bald head is so convenient that every movement suddenly becomes easier. This shows immediately during lovemaking and brings a breath of fresh air into the bedroom. Fucking a bald woman is simply relaxed and less cumbersome. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll quickly notice the difference. You just have to give the short haired and bald ladies a chance. There is much to discover at the Rasurfetisch.

Once see every length of hair on her

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see every possible hair length on a woman for once? If she’s bald, it’s no problem. After all, to grow the hair back is quite simple. Fucking a bald woman and then watching her hair grow for a long time can be really hot. Seeing every hair length on your own girlfriend for once is exciting.

BDSM - Please Dominate Me!

So it’s almost like being with a different woman every month. Regular changes keep the relationship fresh and are perfect for sexy role play. From the bald to the cute short haircut, over the short bob to the really long hair, everything is there. With a little imagination, the hairstyles can also be combined with costumes. Role-playing in the bedroom has never been so convincing.

It is worth a try in any case

Anyone who is still skeptical should just give it a try. It never hurts to have experiences with different types of women. Fucking a bald woman opens up new erotic possibilities. Such an experience broadens the sexual horizon. Bald women are no reason to be afraid and certainly not unfeminine. Without hair, a beautiful face is perfectly visible and hiding behind the flowing mane is no longer possible. This is how an attractive lady really comes into her own. What man would want to miss out on that?

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