The TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges are back!

By Mario Meyer
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The TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges are back!
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TES Affiliate Conferences are just around the corner

After the last big meeting in Prague in 2019 was a great success[over 2,000 participants, we reported; annotation d. Ed.] and recovered after Corona the event in Marbella 2021, the TES Affiliate Conferences will start in February next year in Sitges near Barcelona.

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What are the TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona about?

These conferences (which are several individual conferences held in parallel) are a gathering of digital marketing stakeholders from across Europe. The abbreviation TES stands for The European Summit. In practical terms, the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges could be called a summit of the most important companies and people in the field. These include, for example:

  • e-commerce (online trade)
  • Online Entertainment
  • Online video and computer games
  • Online gambling
  • Traffic
  • Payment
  • Collection services
  • Health (for example, online pharmacies)
  • Dating
  • Erotic
  • and many other areas more

From the variety of areas covered, it is clear why it is called TES Affiliate Conferences in the plural – rather than just conference in the singular.

Why are the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges necessary?

Review: TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 in PragueThis is due to the nature of the companies involved. What they all have in common is that they generate most of their sales on the Internet. Companies from different industries have been working together for years in various affiliate programs, but without knowing each other personally. At best, there is loose contact through video conferencing.

This is exactly why the TES Affiliate Conferences are held in Barcelona. The (bigger and bigger) players of the different industries should have the opportunity to finally meet each other in real life and to establish personal contacts. Even the best video conference cannot replace a face-to-face meeting in the long run. The participants of the last TES Affiliate Conferences in Prague confirmed this statement by making the event an impressive success.

The venue: Sitges is a popular seaside resort almost 40 km southwest of Barcelona. The town has about 30,000 inhabitants and is located on the Costa del Garraf. There are excellent transport links to nearby Barcelona via a motorway and a railway line. This is why the event is also called TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona. Sitges is blessed by a mild climate. High mountains shield the coastal town from cold winds and provide a mild climate all year round.

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The sun shines in Sitges on about 300 days a year. When the TES Affiliate Conferences take place in Sitges in February 2022, it may still be too fresh to swim in the Mediterranean, but surely one or two hotels will have a heated pool where attendees can relax before or after the meetings.

Duration and location of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges

The show, as events in this industry are known internationally, will take place from Wednesday (February 23) to Friday (February 25, 2022). Since the events start early and end late, the organizers recommend arriving as early as Tuesday and leaving no earlier than Saturday, February 26. A little tip on the side: Why not take advantage of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona and not leave until Sunday? Saturday can then be used for a city stroll in the Catalan metropolis.

The venue is the Hotel Calipolis in Sitges. Attendees of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges will receive a discount provided they book their stay from at least Wednesday (23 February) to Saturday (26 February). Should the capacity of the hotel not be sufficient, alternatives are available.

The program of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges

Review: TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 in PragueThe three days of the Summit are packed with events. To list them all in detail is beyond the scope of this article. The organizer provides detailed information online. A total of more than 80 speakers from all over the world are expected. The penultimate summit in Prague brought together over 2,000 participants from a wide range of countries, including those from outside the EU. Especially participants from Eastern Europe were represented in large numbers. It is expected that the number of participants at the TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona will be higher than at the last summit in Prague. For the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges, the organizers expect even more participants and speakers from many countries. More than 200 exhibitors will present their latest products in the field of digital marketing.

Highlights of the TES Affiliate Conferences programme in Sitges include:
  • Wednesday – 23.02.2022
    An opportunity to meet and get to know each other casually at a party or at the Night Bar before the events begin.
  • Thursday – 24.02.2022
    A meeting of companies and affiliates in the dating industry. A talk about affiliate marketing on the upswing after the pandemic
  • Friday – 25.02.2022
    An event on women in e-commerce as well as other events on SEO, virtual reality and many more.
What will be offered to the participants of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona?

The price of the tickets includes access to all exhibitions related to the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges, as well as access to all meetings, talks, seminars, lectures and networking events, as well as the Meet Market, an event where participants can meet and network. The TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona will be accompanied by a series of social events on the sidelines of the presentations.

Review: TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 in Prague

Thanks to a number of sponsors, welcome drinks, lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge to participants during the seminars. Free internet access is available throughout the site. In order to make networking contacts, conference participants will have the opportunity to communicate with each other free of charge. On the day of arrival and departure, the sponsors will provide free shuttles to and from Barcelona Airport.

Is it worth participating?

Both organisers and participants of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges answered this question with a resounding yes. The answer is based on the experience of previous events in this series. The TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona have a number of benefits to offer:

  1. Ideal venue in a beautiful seaside resort with a mild climate
  2. Excellent opportunity to network and make new contacts.
    personal contacts
  3. New knowledge can be gained in a short time
  4. There is the possibility to broaden one’s horizon
  5. Participants get to know people they would normally meet on the Internet.
Frankfurt Summit 2019 – Sonne, Regen, Networking
Mario Meyer, Editor-in-Chief of

Previous TES Affiliate Conferences have already left their predecessors, Eurowebtainment (EWT) and other gatherings, far behind. Participants and organisers praise above all the broad range of participants, exhibitors and speakers. The TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges bring together people from all over the world. The official lectures, workshops and lessons are only a small part of the event. The main work happens behind the scenes, so to speak, on an informal level. People meet, stand together and discuss all kinds of issues. This leads to new insights being gained, new contacts being made and new plans and projects being forged.

Sure, the Internet spans the globe and allows people to communicate with each other many thousands of miles apart, but it can’t replace the face-to-face contact that is necessary for businesses to succeed in the long run. That’s what the companies that send their representatives to the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges think. The effort is worthwhile, because during the three days of the summit countless new opportunities arise to deepen business relationships between partners or even to establish completely new ones with other companies.


The TES Affiliate Conferences in Barcelona will take place at the end of February in the seaside resort of Sitges near Barcelona. The three-day event represents one of the most important meetings of companies from the affiliate marketing sector. Thousands of participants as well as hundreds of speakers and exhibitors from all over the world will meet for a variety of events on a wide range of topics. But work is also being done on the sidelines of the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges.

Nachbericht: TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 in Prag

Informal meetings, parties and even meals are used to make new contacts, exchange ideas and look for new business opportunities. The great success of the 2019 event in Prague shows how important something like this is. Personal contact with like-minded people, real meetings, cannot be replaced even by the best multimedia technology. For this reason, it is very likely that the TES Affiliate Conferences in Sitges will be as big a success as its predecessor in Prague.

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