The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

By Mario Meyer
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My preferences: Rapeplay, Forced games, Hard sex

My name is Nicola
, I am 32 years old, live in a big German city – and can not cook. But I have a lot of other things on it that are fun for men. In general, I need a lot of sex and if there is no real flesh and blood penis available, I indulge in masturbation two to three times a day. Very bad for me was the time when I was out of breath so fast because of my Corona disease that I couldn’t even make it myself. Forced games were unknown to me until then, but in my imagination I imagined blatant things!

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For a few years I was in a relationship, but the man couldn’t begin to give me what I needed for sexual fulfillment: hard sex, hard BDSM and perverted sex games. I like it risky and when the man is in control, I even give up a piece of my freedom, which is otherwise so important to me. So far, I haven’t even been forced to show my boobs to a stranger, but it sure would be appealing – even though I don’t actually like my tits that much and have been saving up for new boobs for a while now.

It should be a very special game

I also find it very tempting to play mind games where I don’t know beforehand how they will turn out and things can suddenly turn out very differently than I had imagined. In doing so, I am also willing to go beyond and expand my own boundaries.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

It came as it should have come. I prefer dominant men, but not only in bed they should live out and reveal their dominance. In real life, too, I want him to show me who’s boss. Who my boss is. With my previous boyfriend, this was not possible. He’s too ordinary, but I don’t like anything ordinary, for example I’m totally into rapeplay and horror porn. Although I’m not a medieval fan, I imagine it incredibly arousing to be taken by a dominant master at the mercy of a dark room where you quickly forget the time. At some point I cheated on my boyfriend. Weeks. I learned about the leather belt for chastisement and never wanted to have anal sex, but now I enjoy even that.

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My family broke off contact with me, my inclinations and my life seemed too perverse to them. At the same time I just want to live out sexually – and there BDSM plays a very big role, which takes more and more space in my life. I let myself be used as a little hooker. He even paid me for it. At first I was terribly uncomfortable, but then I found it so awesome in retrospect that I still have the bill even today and won’t spend it. Generally I play without a code word and with him I could totally let myself go.

Sex in public gives me a special kick

The other day I even gave a guy a good blowjob on the train. Until the end, of course. Sex in public can be pretty hot! I get a kick out of having to do something like that and could get caught at any time. And I’m sure that some passengers have noticed how I orally spoiled the guy with my soft lips and warm tongue. That I have subsequently swallowed his sperm also, I do not need to mention – that’s part of it!

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I also once had a contact with whom I wrote online and had cybersex for months. Then it came to the meeting, he told me what to wear and where to go. It was quite remote, an old factory site – and me in a short dress and high heels. Suddenly he grabbed me there and took me. It was one of my hottest experiences so far.

I didn’t know then that everything that had happened so far would be topped by an unknown person – with games that I had never seen before. He wrote something about foreign use, lesbian forced games (although I am so far without bi experience), public demonstration and total sensory deprivation for 24 hours.

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I revealed to the stranger I somehow met on Instagram – let’s just call him Martin(1) – that I prefer the whip to the crop and sent him a short clip of me lolling (clothed) on the bed and stretching my butt towards him with the words “… and I have the matching counterpart to it”. I also let them know that I prefer to have my hands tied behind my back and that I also like to wear a collar. Although I didn’t know Martin at all. I like to cross (even legal) boundaries and let myself drift beyond them – because only in this way I learn and expand the spectrum of my perverse sexuality.

My heart beat up to my neck and I got wet

Anyway, we wrote back and forth a bit. I told him to get back to me when he was ever in town. The fact that he had just arrived was stupid, of course, but I couldn’t have known that beforehand. He promised to get back to me.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I had Martin already no longer on the screen, when I suddenly got a message from him on Insta: “The Tuesday after next I will be in your city. Are you ready for another perversity?”

Quickly my nerves fluttered, my knees softened and my pussy inevitably wet, as I could feel in my panties. A heat rose in my head, my heart pounded up to my throat, my pulse raced relentlessly. Would I engage in a game with the unknown? With someone who talked about forced games and asked me, a stranger, just like that? I didn’t answer at first, still had to think about it, although my body had already given the answer long ago: Meet him!

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Nervously, I typed the line “Am ready” into my phone and sent the message without hesitation. Again I noticed how I became wet and my body began to sweat. What would he want to do with me? Should I just ask him about it or let him surprise me? Rarely has my thinking been characterized by such nervousness. I was hardly aware of my heartbeat pounding in my chest, I was now alternately hot and cold and then again both at the same time. I tried to distract myself and ran a bath. But I didn’t really get any other thoughts here, I had to do it myself first and had a huge orgasm doing it.

He wrote down his instructions to me in great detail

There was simply no response. Not for the whole day. Not even the closest. I was disappointed, because despite (or because of?) the risk with the unknown man, I was somehow full of anticipation for this unusual date. Sadly, I looked at my phone every day, but there was nothing to see – until, after three long days, the longed-for answer finally came.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I was tense to the breaking point and inwardly read his lines with the ten instructions:

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

All points must be meticulously observed so that our temporary get-together will be a satisfying success for both. Trust me.

  1. Send me via WhatsApp (you just got the number in Instagram) your location. I need to know where you live, so I also need info on what apartment you live in. Take 24 hours for me.
  2. The front door you will set on the door latch so that I can easily open it (on the latch there is a small bolt that must be pushed up or down, then you can open the door without a key).
  3. Starting at 7:30 p.m., your apartment key will be under the doormat right outside your apartment door. With this, I will unlock the door.
  4. If it is colder than 24 degrees in your apartment, at least heat up the living room to this temperature. If necessary, with a fan heater.
  5. You will be completely depilated from the neck down and freshly showered. Use a vanilla shower gel. Incidentally, this will be the only one that day that is vanilla!
    Put on a black lipstick, your eyes you can make up according to your own gusto. You will braid your hair into two braids.
  6. Your clothes for this evening: black, strapless stockings with wide lace top; black high heels; black thong (without further frills such as lace, bows, etc.); a transparent top; on each wrist you attach a black cable tie; black necklace with chain and black eye mask (I will send you both in advance) – nothing else.
  7. At 7:35 p.m., you turn on the TV and run a porn movie of your choice. You will not speak from this point on – unless prompted or asked something.
  8. Starting at 7:45 pm, you will be seated in the living room – with your back to the living room door – in the following position: see here.
  9. Place your phone on a table near you in case further instructions come up
  10. You can cancel the game for the last time at this point. However, should you get involved with me, you will not regret it. Send me this passage via WhatsApp: “YES – I AM CONVINCED AND I ALSO GRANT YOU THE PERMISSION TO INJURY THE BODY WITH CONSENT LT. § 228 STGB, TO COMMIT SEXUAL OFFENCES LT. § 177 STGB AS WELL AS DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY AND COERCION ACCORDING TO §§ 239 AND 240 STGB. §§ 239 AND 240 STGB. I ALSO ALLOW YOU TO MAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEO RECORDINGS OF ME FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY, CONTRARY TO § 201A STGB.” I guarantee and promise you that I will respect you at all times, take care of you carefully and not cause you any permanent physical damage.

Whew – the writing hit me like a bomb! Now I was even more nervous than before. Especially the last point with the many paragraphs had it in itself. Would he keep his promise? After all, I would be giving him a lot of rights to me and my body. He could get nasty with me. But somehow it was also what I secretly wanted that kicked me and almost leaked when I read those words.

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Two weeks left until the meeting, until a session that I would certainly never forget. I was aware that a commitment to this unknown man was only a formality. Finally, I also agreed, sent him the words from the jungle of paragraphs via WhatsApp without further ado, in order to hand myself over to him completely. I had considered telling a friend about this secret date, but then decided I’d rather keep it to myself. After all, I didn’t even know if this meeting would happen at all or if the guy might not chicken out at the last moment and get cold feet. It wouldn’t be the first time that an oh-so-dominant man has turned tail (literally) when it counts!

The time until the date just would not go by

14 days go by quickly, but at least it was two weeks that went by agonizingly slowly. Every day I looked at the calendar and feverishly awaited the Tuesday in question. Every night I did it to myself – in bed, on the sofa, and once even in the position he asked me to greet him. I came violently at the thought of what the stranger could do to me. My imagination ran away with me, however, I tried to restrain myself and not expect too much from this date, because firstly, men have already disappointed me and secondly, I did not know much about this Martin.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

The day drew nearer, my nervousness increased immeasurably. This is how artists with stage fright must feel just before their performance. Half a week before the meeting, three parcel carriers were with me. They brought nipple clamps, a black collar with chain, an opaque eye mask, a whip – and a bouquet of flowers, which I thought was very sweet. Full of anticipation I unpacked everything, I put the flowers in a vase on the table. I put on the collar on a trial basis. I liked it very much and hoped that I would also meet Martin’s expectations. I wanted to be a good servant for him, a sex slave who wanted to fulfill his every wish.

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Two more days – the day after tomorrow was the time. I watched another BDSM porn and enjoyed how you sub was treated by her Dom there. He took her anally from behind after whipping her back hard. She whimpered and screamed, but he relentlessly continued to fuck her tight ass until he flipped her over, put his cock in her mouth (ATM) and cum deep in her throat. This made me so horny that I masturbated with my vibrator until I climaxed. Afterwards, I fell asleep in my bed, satisfied.

I prepared everything the way he wanted it

Morning! Tomorrow was the day of the day, the evening of the evenings. When I woke up, I could think of nothing else. I cleaned up the apartment, cleaned everything spotless. He should feel comfortable in my realm, which he was to enter today. After that I went to the front door, prepared the snapper so that he did not have to ring the bell. I shaved my legs in the late afternoon, my pubic, bathed more than extensively with the vanilla shower gel and put on a perfume. I then put on a light make up, plucked my eyebrows and applied black lipstick. My eyes I made up just as very dark as he had applied it to me in advance. Already I placed the apartment key under the doormat in front of the door.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I had already heated the apartment early in the morning right after getting up – 24 degrees were in the living room as ordered. Commanded? Was I ready to take orders from this stranger? Yes, it looked like it. I was naked, but now put on the thong, stockings and high heels and put on the collar, but did not attach the chain yet, but put it on the living room table. On my wrists I fastened the cable ties, tightened them slightly.

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It had become dark outside by now, it was now five past seven. Half an hour to go. I opened a bottle of wine and placed two glasses on the table, along with a carafe of still water. Pretty sure he would be thirsty. At 7:35 pm I turned on the TV and started a porn movie. That alone triggered tremendous anticipation in me. The woman in the video just had to give a blowjob to a stranger and began to moan slightly, smacking sounds filled my living room. I put my cell phone on the table.

My thoughts were now really riding a roller coaster

Now I sat down on the floor in the desired position, slipped on my eye mask and everything disappeared into the darkness. I could see absolutely nothing and had someone wanted to fuck me now, he would have had no trouble penetrating me, so wet was I between the legs. So I sat there and waited. The tension was tearing me apart inside. When would he enter my apartment? What would he say? Would he take what he wanted right away? Thousands of thoughts circled in my head and rode a roller coaster. The moaning from the porn could be heard in the background.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

In retrospect, I can’t tell you how long I sat there waiting for things to happen. Maybe it was ten minutes, maybe twenty, or even three quarters of an hour. I was so tense that I didn’t notice how time passed. Until I was briefly torn from my daydream: My cell phone beeped – WhatsApp.

But I didn’t answer it, because at that very moment the stranger would surely have come in. And there was no way I was going to piss him off at the first meeting at the first possible moment! For sure, that would have resulted in a very severe punishment, and I wasn’t there yet.

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And how I was lucky! Just a few minutes after the WhatsApp message, I heard the door lock. I couldn’t see him, plus I was positioned with my back to the front door. Now we were off! I wonder what would await me? How was he? Tender? A ruffian? Wild and unbridled? Gentle, but still dominant? The door fell into the lock – at the latest now I was at his mercy. He was supposed to make me will-less, but I didn’t know that at the time.

He put me on the rack insanely – on purpose

I didn’t have much time to think about it, because he was already standing somewhere in front of me and seemed to be looking at me. My chest rose and fell because of my rapid breathing. I didn’t know what he was doing, he was taking something metallic out of a pocket and setting it up. It was a floor pillory like this one, as it would later turn out. When he was done, he poured himself a glass of water, and for the time being – nothing happened. What did he mean by that, other than to put me totally on tenterhooks?

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Suddenly I felt his hand on my neck. He stroked my back with his fingers until he reached my hands. The two cable ties that I had put around my joints myself, he now connected with a third one and tightened them. Now he kissed my neck, which sent a shiver through my whole body. “Today you are mine, little one,” he whispered in my ear. He had a very soft voice. Smooth to fall in love with. He now wanted to pick me up and he did. He seemed to take what he wanted. To do this, he kneaded my breasts and twirled my nipples, so that I inevitably had to moan. But then he already let go of me again.

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He stood in front of me and photographed me in this position. “For my collection of dirty slave girls,” he suddenly said in a louder voice, only to add again in a whisper, “You’ll get your place too, as befits a fucking slut, you little whore.” – Wow, that had hit home. With that he hit exactly my nerve. Or rather, my pleasure center, because I seemed to just leak out when he checked if I was already wet. He reached straight into my panties to my wet pussy, massaged my clit and fingered me briefly. Then he pulled his slimy finger out again and let me lick it, which I did dutifully and with relish. I tasted my own horny juice.

I caught a slap in the face, which was quite something

The sex movie that was still playing on the TV turned me on additionally. I could not see anything, but I could hear very well. And what I heard there did not miss its effect. When the stranger had apparently played around with me enough, he attached the nipple clamps to my nipples, which hurt like hell. I asked him if that was really necessary. For this, I first caught a resounding slap in the face. I had not expected this slap and my cheek hurt. “You talk when you’re asked, you little fuck,” he said to me still reasonably friendly, but still very determined. I nodded.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Then he did something that surprised me a lot: I felt his lips on mine and he kissed me. His tongue gently penetrated my mouth and tenderly, almost lovingly, we indulged in a sensual French kiss together. “I don’t want you to just suffer,” he breathed into my ear, letting the tip of his tongue trail down my neck. He left a wet trail, over which he blew with pursed lips. Oha – I got cold for a moment, although I was very hot and again this treatment made my whole body shiver and it jolted me. So he likes carrots and sticks, I thought silently.

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He sat down on the sofa and asked me if I wanted a drink too. “Yes, sir, please,” I replied. “Drop the ‘sir,’ it’s silly. You will have respect for me like this,” he immediately took the reins. I had expected him to hold a glass to my mouth now, but instead he took a big gulp of water himself and came over to me. He bent down, took my head between both hands and pressed his lips on mine, which I immediately opened to receive the water that he now let run into my mouth. Oh my god, that was so erotic and devotional at the same time! I felt very good and was looking forward to the coming hours with this man.

He enjoyed the game of dominance and devotion

Again he sat down on the sofa and made me kneel on the floor. He dialed a number on his cell phone and ordered sushi. Hopefully for me too, because I just love sushi! What I also like is pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and broccoli. I’d even blow the pizza delivery guy for that! – But while Martin was now waiting for the sushi boat, he ordered me to turn to him. I couldn’t see him, but he could see me, and he seemed to do that extensively, because nothing else happened for the time being. There was a tremendous tension in the air, because I didn’t know what could have come next. He obviously enjoyed the game of watching both the porn and me kneeling in front of him with my hands tied behind my back and topless.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

After about half an hour, the doorbell rang and the messenger was there. Martin paid, but did not say goodbye to the sushi man. Strange. He closed the door and suddenly it went through me like a flash: Martin was talking – but not to me, but to the messenger. “I want you to use my slave over here. You don’t talk to her, it’s forbidden, just as it is for her. Go over to her and get your dick sucked!”

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Was he serious? Should I suck the sushi guy’s dick in front of him? Before I could know it, he grabbed my hair and directed the tip of his penis in front of my face. His fat glans he pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth as if in a trance and began to suck him. I sucked his cock, nibbled his frenulum and licked his shaft. In my warm mouth his piston was getting bigger and bigger, I liked that. Like a world champion I blew this foreign cock and offered all my skills. He seemed to enjoy it, he grunted contentedly while I also licked his balls, to devote myself to the tip of his glans again afterwards. He couldn’t stand it for long and without warning he discharged down my throat. He came so violently that he probably squirted directly into my stomach.

For the messenger it was a horny experience

I swallowed as best I could, but he pulled his slowly slackening strap out of my mouth and let me lick his cock clean. I was sure Martin would capture that on video too, as the stranger’s cum ran over my lips and dripped onto my tits. The sushi courier eluded me, slipped his pants back on and left the apartment. He gave Martin a high five and the door slammed shut.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

“How did you like being used like that?” – “I was surprised at first, but then it did me a lot of good to suck my first cock today, even if it was the sushi messenger,” I replied still as if slightly in a trance. “Which messenger do you mean?” murmured Martin to me after a long pause. I was a little confused now. Was Martin’s short-term memory not working so well? “The one from just now, of course,” I replied. Martin laughed out loud and explained to me that the messenger had already left right after the delivery and it was he himself whom I spoiled there orally kneeling on the floor with my mouth.

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Zack – that was a hit! So he was up to mind games. From this alone I became immediately wet and would have liked Martin to have fucked me properly on the spot. But he had other things in mind. Actually, it’s a pity that it wasn’t really the messenger who had just mouth-fucked me. But good, so I could at least taste Martin’s cock and also his sperm, both tasted extraordinarily good to me.

With the leather belt he cut off my air

“You will learn to distinguish my cock from those of others. For not noticing just now, I will have to punish you.” He instantly ripped the clamps from my nipples. It hurt like hell, but the pain of pleasure made me infinitely horny and I subconsciously craved more. With the flat of his hand he hit my tits and finally gave me a muzzle. He pulled his leather belt out of the trouser loops, put the loop of the belt around my neck and pulled tight. He stood behind me and the pull of the belt loop pressed on my windpipe so that I could no longer breathe. My goodness, was this guy trying to kill me? Just before I lost consciousness, he loosened the belt and slid his fingers back into my panties. Martin now knelt behind me and fingered me.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Oh my god, I was so horny that I came to my first orgasm with him after only a few minutes. Waves of horniness, lust, greed and deep satisfaction flashed through my half-naked body. With one foot Martin knocked me over so that I was now lying on the floor. Then he disappeared briefly into the kitchen and returned with a knife. What on earth was he up to as he stroked the sharp blade and knife point over my body? He touched my nipples, which were still hard as a board sticking up. He cut my panties and touched my labia with the tip of the kitchen knife and also my clitoris. He played this game for quite a while until he decided to leave me on the carpet for the time being.

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He himself sat back on the sofa and turned off the TV. There was an eerie silence now. Nothing was to be heard, only his breath I could hear. Shortly after that, I heard him start to eat. In between, he came to me and fed me sushi, tenderly stroking my head. We enjoyed the meal, he poured me (a little too much) wine and he started a conversation with me about God and the world. He was really good at conversation, eloquent and educated. His general knowledge was good and so I never got bored chatting with him for a second.

When blowing I should create a vacuum

In between, Martin made me aware again and again that he was not here to parley, but to satisfy himself on me and to use me sexually at his discretion by pinching my nipples, grabbing my boobs or grabbing my neck. After all, I was still sitting tied up in front of him, but had not been fucked at all. Of course, I had no idea that this would soon change. When the sushi box was eaten empty, he pulled me over to him by my pigtails. While he continued to sit on the sofa, I knelt sideways in front of him on the carpet. He grabbed my hair tightly and pulled me close to him. “Suck it hard again,” he ordered me gruffly, pressing my head down on his semi-stiff prick. Immediately I began my blowjob. “If you blow me again later, you will create a vacuum in your mouth,” he instructed me next.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

His cock quickly became hard and I sucked on his glans and drove my tongue up and down his shaft again and again. In the process, he pushed my head down so far that he took me deepthroat. I had trouble swallowing his hard piston, but finally succeeded. But he didn’t let himself be spoiled like that for long. He pulled it out of my mouth, slapped my cheek a few times with his hard-on, stood up and pushed me belly-down on the sofa. My butt was sticking up and must have given him a fantastic view when I spread my legs a little more. “I’m going to fuck you now. That’s what hookers like you are for, after all,” he railed.

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No sooner said than done. He slipped on a condom, pulled my ass cheeks a little apart and put his penis tip on my cunt dripping with horniness. With my buttocks I pressed against his pelvis and he slowly penetrated me. Agonizingly slow! But he should fuck me hard and not so gently – I did not want flower sex! Before I could finish this thought, however, he rammed his stiff tube into me so hard that I bumped my pelvis against the edge of the sofa. From behind he took me now right through, hit me with full force with the flat of his hand on the cheeks that red welts formed there immediately. It burned like fire, but he continued to fuck me with all his might, always varying the pace and angle of penetration. With his foot he pressed my face on the sofa cushion.

My juice ran down my thighs with horniness

Again and again he beat and fucked me, sometimes alternately, sometimes simultaneously. He pulled my braids, fingered me in between, choked me again with the belt and made me feel the leather on my ass as well. Pain, pleasure and horniness mixed, the cunt juice ran down my thighs. I was hornier than I had been in a long time and I came screaming to orgasm. But he had not yet come and I only whimpered. Lay there and was used by him. Without mercy I continued to fuck me, but I would have needed a break. He seemed to notice that and puffed, “You’ve earned a break. You fuck like a whore, it’s really horny!”

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

With these words he pulled his pint out of my pussy, unrolled the condom and brutally turned me on my side. My hands were still tied so I could not support myself. With my head falling sideways on the sofa, his cock was now right in front of my mouth. I wanted to continue blowing him, but he wouldn’t let me, but started an exceedingly hard maul fuck. He pushed so hard that my eyes watered and the dark makeup ran down my face. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth cunt, there was a slap and then he forced his device between my lips again to continue with the mouth fuck. A few more times he pushed and then sprayed me his warm cum right in the face. Brav I then sucked his cock until he got up and left me alone. He went into the bathroom.

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Wow – a man has rarely satisfied me like this. Happily I lay there and let the last hours pass in review. I still had the eye mask on. It was a surreal situation: in my own apartment I was used by a stranger, fucked and I had to serve him. Voluntary.

Nipple torture par excellence – nasty and mean

After what felt like an eternity, he came out of the bathroom. The sounds told me that he had taken a shower. It was very late by now and I would have liked to sleep a little, but I was so full of adrenaline, so exhilarated, that I would certainly not have been able to get a wink of sleep. Besides, he was in the mood for something else. He took four sushi sticks and tied two of each with a rubber band, which looked something like this. He pulled my nipples long and squeezed them in the gaps, which hurt incredibly. So he didn’t let me continue lying half on the sofa, half on the carpet, but directed me towards the back of the sofa. He draped me on the couch like a doll and spread my legs. With open gaping cunt I was now lying right next to him. The hands still on the back.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

When he was in the kitchen earlier, he had come up with something: He melted an ice cube and put a thread in it, then put it back in the freezer. Now he took the ice cube back out and attached the thread to the ceiling with a strip of tape. The melting ice dripped ice cold onto my heated body…. It was a cruel torture, but I held on ironcladly. Even when he brought me to orgasm one more time with a vibrator. Totally exhausted I lay there at some point, he smiled at me (although I couldn’t see him), took my head in his hands and kissed me again very gently. “That was just the beginning, my little fuck. Tomorrow you’ll have knees so weak you’ll barely be able to walk.” I liked it when he called me “his fuck piece” – because that’s what I was now and that’s what I wanted to be.

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He snipped through the cable ties with a pair of side cutters he found in the kitchen and handed me the can of Coke Zero he had brought. For the first time that evening I was “free” and could move my arms. He suddenly took me in his arms, pressed me against him. How could this man, who usually treated me so roughly, be so gentle at the same time? “We’re going to go to sleep now. Go take a shower first, though.” It was well past midnight and I longed for a cap of sleep. So I stood under the shower and enjoyed the tingling, warm water on my skin. My butt was still on fire, but I knew what I was putting up with it for. And I was proud. Proud of myself for how I endured everything for him. For him? Yes, for him. He turned me on with his manner and with what he was doing.

What was going on all of a sudden?!

When I had finished showering (of course, again with the vanilla gel), I once again shaved my legs, armpits and pussy smooth, put on a discreet perfume again, made up my eyes and lips very dark and went stark naked into the living room. Here the blow almost hit me: I could not find it anywhere. He was gone. Simply gone. Without goodbyes, without anything. I was horrified! First the guy fucks me through and then he just takes off like that? An insolence…

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Instead, there was an envelope on the table. I opened it with trembling hands and read the letter I found: “Thanks for the horny fuck. Here is your hooker fee. Five euros. Unfortunately, that’s all you’re worth.” Next to it was a five-euro bill. I did not know what to think, my head was spinning and I was suddenly so dizzy that I had to sit down first.

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Had he really done that? I was mega disappointed by this behavior. I called my best friend, crying on the phone. I told her everything. How I would have looked forward to a next meeting and how deep the disappointment sat. She comforted me as best she could. Then I wanted to go to sleep, but then I saw the message from earlier, which I got just as I was kneeling naked on the floor for Martin.

Completely confused I read his message

I read the message and now the next blow hit me. My confusion was now complete. I didn’t know anything anymore. The message was from Martin! But why did he send me a WhatsApp when he came to me two minutes later anyway? I didn’t understand the world anymore and opened the message: “Dear, something came up, I can’t come to you today around 8 pm. Sorry, I’ll get back to you later!”

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

What the fuck?! My heart threatened to stop. Who when then this man tonight, who had invaded my apartment and me – one must say it now so – simply raped several times? Or was it a rape play after all, because I had somehow participated?! I was close to tears and didn’t know what to think, feel or do. But again, I didn’t have much time to think in this situation. Another message came. Again from Martin: “Hey, where are you? I’m at your door, but the key isn’t under the mat like I told you to do!”

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As fast as I could, I ran to the apartment door, opened it and fell around Martin’s neck. I immediately burst into tears and cried my heart out. Martin pushed me into the living room, wiped my eyes dry with his shirt sleeve, and hugged me tightly. I was still panicking, but he calmed me down with his firm grip.

With a laughing voice – and of course I recognized it immediately – he said to me: “You little fuck needed that. The sushi delivery guy and the guy earlier were the same man: me!”

I cried and caught one for it

Now I was crying even more unrestrainedly, but that seemed to totally turn Martin on. He immediately grabbed my neck and gave me a resounding slap, which had it in itself. “You are such a horny little cunt, I could play with you for days. But now kneel down and serve me,” he murmured to me.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Bravely I knelt in front of him and opened his pants. My face was still totally smeared from my tears, all the makeup runny. He obviously liked that. I looked into his eyes – the first time that evening I didn’t wear a mask towards him – and could see his horniness in them. Now I wanted to serve him completely, to give myself to this man whom I could not see through. He certainly could have done anything to me at that moment, I would have let anything happen.

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His already stiff strap jumped out at me and I immediately took it into my warm mouth between my lips and blew it even harder. I noticed that the whole situation also turned him on, the first drops were already forming on his glans, which I licked off with relish. I tickled his balls and licked his perineum. When I touched this point with my tongue, he groaned. Again, I took up the tip of his penis and literally sucked it out, sucking the air out of my mouth as well, forming an airless space, a vacuum, in my oral cavity.

I sucked his piston hard to bursting

His glans was hard to bursting. Now he took my head by my two pigtails and rammed his cock deepthroat into my throat again and again. I had to gag and cough, again and again he bumped my uvula. I almost puked on his cock, so hard he took me orally. But I liked it, I wanted to be his submissive slut that he could use at will. I became totally wet in this situation, longed for a fuck again, but probably had to wait, because now he roared loudly and ejaculated into my mouth, on my lips and face. With his fingers he rubbed his sperm on my skin and then let me lick it clean. After that he pushed me on the sofa and I had to satisfy myself in front of him. He watched me with pleasure and had a perfect view of my soaking wet pussy. When I came, I was totally exhausted. “Well done, little hooker,” he applauded approvingly.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

“Go into the bedroom, lie on the bed on the left side of your body, but don’t cover yourself up. I’ll be right there,” he instructed me. I did as I was told, got up and went to the bed. I lay down on it and waited for Martin. As I quickly discovered, he was also naked. He snuggled up to me from behind, nestling his body against mine. He was warm and smelled good. With his arm he embraced me. I pressed my bottom against his loins, he covered me.

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Closely embraced, we fell asleep. Without an alarm clock, we woke up around ten in the morning. On my ass I felt his morning glory. He kissed my neck, my neck and I would have loved to fuck again immediately, but he was the one to tell me where to go. We got up and he sent me into the shower. I put on makeup again and lightly perfumed myself. Shortly after, he also got ready and presented me with a remote-controlled vibrator ( like this one) – he kept the remote control and gave me the little pleasure dispenser. “Put it in your panties, we’re going to the cafe for breakfast. Without bra of course,” he gave me to understand. So I positioned the little pleasure dispenser in my thong. The rest of the clothing he chose for me was a short dress. Suitable for everyday wear, not too dressy or sexy.

In the breakfast café I ran out another time

Oh, a remote vibrator directly on my clitoris and he with the control in his hand, that could be something! Curious, I was eager to see how I would react to the vibrations. Without further ado, we went to a breakfast café around the corner from me. All this time I was waiting for him to turn it on, but nothing moved yet, it remained silent and still. Arriving a few moments later, Martin picked out breakfast and ordered from the waiter. He was still quite young and somehow looked as if he had never seen a woman naked. Probably someone who knows sex only from porn. And with his own hands. Ten minutes later, the waitress came back to the table and put the food down. When he left again, Martin realized that he had forgotten the orange juice.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

“Order two more juices,” Martin instructed me. “But wait until the waiter gets back here, I’m sure he’ll be right back.” Two moments later, the young man came back to the table and asked if it could be something else. Just as I was about to answer, Martin switched on the vibrator. Waves rippled through my body, I lost control of my senses and contorted my face and a low moan escaped my mouth. The waiter was more than confused and inquired if everything was okay.

I gave him a pained smile and nodded. How good that Martin ordered the O-juices at that moment and saved me from even more embarrassing moments. However, he did not turn off the panty vibrator, but leaned back and enjoyed the spectacle. He looked me straight in the eye and smiled. My panties were soaking wet, I was so damp that a small wet spot had already formed under me on the chair.

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Martin leaned over to me and blatantly pushed two fingers into my pussy. Oh my god, how I would have loved to get fucked by this guy right now! He let me lick his fingers and then he drank his coffee as if nothing had happened. I was so horny again, there is no such thing!

Again and again, the young waiter looked furtively over at us. Whether he guessed from my broad grin what was going on under the table between my thighs? Again and again the vibrations stopped, only to chase again wave of horniness through my trembling body. It was incredibly hot to be paraded in public like that by Martin. When I finally answered the waiter’s question, all that came out of my mouth was a softly moaned, “Yes, everything’s fine.” I could hardly control myself.

Should I also be sexually available to the waiter?

It went on like this for the whole breakfast, fortunately Martin gave me a breather for dinner. Otherwise, I would probably have groaned the whole café together. Certainly two or three orgasms gave me the vibrating toy in my pussy, which I could hide as best I could from the other guests. Only the waiter couldn’t help grinning every now and then, whenever he looked in our direction. When Martin paid, he slipped a note to the young waitress – my head was already on a roller coaster again, imagining what Martin might have written there.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

Whether the waiter should fuck me? Should I have sucked his balls? Or jerk me off in front of him until he would have sprayed on my tits? Should he have whipped me hard? None of the above! As Martin told me later, he had not asked the waiter to have sex with me at all, but had only written the following words on his note: “I know that you are horny for my little fuck. But there’s not that much ‘tip’ for you today.”

Martin and I left the café and just arrived home in the hallway, he pushed me by the neck against the wall, pushed my dress up a bit and grabbed me between the legs. He rubbed my clit with the flat of his hand and I moaned loudly. Now everyone could have heard me here, but he covered my mouth with his free hand while he continued to penetrate me relentlessly with his fingers. When my orgasm overtook me, the climax shook my whole body. Martin pulled me towards him by my hair and I wanted to kiss him, but he bit my neck and ordered me to kneel down and give him a blowjob here in the hallway.

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Brave and submissive as I am, I complied with this request, this request transmitted with emphasis, of course, immediately and went before him on his knees. He held my head in his grip with a strong handshake and opened his pants with his other hand. His already stiff cock jumped out and immediately he pushed his hardness into my gullet. Without approach he fucked my mouth. His rhythm became faster and faster and saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth onto my dress. He rammed my mouth cunt now really through, I had to gag and more and more spit wetted his cock.

Overhead blowjob had me in tears

Before he came, he pulled his penis out of me and instructed me to open the apartment door. As soon as the door was open, he pulled me by my hair into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. He draped me like a sex doll the way he wanted: with my back on the sheet, my head hanging upside down over the edge of the bed, which he immediately took in both again, but then propped himself up on the bed frame and let me satisfy him with a Spiderman blowjob. My eyes watered and a mixture of my spit and his pre juice ran down my face. It was so horny what this man did with me – whether I wanted or not. But that’s what turned me on, to feel this dominance triggered the highest feelings of happiness in me.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I licked again his perineum, his balls and sucked the shaft. I sharply sucked in his already pulsating glans, played with my tongue on his glans frenulum and also let it penetrate the small hole on the tip of the penis. Then he took command again and put his cock in my mouth as far as it would go. Faster and faster he fucked my bladder mouth, until at some point he exuded in and on me. My whole face was full of saliva and cum. As sullied as I was, he took some photos of me. “Submissive sluts are my favorite to photograph,” he let me know, gripping me hard once again. Totally out of breath, I lay on the bed and he sat down next to me, stroked my hair, and then said, “Later I’m going to chastise you so you know who’s in charge here.”

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No sooner had he uttered these words than I became horny with anticipation again. He slapped me and said, “Go take a shower, little whore bitch. You’re soaked from top to bottom. You’ll be back here in fifteen minutes.” Right on time I appeared naked and with my collar. He attached the chain to the small ring and pulled me to him. Passionately he kissed me, stroked my cheeks and groped my breasts, my ass and checked my cunt for moisture.

Like a cat I knelt beside him and ate from the floor

It was already early afternoon. He ordered me to cook something for him. I hated cooking and so we just had pasta with a simple sauce. But he was okay with that. When I wanted to sit down at the table with him and eat, he pointed to the floor take him. He took the cutlery from me and made me kneel beside him. I also had to put the plate on the floor and eat the noodles like an animal from its bowl.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

I sullied my entire upper body with the spaghetti sauce. Good thing I was naked. When we both finished eating, he put my head on his lap and stroked my hair. “You’re such a horny little cunt, you know that?” I nodded. “We’re going to go back to the living room now. Kneel down!” Again I nodded and he pulled me behind him – on the chain on all fours, which was very humiliating, but I still somehow liked it.

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“What are you anyway?”, he asked me unexpectedly. I dutifully answered, “I’m a dirty little whore. Your hooker.” He obviously liked this answer, because he smiled. Arriving in the living room, he pulled me up by the collar. Martin put the blindfold on me again and it went black. So I stood in the middle of the room. stark naked. I didn’t know what he was up to. In this position I remained certainly a quarter of an hour and I think he simply enjoyed my exposed body.

He pulled my ass cheeks apart and…

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced gamesIn the meantime, he had brought the floor barrier into position, which he had already set up yesterday. Now I should squat and he grabbed my pussy again, pulled a little on my labia and again checked the degree of my wetness. Then he opened the shackles(as seen here), took off my blindfold and pointed to the pillory that I should kneel over it. Commanded and executed. I went into the quadrupedal position and he closed the irons around my ankles and wrists as well as my head. I was trapped.

He got behind me, pulled my butt cheeks apart and fingered my pussy until I was really wet. Then he inserted the dildo, which was firmly connected to the pillory, and pushed it deep into my cunt until it bumped cervix. Then he fixed him. I tried to move the pelvis to create friction of the dildo in my vagina. Thereupon he hit me with full force with his flat hand on the right ass cheek and drove me harshly: “Shut up, whore! You get fucked when I give you a euro for it and not when you are horny!”

I winced. With his fingers he traced lines on my naked back, slapping my buttocks again and again. I think I also knew why: he wanted to warm up my ass. Warming up for more and hard hitting. Because if it is well supplied with blood, it can withstand much more and the skin does not burst as easily. And how I should be right, because that was exactly his concern.

He whipped me mercilessly until my skin burst open

But before that, he fetched two candles from the kitchen and lit them. What he intended to do with it was also clear to me. He had already put the whip in place. Unexpectedly, she hissed the first time on my body and I cried out loudly.

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“I’m going to calibrate you now. Do you know what that is?” he asked me, but I shook my head in denial. “Then let me explain it to you, my little ignorant whore,” he continued. “I’m going to whip you with different intensity now. First gently, then harder – until you can’t take it anymore. Then some more to see what you are really willing to endure for me. After each blow, you tell me a number from 1 to 10, how hard the blow was for you. 1 is very gentle, 10 is extreme. That way I can find out what’s good for you.”

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced gamesI had heard of this so-called “oak of a slave” before, but it no longer on the screen, what it actually was. Now I was back in the picture and just nodded. He started off with very light strokes, everything up to that point I acknowledged with an A. The lashes gradually became more violent until they began to hurt. In between, he kept picking me off, fingering my increasingly wet pussy and pulling on my nipples, pinching them or rubbing them between his fingers, which made me additionally horny. We had reached six by now, but he continued to improve.

At some point I had probably already received 25 blows, alternately on my back and my buttocks. By the time we were at the figure eight, visible welts were forming on my butt. I screamed and whimpered, begging him to stop. But we had no code word and I was at the mercy of this sadistic man. “For your impudence in speaking again without permission, the ten will be especially hard for you today!” He was a sadist to the core. From the whipping he got an erection again, that was also well visible under his pants. I had no trouble recognizing the hard cock. Tears were streaming down my face, but he just laughed.

He put me in a trance, I was in another world

After the nine, he stroked me over the now burst welts, which only intensified the pain. First with his fingertips, then with his nails and finally with his hand. I had not seen it coming. He hit my rear end with the flat of his hand. I was transported from the mixture between deep pain and unbridled horniness to a state comparable to a trance, a mental absence. I floated in another world and only noticed how the pussy juice ran down my thighs.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

He tenderly kissed my neck, whispered in my ear that I was a very good slave and that I would please him very much. “But still,” he interrupted his endearments, “we will now move on to the ten. You will never forget it, but you will have to endure it. For me. I will be very proud of you afterwards!”

I was now ready for anything, for a blow that would tear me apart inside with pain. The nine was already very fierce, but the ten would break everything that had gone before, I was sure. He was probably a guy who knew no mercy or compassion. For the time being, however, he let go of me with the whip and let out a sharp scream when I suddenly felt hot wax on my back that seemed to burn into my skin. The candle wax ate into my back, cooling immediately and forming a crust.

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But now he took up the whip again. He took a swing. I held my breath – and he struck. I had closed my eyes and was still in a trance. As if I had taken drugs. But instead of an overly hard lash, he gave me a blow that I might have given a B on the scale. Before I could wonder, he whispered in my ear, “Dear, I don’t want to destroy you after all. And I promised to take care of you.”

I was relieved and cried with happiness

Tears of relief rolled down my face and dripped onto the floor. How could he be so sweet?! He fetched a handkerchief and dried my tears, stroking my head and my battered body again and again.

“But to finish, I want you to orgasm again,” he smiled triumphantly. “I’m going to fuck you through now,” he murmured, putting a rubber over his cock. Since I was extremely wet from the whipping and all the action, he was able to penetrate me effortlessly. He knelt behind me and, after pulling the dildo that had been inside me all this time out of my cunt, fucked me in my pussy with powerful thrusts. Did he want to fuck me sore? Broken birds? I was his fuck piece, his sex slave, which he could take when, how and where it pleased him.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

But during today’s fuck I did not come. Neither did he. Instead, he took his cock, smeared by my love juices, and put it in my mouth. I tasted my own juice and now wanted to blow him, but he apparently had no desire to do so, because he withdrew from me, sat down on the couch and rested.

So I also had the opportunity to catch my breath, because it was already quite violent and especially physically exhausting, what he organized here with me. So much horniness within 24 hours I had never experienced before! He took a sharpie out of his pocket and wrote “This cunt can be used as a cheap hooker” on my ass. How humiliating!

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Of course, that was not all, because he had promised me an Orgsamus. So he took the already prepared Womanizer Duo and drove him without warning into my already somewhat drier pussy and put the pulsator directly on my clit. What a horny feeling to be worked on twice like that. It took less than five minutes and I was ready to climax, to a firework of my sexual pleasure. I had never squirted before, but when I came, I squirted with a big fountain. I gasped and panted, I had never come so hard before. What was that just for a horny toy with which Martin had worked me there.

He was a big fan of my masterful blowing skills

It made him so horny that by now his cock was sticking out half stiff from his body. From blowjobs he was a big fan, I had been able to determine in the meantime in the last 24 hours. Decently – and he didn’t have to ask me – I opened my mouth and licked my lips. When he saw that, he couldn’t help himself and pushed his strap into my warm, wet oral cavity. I blew him hard and wanted to taste his delicious cum again, but again he had other things on his mind.

BDSM-Ratgeber: So kannst du deine Sklavin vorführen

He withdrew from me and put on a condom again. Then he spat on my ass and rubbed his saliva on my rosette. Now he put his bulging glans at my back gate and slowly pushed it into my bowels. With faster and faster movements he fucked my ass now. But it was so tight that he couldn’t stand it for long and pulled his hard-on out of me again. “Do you know what ATM is?” – And without waiting for an answer, he said that it was the abbreviation for Ass to Mouth and at that he already pushed his cock (with the rubber) into my mouth. I didn’t want that, but he forced me with a firm pressure of his fingers in my cheeks to open my lips and take him inside me.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

It disgusted me, but this forced game turned me on. Now I wanted to give everything and licked the condom completely clean. His cock was still stiff and ready to cum. He got rid of the Verhüterlis in no time and sprayed in several spurts directly into my face and my open mouth, with the first gush going across my cheek. But I was able to catch the remaining sperm rays. He squirted on my outstretched tongue, his prick twitching and jerking. I swallowed as much as I could and then showed him my tongue and my empty mouth, then sucked his glans again. A satisfied grunt escaped him.

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“The next time I come to visit you, I’ll make you my slave!” – With these words and a kiss on my forehead he said goodbye and went his way. He left me back in my apartment with a memory of the last day full of sexual energy, unbridled desire, a mixture of pleasure and pain, and countless orgasms. And one thing I have set in my mind: I will see him again!

Names changed by the editor

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