The Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona is back again

By Mario Meyer
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The Salón Erótico in Barcelona is back again
The Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona is back again

The return after three years

Salón Erótico 2022 will be held for the 29th time at the Vall d’Hebron Olympic Pavilion in Barcelona from June 16 to 19. After being absent for three years due to the health crisis under Covid-19, it is returning renewed and adapted to the new realities.

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Marina Salazar designed the new festival image

Der Salón Erótico in Barcelona ist wieder zurückThis year’s Salón Erótico 2022 is a plea for the normalization of sexual eroticism and the acceptance of non-normative bodies in an extensive, diverse, inclusive and revolutionary program. For this reason, the new image of the festival was created by designer Marina Salazar, recently known for the iconic chest she designed for Rigoberta Bandini’s performance at last year’s Benidorm Fest. Salazar, who is known for her groundbreaking, fun and highly visual designs, wanted to convey inclusion and physical diversity in erotica by reinterpreting characters from Greek mythology. The different posters show the contrast between antiquity and modernity and at the same time the connection between these two concepts.

Salón Erótico 2022 is meant to be a place where you have fun, meet, discover new joys and learn. For this reason, this year there will be, among other things, a new virtual reality room, a series of films on sexuality and a room for erotic art with illustrations, paintings, photographs and other works, installations and artistic representations on the theme of eroticism.

The Salón Erótico and its novelties

Another great novelty of the salon will be that porn will be seen in more intimate and reserved spaces, leaving it up to the audience what they want to see. The performances offer an inclusive, feminist perspective and advocate for the normalization of diverse bodies.

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All genders will be represented to make visible all ways of experiencing sexuality. The erotic salon, where all kinds of pleasures are possible, will also include a Shibari, BDSM and Tantra area.

At the event there will also be a large market with erotic products, exhibitions, book presentations, a tattoo area and a cozy catering area.

Tickets for Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona have been on sale since the end of April and the program and confirmed artists have been announced on the event’s website:

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