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Sweet Mia XXX: My first outdoor blowjob at night in the...

I know exactly, dear men, how you want to be blown. And so I lured my sex partner at night into the woods, unbuttoned his pants and gave him an outdoor blowjob, that he lost his hearing and sight on the spot with this experience.

A sex story

BDSM Sex Story: Slave Kedi Gets Ridden to…

The pretty, young girl Kedi - until then still a virgin - worked for some time to be allowed to serve me as a slave. Just in time for her eighteenth birthday, she presented herself and prepared to begin her slave training under my rule. A BDSM Story.

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Charity action in Berlin: MyDirtyHobby helps homeless people

There are many people who are not (anymore) on the sunny side of life. And those who have been deprived of shelter and now have to live on the streets. MyDirtyHobby has taken heart and created a charity campaign.

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