The fetish lexicon: What is flagellation?

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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The fetish lexicon: What is flagellation?
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Flagellation in the context of BDSM

Painful flagellation – hostage of pain

The foreign word flagellation comes from Latin. flagellum means flagellum, hence the synonymous term flagellation. The instrument used for flogging does not necessarily have to be a whip. Also a birch rod, the notorious cane as a breeding instrument of past school days or any other objects can be used for this purpose.

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Although the word hostage, which sounds the same, has nothing to do with the scourge in terms of its origin, the victim (sub) is at the mercy of the perpetrator (Dom) and his scourge in the same way as the hostage is at the mercy of the blackmailer. The dominated one is in a way the hostage of the scourge. And with it, of course, the hostage of the flagellant.

Das Fetisch-Lexikon: Was ist Flagellation?Pain is the best teacher – Fate through punishment

In the civilized modern world, unwanted corporal punishment by flogging is fortunately a thing of the past. With horses, riders still use a crop to force lame animals to move. Fifty years ago – and of course still in some parts of the world – flagellation was still a popular method of education and punishment. And not only for torturers and dictators.

Even pastors, teachers and unfortunately not seldom their own parents beat men, women and also children with whip-like weapons, sometimes with serious scars in the back, in order to make it clear to the whipped person who is in charge. But also the voluntary flagellation and the resulting pleasure gain in religiously disguised form as autoflagellation (self-flagellation) is historically proven.

Carrot and stick – pain as pleasure

Whips belong to the compulsory inventory of every well-assorted fetish shop and torture cellar. Together with handcuffs, shackles and latex they are the most dominant symbol of BDSM. The one who is in possession of the whip and makes use of it is necessarily also the dominant sexual partner. The one who is flogged is therefore the inferior sexual partner. The sexual arousal of the Geisler arises from the sadistic pleasure gained by inflicting pain. That of the scourged one by the masochistic pleasure gained by suffering pain.

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It is not uncommon for the bottom or bottoms to be tied up with ropes, handcuffed and/or held on a leash by the top or top. The hilarity in the exercise of power or the suffering of powerlessness additionally favours the sadomasochistic pleasure gain. Often the dominant sexual partner also uses the flogging as a threat if the dominant does not or insufficiently comply with certain requests of a sexual nature in the eyes of the dominant. These power games cause additional sexual arousal for many BDSM practitioners.

Limits of acceptable flogging

Assault, coercion, rape

To be able to speak of BDSM and not rape and thus a fetish and not paraphilia, some limits must be urgently observed in flagellation.

Das Fetisch-Lexikon: Was ist Englische Erziehung?First, the flogging must be done in the sense of both the dominant and the inferior sexual partner. Anyone who wants to be sure that he will not be accused of coercion or even rape afterwards should have this approved in writing before the first flogging (“assault with consent”). Secondly, the person being flogged must not suffer permanent physical harm from the scourging, even if he or she expressly requests it.

The pleasure gained by suffering or inflicting pain is not necessarily a mental disorder. But the latter by injury (or in the worst case even by mutilation) does. If you give in to the wishes of the subject even then, you are guilty of sexual abuse. When such desires sprout up – whether from the cathedral or the sub – everyone involved should urgently consult a sex therapist. Preferably together. If the above limits are respected, flagellation is an interesting and erotic enrichment of the domestic as well as the professional repertoire of sexual practices. Not infrequently, the cracking of the whip also brings new momentum into a somewhat dusty sex and/or relationship life.

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