BDSM play: The feminisation of the man

By Benno von Sandhayn
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BDSM play: The feminisation of the man
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The feminization of the male image

Feminisation – for many men, the change of sex is a great sexual attraction. This is about giving up power and even being humiliated. Often this sexual variety is part of the BDSM. The man is submissive and puts himself in the stereotypical role of the woman, usually in a degrading role.

Nicole Kleinhenz, certified relationship coach, book author and columnist on the topics of partnership and love explains: “It is usually the desire for helplessness that makes feminisation so appealing. Being at the mercy of dominance, without power, excites many men.” The dominant part of the game is a kind of brainwashing, where values are replaced by new ones. The feminised man must then live a completely different life.

Die BDSM Feminisierung des MannesThe feminization in hypnosis

For whom this is too hard, can try this delightful game also in hypnosis. Many men, who have nothing to do with things like fetish and BDSM, would like to experience what it feels like to be a woman, to think like a woman and especially to experience an orgasm like a woman. Erotic hypnosis for feminisation is not only meant for transsexuals or transgender people, also for heterosexuals feminisation is always an exciting topic. Be it to humiliate the “former man” or to use him (or “her”) as a slave. To subject him to a forced feminization, so to speak.

“Certainly, our feminization hypnoses cannot bring about a ‘real’ gender change; however, they enable men to experience what it is like to live as a woman for a day and/or to experience what it feels like to not only come with your penis but to experience an overwhelming feminine climax,” says Lady Tara, inventor and voice of

Some fans of feminisation only live this out occasionally, others take on the role for the rest of their lives and also publicly transform themselves into women. Others hide this fetish and wear women’s lingerie under a business suit. However, a simple role play can quickly develop into a life-changing trend. Right up to the adoption of a female name and a complete role reversal in the household according to conservative criteria.

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A variant of feminisation is the dissiplay. The submissive feminised man wears childlike, girlish clothes such as petticoats, bonnets and frilly dresses. The change of clothes is quasi the change of the role.

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