The factual report: blindness and eroticism

By Lord Mars
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The factual report: blindness and eroticism

Gerd (53) about his blindness and eroticism

In the year 2000 I was 32 years old and “fully in the life”. I lived with a woman with whom I have a daughter, and was successful in my career. Blindness and eroticism didn’t go together for me until then. In December of the same year, a man ran over me and I had to cope with the blindness that set in after that.

Der Tatsachenbericht: Blindheit und ErotikNo personal sex contacts

Occasionally there were and still are contacts with women with whom I wanted and would like to start a relationship, which has not come about so far.

The contacts developed very quickly into erotic relationships and for some it started on the first meeting.

In the past 15 years I have experienced a lot, enjoyed a lot and learned a lot.

In the field of eroticism, women didn’t care that I was blind and it seemed and still seems to me as if a woman is much more uninhibited in intimate contact with a blind man.

Due to blindness, visual demands disappear and I no longer orient myself to former desires and classifications.

I am very tall and move in public daily for work and have never had personal sexual contact with “primitive” women. That mental attitude is gone; it’s definitely partially gone.

Two erotic events that gave courage to the blind man

In the past eleven years there have been two, so to speak, incisive events that I would like to report here on the subject of blindness and eroticism:

It was 2007 when Anna and I first met and from that point on we knew we were all about satisfying intimate cravings. We met at least once a week and I learned a lot. Since then I know that there can and must be no obstacles for a woman either.

Seeing Girls Having Sex.

It became “unproblematic” for me to squeeze Anna’s nipples, lightly beat her, tie her up, insert my hand vaginally into her (vaginal fisting), and more.

Last year I had a professional meeting with a moderately visually impaired woman, which turned into a private relationship after about an hour. It started with the sudden kiss by Christina, which promptly ended the actual being together and started personal thoughts.

A wonderful connection began and I find that I experience and feel the emotions and physical contact blindly much more intensely. The intimacy, i.e. the eroticism, already becomes much stronger due to the more intense hearing. Sounds of caressing, kissing, penetration and last but not least whispering intensify the desire and increase the excitability.

Experience the senses anew – blindness and eroticism in a duet

We continue with the sense of touch. Touching the skin of the woman is much more intense than seeing. When touching and stroking, the feeling is one hundred percent shifted to the sense of touch and is not diminished by parallel vision. In a sense, you can feel every cell of the woman’s skin and “recognize” every imperfection of the skin.

More intense is also my sense of taste and it is wonderful to nibble the body of the woman orally. It seems every square inch is “delicious”.

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These intense erotic feelings coupled with emotions have become much stronger with me than they had been during my healthy state – sighted, so to speak.

Those who have never seen anything should appreciate this advantage. Blindness and eroticism need not be contradictory.

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