Das Geständnis: Ich habe aus Rache eine Vergewaltigung erfunden

By Laura Buschmann
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Das Geständnis: Ich habe aus Rache eine Vergewaltigung erfunden
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In a few weeks I have to go to trial for making up a rape

My name is Susanne, I am 46 years old and I have done something terrible. How I wish I could make it up to you. But I can’t, I can’t. I invented a rape and because of me he was in custody for several weeks. I am infinitely sorry for what I did and would like to apologize to my ex-boyfriend.

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Das Geständnis: Ich habe aus Rache eine Vergewaltigung erfundenMy ex is blocking all contact attempts

Let me tell you from the beginning: I met a nice man through sittenwidrig.com/dating. As a sales representative of a large locksmith’s shop, he was constantly on the road and so he directly suggested that we could meet if he was near me. Sure I agreed. I had been single for more than three years after my longstanding marriage went to pieces. I just needed it again, wanted to be really taken in. To always do it alone, no, I really didn’t feel like it anymore!

Made up a rape? To think of a blatant sexual abuse – and this only for revenge – I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Tim was only 28 years old, tanned and muscular. He came like clockwork. Of course, it also fits that he was into slightly older women. After all, 18 years separated us! I had an overwhelming desire for a young body. Even before the first meeting with him, I imagined what he could do with me.

Tim hat einen schönen Körper

The much younger Tim had a crush on me

On a rainy day the time had come: we had an appointment. He wanted to take me to a restaurant. A first, very simple getting to know each other. When he entered the room (I was there before him), the blow almost hit me. He looked even better than in the photos. I had prepared myself for this day and went to the hairdresser and manicure before. I was freshly showered and had shaved my private parts. I don’t know why I did it, because I didn’t do it otherwise. Maybe I thought that Tim could go for it, since he was a whole lot younger than me.

We chatted with old acquaintances, got along right away. We found that we had similar interests. Like me, he was single and had no objections to a permanent partnership. But of course we had not yet reached that point. We spent a wonderful evening in the restaurant. He was by no means pushy, which I found very pleasant. Later we said goodbye and arranged a second meeting just a few days later, as he was still working here in the region.

Das Geständnis: Ich habe aus Rache eine Vergewaltigung erfundenAdoption was one possibility

That evening, when we finally embraced each other again, we also slept together for the first time. I was immediately hooked on this man. My heart was pounding. After a few more dates I knew that I had fallen head over heels in love with Tim. At that moment, nobody realized that I could one day invent a rape.

In the meantime we talked about God and the world, about our relationship, even about his desire for children. Even though I’m already 46 years old, I could have warmed up for an adoption, for example. I love kids!

Our first Christmas was simply divine, he carried me on hands, read every wish from my eyes. He treated me like a real princess. I felt completely well and was totally electrified with my love from this man. We wanted to move in together and build our own family nest. Shortly after New Year we spent a romantic weekend skiing in the Austrian mountains.

I was quite taken with his luxurious body

After that we did not see each other for almost three months, because he had to go abroad for work. We wrote to each other almost daily, and most of the time it was really hot. He understood himself in dirty talk and knew how he could make me rat sharp only with words. Every time I had to lay hands on myself immediately and did it to myself while thinking of his strong hands and his luxurious body.

When his time abroad was over, I was really looking forward to seeing him. But he was kind of weird. Repulsive. Cold. Not the Tim like before. Only in a serious conversation could I elicit from him that he had met a woman at his place of work. He confessed that they had sex several times and that she was now pregnant. Buff – that was for me a verbal slap in the face, which had washed itself! I was shocked, sad and incredibly angry. On the spot I threw him out of my apartment and shouted after him that he should never show himself in my house again.

Landgericht und Amtsgericht DüsseldorfWas my evil plan supposed to work?

More than half a year later we had no contact until he suddenly called me unexpectedly. He would still love me and if I could give him another chance. Fie! After what he did to me, I wasn’t ready for it. Instead, however, a diabolical plan matured within me. I just wanted to get him off – and I wanted to do it properly! So apparently I agreed and we arranged a meeting right next weekend.

With a huge bunch of flowers he stood in front of my door and looked sugar sweet in his figure-hugging muscle shirt. I had cooked something for us and after dinner he helped me with the dishes. When I was standing at the sink, he suddenly pressed himself against me from behind. I could feel his hard penis against my butt. He embraced my breasts from behind and my knees became soft. I turned around and we kissed passionately. We didn’t make it into the bedroom, he bent me over the kitchen table and penetrated me from behind. He took me hard and firm, the way I liked it. He was really wild this time, pulling my hair and slapping me on the butt again and again.

Handcuffed, he took me anally from behind

Just before I came, he grabbed me by the neck and strangled me. This only made my cravings boil up even more. What was wrong with him today? I didn’t know him like that during sex, but it was infinitely horny. He slapped me in the face, gave me one slap after the other and with every whistle I even had to moan slightly. It was heavenly to be so at his mercy when he held my hands and then even tied them. I reared up and tore my handcuffs, but there was no escape. I guessed what he was up to, because I had once told him that if he wanted to fuck me in the ass, he would have to tie me up already.

» Devote Sklavin sucht

No sooner had I understood my thought than he pushed and widened my butt hole with a jerk. Actually, I wasn’t really into anal sex, but that ass fuck felt kind of good. Liberating. Animalistic. Wild. He started to fuck me up real bad. I moaned and gasped, on the verge of a liberating orgasm. And then I came. But how! All floodgates opened, I ran out from underneath and had tears in my eyes too. Tears of happiness. I had never been fucked so horny as I was at that moment. Tim fucked me for a few more minutes, I came a second time and also his climax was not far away. With a loud grunt he pumped his sperm into me with several thrusts. I collapsed and just stayed there. At that moment he was not aware that I could invent a rape.

Suddenly he went totally crazy – I never knew him like that

But he reacts quite differently than I expected. With a loud bang he gave me one last slap with his flat hand and suddenly shouted at me: “You bitch probably let anyone fuck you in the ass, huh?” He laughed out loud. What was that about? I was completely perplexed, but for my plan his behavior was exactly the right one. He should fuck off immediately, I replied gruffly. He gathered up his clothes and left my apartment. He could not have known that I liked to be taken so hard. I had never told him about my submissive and masochistic tendencies, but I used to have such a relationship with two men.

Lesbian fantasy: doing it once with another woman

Probably Tim thought that he had shown me once again, but he didn’t know what I was up to. When he was gone for about half an hour, I threw my coat over my head and went out of the house without taking a shower. My target was the nearest police station. When I hit the ground, the officers on duty probably already knew what I had to report. My hair was completely tousled, my face was red from the beatings and I didn’t even have shoes on.

JVA - Justizvollzugsanstalt

The police brought him before the magistrate

“I’ve just been raped,” it burst out of me and I was immediately taken to a separate room where a very nice policewoman took care of me. I told them that I had been visited by my ex-boyfriend at home and had been sexually abused. Before she took my personal details, she called the police doctor, who was later to examine me in detail and find clear traces of rape. Sure, from the way Tim used me, it looked pretty clear that he was. What would happen to my ex-boyfriend now, I asked. “He will be arrested, interrogated and then, if necessary, brought before a magistrate if the suspicions are confirmed,” the Commissioner explained to me. When the doctor had finished his examinations, I was still photographed, which was quite unpleasant for me, as my intimate area was not exempt from this either. That I had just invented a rape, of course, I did not tell the officials and the attending doctor.

They later caught Tim in his boss’ office in the locksmith’s shop and immediately arrested him there. As I subsequently learned, they took him directly to the criminal Investigation Department, where he was interrogated extensively and then presented to a judge. Because of the acute danger of flight, he ordered immediate remand in custody. So my plan had worked out and I was really happy. Too soon, unfortunately, but we’ll get to that. I spent the next days and weeks making some statements to the LKA and working out a strategy together with my lawyer.

I used to have D/S relationships with two men

After six weeks, the main trial was held. Here I should see Tim, who was still in custody, for the first time after the “crime”. They led him in handcuffs and he took a seat in the dock not far from me. Somehow I felt sorry for him in this situation, but I had to go through with it. I was ready to take him to prison.

» Devote Sklavin sucht

The hearing was protracted and the defense requested that two more witnesses be heard. And at this point the tide should turn against me. The two witnesses were my ex-boyfriends, with whom I had a so-called D/S relationship. Such a partnership is characterized by humiliation, beatings, dominance and submission. Both testified that I would get great sexual satisfaction from such actions. Which was basically the truth. In the further course of the trial my credibility diminished more and more and the presiding judge of the district court also let this be known mercilessly.

The end of the song: Tim was acquitted – I got my punishment because I had invented rape

In the end, Tim was acquitted. I am now facing charges of false suspicion and faking a crime. Tim’s defense attorney has also already announced to file a civil suit against me because of the unjustified time in prison civil action and to claim damages for pain and suffering “in an amount yet to be determined”.

I’m afraid of my trial and that I’ll go to prison. I am very sorry for what I did, but now I will have to atone for what I did. What I did to my ex-boyfriend Tim. I’m terribly sorry. But too late is too late.

Susanne S., now 47 years old, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for feigning a crime in a particularly serious case. Since the imposed sentence is more than two years, she could not be suspended on probation. Susanne is now serving her sentence in a women’s prison and will have enough time in the coming years to reflect on her heinous deed. Inventing a rape was a bad idea.

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