The confession – I have unprotected sex despite HIV

By Mario Meyer
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“I am HIV-positive and have unprotected sex”

My name is Günter, I am 54 years old and a so-called sex tourist. For more than 15 years I have been going to Thailand regularly for holidays. Not to sunbathe my body on the beach there, but to have sex with a young woman every night. In the past I have always strongly condemned people who have unprotected sex despite HIV. But perhaps also because society wants it that way.

My confession - I have unprotected sex despite HIV infectionSex despite HIV is important to me

Every autumn it is the highlight of the year for me: when it is summer in Thailand, my holiday time comes. Then I travel alone to Asia to enjoy myself there as much as I like. My girlfriend doesn’t know what I’m doing there. Since I work in a company from the Far East, she thinks I’m there for an annual meeting. She’s better off not knowing the truth. Especially the bad one.

I have a thing for young girls. Very young. Preferably just come of age, with a childlike face and still small breasts. You can also show them where the hammer is. And sure, I’m taking advantage of that. After all, these young girls will do anything. Whatever perversions I can think of, they just do it when I want them to. I don’t really care if they are naturally horny or just do it for the money. Or because they are poor. I’m only interested in my lust and nothing else. That’s why I have unprotected sex. I hate condoms. Unfortunately, I got the receipt for it some years ago and got infected with HIV.

Dating ohne AIDS und HIV

Although I carry this dangerous virus inside me, I continue to have unprotected sex despite HIV. Not only in Thailand, but also here in southern Germany when I go to the brothel. Sure, I always have to put some money on it, otherwise the hookers won’t do it without a rubber. With the girls who prostitute themselves in Thailand, it is much cheaper. They don’t ask so many questions either. Pick up the money and get nailed. In, out, finished.

Sexual intercourse despite HIV also with your own girlfriend

In Hamburg I have a girlfriend who goes to the Oktoberfest every year. The last time we met was in Munich. She was so drunk she didn’t even ask for protection. Well, what can I say? Then I just fucked her like this, I prefer that anyway than with this annoying slut. A few weeks later she wrote to me that she was HIV positive and advised me to get tested as well. “Not that I have infected you,” she wrote to me. Then I had to laugh out loud, because I knew that I had infected her and not the other way round.

I kind of hate women. They’re just fuck meat to me. If one gets infected, it’s bad luck. After all, I’m infected myself. Fortunately, however, not (yet) sick with AIDS, nothing has broken out with me so far. I never told anyone that. At some point I might get sick and bite the dust, but that’s the way it is. So I go on through life and have unprotected sex despite HIV.

One thing I’m ashamed of, though

For three years I have had a very dear friend. Like I said, she doesn’t know anything and is completely clueless. She’d probably fall out of the clouds, leave me for sure. Perhaps with good reason. Well, what am I ashamed of? It’s very simple. She is eight months pregnant and the doctors diagnosed her and our baby with HIV two weeks ago. I have not only infected my partner, I have infected my own child. I’m ashamed of it. But it’s too late now. I will have to live with this knowledge and conscience for the rest of my life.

PrEP-Tablette: Eine Pille gegen HIV und AIDS?
On our own behalf

The Eronite editorial team strictly rejects such selfish behavior, which in our eyes is already more than bodily harm. After we have had the authenticity of this story confirmed, we are now checking legal action against this man. Having unprotected sex despite HIV is not justifiable.

Anyone who is affected by this disease can find help at the German Aids Federation (BZgA) or the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Federal Centre for Health Education).

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