The 13 weirdest sex fetishes in the world

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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The 13 weirdest sex fetishes in the world
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Sex fetishes: These are the 13 most extraordinary preferences

What is considered an absolute taboo for some people, gives others the ultimate kick. But besides classic sex fetishes there are also more unusual preferences. The 13 most wacky sex fetishes:

Pedal Pumping

Hot women and hot cars come together in this fetish. With the pedal pumping the woman with high heels presses on a gas pedal. Men who have this sex fetish >/g> make it totally hot.

The 13 weirdest sex fetishes in the worldLooners

In this fetish people have sex with balloons. Looners rub the inflated balloon against their sexual organs and thus reach their climax. Some do it with the balloon so colourful that it bursts during the act.


What is it with women and bad boys now? Again and again you can read that women are attracted to men who are in prison. The hybristophilia is the matching sex fetish to it. The people who live out this fetish have a penchant for criminals.


sex fetishes can be very different. One proof is the
These are people who get hot when their sex partner is missing a part of their body – be it a finger, a foot or an arm. It’s that very quirk that makes them horny.

Die geile Sexcommunity

Faecal fetish

sex fetishes can be very different. Some people find it really hot to be pissed off. The harder variant is the fecal fetish. With this sexual preference, excrement is used during sex – and turns people with this sex fetish totally on. How the excrements (KV) are used can be very individual.


With this sex fetish everything revolves around the mirror. In front of the mirror, followers of the catoptronophilia masturbate. Or they watch themselves in the mirror while having sex with another person.

The 13 weirdest sex fetishes in the worldVampirism

These sex fetishes were fancy enough. But the vampirism is once again a preference in itself. With him, it’s all about the predilection for blood. Whether it’s drunk or looked at. Sex during menstruation is therefore certainly not taboo for people who have a preference for vampirism.

Fattening the partner

There is also that, when it comes to sex fetishes: The partner cannot be thick enough for this sex fetish. That’s why the other partner is fattening him up. This in turn makes him hotter when fucking. Because the thicker, the better. And the hornier the fuck.

confined sex

The Club toilet or the
airplane toilet
is one of the better known sex fetishes. But there are also people who carry this preference to extremes. They have sex in a confined space.


With this sex fetish it turns the sex partner on when the other cries. The more (real) tears are shed, the better. The occasion is irrelevant. Maybe it is the fragility and helplessness that makes the other person totally hot to fuck?

Die 12 krassesten Fetische - eklig und pervers


To tickle the partner for fun is standard. With this sex fetish the partner reaches its climax, however, only by tickling. If you don’t laugh, it’s your own fault! In combination with champagne >/g>, this can literally go to waste. But, as is well known, there are lovers for that as well.

The 13 weirdest sex fetishes in the worldNettle fetish

While the others sex fetishes were still relatively painless, here it becomes rather aua! With the nettles fetish people like to be stroked by their sex partner with nettles . Small itchy blisters included.


It is not for anyone to judge others sex fetishes. Many things may be unusual, and some may certainly make you smile. But beware, now it’s getting special: With the formicophilia, people like it when insects crawl over their bodies…

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