That’s why this online men’s magazine has more explosiveness

By Mario Meyer
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That's why an online men's magazine has more explosive power
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Online magazine surpasses classic men’s magazines in terms of topicality

Ten print media are considered the best men’s magazines in this country. In terms of content, they are devoted to health, sports, technology, fashion and, last but not least, eroticism. A single German men’s magazine can still be considered a typical 18+ men’s magazine because it is predominantly about women and sex. But a German men’s magazine on the web is outstripping them all.

German men magazine Eronite read online

Explosive, topical and revealing – these are the attributes with which the online magazine Eronite scores points. The topics around eroticism and sex are wide-ranging and are aimed at a broad open-minded readership. By the way, women also read this German men’s magazine with great interest. Find out what really keeps men busy and makes them horny at

Deutsche Erotikstars

Current news, reports, features and interviews are added daily. As a German men’s magazine, Eronite deliberately keeps the boundaries between sex and porn fluid. Every man will find tingling reading material on the most diverse aspects here. The upbeat erotic magazine is also published in English and Spanish. So even language skills can be refreshed in a casual way.

That's why an online men's magazine has more explosive power
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Various headings facilitate the overview. Many readers have a particular fondness for the special subject of sex stories. Others want to get smart in the extensive dictionary for erotic and porn terms. If you don’t know what ageplay, bastonade or DDLG mean, you can find easy-to-understand explanations in the Eronite lexicon.

Girls is the name of a highly sought-after section divided into cam girls, casting girls and dating girls. Here, of course, naked skin is the trump card. And there are new exciting girls coming all the time. No one has to wait several weeks until the release of a new issue with fresh stimuli.

Eronite – German men’s magazine with pizzazz

What is the explosive nature of the online magazine? Probably above all in the fact that it knows virtually no taboos. Almost anything can be discussed here, as long as there is no threat of criminal prosecution. Eronite readers like hearty fare to browse and browse.

Fans of dirty talk get their money’s worth, as do fans of well-researched stories. Reports by casting participants are very popular. The German men’s magazine on the Internet also convinces with a wealth of imaginative and detailed sex stories. Many of them seem absolutely authentic and sweep readers along.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Eronite has established itself online as a German men’s magazine that is becoming increasingly diverse and popular. With one click, readers stay up to date on the go. Or they deliberately let themselves be electrified by intimate sex confessions.

A German men’s magazine that is both sharp and informative had apparently been sorely missed by numerous guys in Germany. fills a gap and receives a mostly positive response from its occasional visitors and regular readers.

Get to know the whole range of

Apparently, countless men in this country would like to see such an open-hearted German men’s magazine. Because the popularity is enormous. It is certainly due to the open tone that prevails on and the unaffected language. Dirty expressions as in everyday language occur and reduce the threshold fears of potential readers. A good overview of a large part of the range of topics allows the page Erotic World.

That's why an online men's magazine has more explosive power
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This initially includes the keywords offers & promotions, relationship guide and pornstar birthdays. Phone sex offers, toys and raffles can be found under “Offers & Promotions”. The German men’s magazine Eronite also offers its fans an online relationship guide that addresses various problems between the sexes and has tips at the ready.

As a porn-savvy German men’s magazine, Eronite duly celebrates famous porn actresses like bisexual Texas Patti on their anniversary – including biographical info and hot photos. Whether newcomer or experienced milf: every birthday is considered and can be celebrated by the readers.

Furthermore, interesting & news, interviews & portraits as well as intimate sex confessions take up a lot of space. There are studies about big tits or the presentation of the encyclopedia on eroticism and fetish, which the German men’s magazine also has in its repertoire. The interviews are mostly about the most charming girls in the Eronite cosmos, ditto for the portraits of stars and starlets from the sex and porn industry.

Deutsche Erotikstars

In the intimate sex confessions most likely various readers recognize themselves. The sexual revelations are also meant to serve as comfort for those who share certain proclivities or borderline experiences.

As a popular German men’s magazine, has much more to offer: for example, a love and sex horoscope that gets to the bottom of the twelve zodiac signs in erotic terms. Those who would like to escape from everyday sexual monotony can find practical advice on solo sex and other practices in the men’s diary. Last but not least, new and proven sex toys for singles and couples are recommended under sex toys in practice test.

German men magazine with diverse sex stories

There is hardly a limit to the imagination in the juicy stories. Sexual fantasies, adventures and daring experiences occur in the widely read sex stories. They are often very stimulating because erotic tension is skillfully built up in them. It’s about seduction, flings, bizarre and hardcore sex as well as bisexual or interracial encounters.

Eronite – Das Online Erotikmagazin
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As a German men’s magazine, Eronite presents a truly breathtaking variety. The stream of new and provocative stories just won’t stop. There is talk of sex premieres as well as of wicked housewives who fuck strangers and turn their husbands into cuckolds. Anyone who likes to be sexually stimulated with the help of language and the images that arise while reading should take a look at the German men’s magazine and its sometimes explicitly naughty and splashy sex stories.

Porn, Fetish & Erotic Encyclopedia Online

The German men’s magazine Eronite contains a comprehensive
Lexicon in alphabetical order. As already mentioned, all kinds of expressions and terms from the fields of porn, fetish and eroticism can be retrieved there. If you want to shine with technical words, you’ll find vivid photos and factual explanations of young femdom, testicle press, necking, tantra, telegony and much more. The register is already very extensive and will continue to be completed.

Eronite – Das Erotikmagazin
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As a German men’s magazine,, the providers make a point of entertaining, inspiring and informing their readers. These goals are consistently pursued. From the looks of it, the mix is well received and accepted by thousands of loyal readers.

German men’s magazine about casting

There are five subsections in the casting section: Information, Application, Casting Girls, Private Erotic Casting and Participant Reports. All those who like to watch porn and flirt with casting will be especially attracted to this section. The detailed information and requirements for porn actors and porn actresses clearly present everything that potential applicants and candidates need to know.

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A German men’s magazine that offers decision support with real participant reports is Eronite Erotik Magazin as well. This clearly shows why the online magazine claims to be so explosive. The porn scene is constantly on the move, figuratively speaking swelling and subsiding – and that’s what the German men’s magazine bases its reporting on.

Deutsche Erotikstars

People who would like to take part in a casting and porn shoot will get the appropriate encouragement and a practical guide online. Finally, also shows its own movies as well as amateur porn.

Sex movie offers on

The offer includes over 100 sexy movies for cheap download alone. In them, the action is lively, as many of the blunt titles already reveal. A collection of spicy movies is waiting for their viewers at Eronite Movie Shop. The preview images and teasers leave nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. The German men’s magazine also has a whole range of aggravated sex films in store. To do this, interested parties must log in and agree to the terms and conditions. After that, the movies are available for hard porn fans.

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A German men’s magazine with a link to an exciting platform called MyDirtyHobby is Eronite as well. Registration is free of charge. There you can access videos with amateur clips and movies. Whoever feels addressed by this, clicks alternately on the buttons Top Videos, Top Amateurs, Pictures, Categories, Webcams and Chats.

German men magazine for erotic kicks

If you would like to take a look behind the scenes at Eronite, click through to the About Us section. There, the German men’s magazine presents itself in numerous facets. Readers will learn interesting facts about the team of authors in the editorial department. Each of the writers is responsible for specific topics and has his or her own handwriting. For many years now, former theater critic Mario Meyer has served as editor-in-chief of the online erotic magazine.

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The entire erotic diversity reflected by the German men’s magazine is summarized under “Eronite – The erotic magazine for everyone over 18”. Last but not least, other sections are presented: “The company”, “The erotic store” with its various toys, “Contact options” to Eronite, “Jobs at Eronite” and finally the newsletter. This can be ordered by anyone who would like to be kept up to date on the German men’s magazine.

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