That’s why sex on vacation is good for the relationship

By Daniel Kemper
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That's why sex on vacation is good for the relationship
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Sex on vacation – can it give a breath of fresh air to the relationship?

Sex on vacation can it really be good for a relationship? In short: Yes! But let me tell the story from the beginning. My relationship with Sarah had been in crisis for some time. Somehow, new problems kept coming up. I was beginning to worry. We had gotten together in our early 20s, which was ten years ago now. Everyday life had returned. I was thinking about what we could do to rekindle the relationship. Vacation sex was the solution.

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I was planning a very special trip and wanted to surprise Sarah with it

So sex on vacation was the magic word. I really liked the idea. I searched the internet for a suitable trip for both of us and found it. I wanted to fly to Tenerife with my girlfriend. Where there are pleasant temperatures all year round, we would both like it very much. Besides, I was sure that we would experience sex on vacation very differently than at home in everyday life. That’s no wonder, because on vacation everything is more relaxed and easy-going.

That's why sex on vacation is good for the relationship

In addition, alcohol also plays a greater role on vacation than at home. So I booked the trip and surprised Sarah in the evening with my idea. As I had expected, she made big eyes, but then fell around my neck with joy and thanked me for it. So my plan to revive sex on vacation was successful. At least the foundation stone lay.

Sex on vacation positively affects the relationship

In general, vacation is good for the relationship. If it then comes to repeated vacation sex, the bond becomes tighter again. At least that’s how I experienced it. The trip to Tenerife helped us to escape from everyday life and generally spend a lot of time together, which we experienced very consciously. The time away from the daily grind rekindled our relationship.

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I had already resolved then that we would do this more often from now on. Even if these are only weekend trips.

Often and enjoy beautiful sex in a strange place

Most couples prefer to spend their vacation with their partner. That was also the case with Sarah and me. Although, of course, there are exceptions to this. But I can tell you from experience that sex on vacation with us had only positive consequences. This, of course, has reasons, because we could immediately feel again the togetherness that has already connected us before. Sex on vacation has clearly contributed to this. Due to the aspects already mentioned, it is simply that we had more sex on vacation. By the way, the fact that we were able to go on vacation so spontaneously is because we don’t have children.

That's why sex on vacation is good for the relationship

I knew the longer the vacation would last, the better it would be for our relationship. Of course, we not only had sex on vacation, but had many conversations about ourselves and what was wrong in recent years. That alone worked wonders, because it allowed us to see that many things were just misunderstandings. We were able to sort them out. After that, our heads were much freer because we could throw off all the ballast.

So that sex on vacation is good for the relationship

Vacation sex – with this thought I could already book the next trip. Many couples have the hope that sex on vacation is good for the relationship. And what can I say, this assumption is correct. However, in order to make sure that whatever you set out to do to revive your relationship works, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Because otherwise you can wait a long time for the vacation sex.

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If you do not observe them, your anticipation can quickly turn into the opposite, because no sex will be performed on vacation. Have you experienced this yourself, you were eagerly awaiting the sex on vacation, but nothing happened? Then I want to give you some tips now, how it works guaranteed with the sex in the vacation.

Do not have expectations and do not put pressure

If you want to have sex on vacation, you should break away from certain expectations and not put pressure on your partner. Instead, feel and experience consciously. So take it slow and give yourselves some time, acclimatize to the vacation spot and be gentle about it. Take your time, discover the surroundings and let the evening gently fade away.

That's why sex on vacation is good for the relationship

Then the sex on vacation turns out all by itself, the quality of which is also even better. Feel how the tingling between you arises and grows. Because the desire for sex on vacation does not come just like that. Give yourselves time so that desire can arise in the first place. Anything that is forced cannot be good. Proceed step by step and give your imagination and creativity more room. What preferences would you like to actually experience? Talk to your partner about it and get involved with each other.

Talk about your wishes with your partner before the vacation

You want to improve your relationship through sex on vacation? Then talk to your partner about it, because if you both want it, the chances of having an intimate time together are much better. Talk to each other and say what desires you have or what you long for.

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Tell each other what parts of your body crave touch and what you’ve always wanted to try. The rest comes then on vacation all by itself. But such conversations have another advantage, because if you talk about it honestly, it is already the preliminary stage of foreplay. And that’s what you’re trying to do.

Awaken the curiosity for more in your partner

Do you know the feeling that you are no longer noticed by your partner? This, of course, destroys any desire for the other. But if you consciously get involved with him again, your mutual interest in each other increases again. The desire for sex on vacation comes up again.

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If you only think you know what your partner likes, that’s not enough. You should ask directly what he likes and what he really wants. This is also due to the fact that preferences can change, but some do not dare to talk about it. Therefore, it is of great importance to always be absolutely honest with each other, because otherwise, instead of sex on vacation, there will be doldrums in bed.

Go on vacation with Xisca Bond once?

Yours and your partner’s desires offer great potential for having fun sex on vacation again. Therefore, tell each other about your most intimate preferences and needs and enjoy trying new practices with your partner. With this, you reignite the desire and keep it alive. Not only that, then sex in general is much more fun again and desire to repeat.

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