Texas Patti is Brand Ambassador and Host Girl of AVN 2020

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Texas Patti is Brand Ambassador and Host Girl of AVN 2020
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Brand Ambassador of a big American erotic fair

“I thought a horse would kick me when I got this message. It is wonderful to get a confirmation this way. And that for the work of the entire Team Texaspatti” Brand Ambassador of AVN 2020

Texas Patti ist Brand Ambassador und Host Girl der AVN 2020US export Texas Patti as “face”

After only two years in the USA, two of the most important fairs in the USA, the AVN and the XBIZ, have named Texas Patti as one of their faces.

U.S. export Texas Patti is once again in the headlines – and this time not only their cameraman:

  • Nomination for the XBIZ Award of XBIZ Europe (Berlin)
  • Nomination at the INK Awards as Social Media Star, Best Anal and Best Oral
    (Texas Patti already won this prize in 2018)

Born in Münster, Bettina Habig is now a brand ambassador (“Brand Ambassador”) for both fairs in the United States.

The dark-haired beauty has been living and working in the sunny state of California for some time, has already opened her own office in Los Angeles and founded a porn community with Anny Aurora.

Now the appointment as “face” of the two important US fairs follows, albeit in the case of XBIZ Europe for the European market. Nevertheless: the way of the pretty porn actress currently only knows one direction. We are curious to see what will follow.

At the moment Texas Patti is in Europe, more precisely in Germany. Here she visited the Frankfurt Summit and now travels to the “Webmaster Access” in Amsterdam, to the “XBIZ Europe” in Berlin, to Prague to the “The European Summit” and afterwards to Munich in the Bavarian capital for the “Oktoberfest-Gathering”.

Their European tour will end after the Venus in Berlin (end of October) and the Eronite Pornocasting in December (for the first time in Munich – we will report), before it then goes back to the Californian adoptive country, in order to further mix up the US-American porn market. Let us be surprised what projects Texas Patti will conjure out of his hat!

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