Test report: The Womanizer Premium 2 for highest pleasures

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Test report: The Womanizer Premium 2 for highest pleasures
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Womanizer Premium 2 – For greatest private luxury

The Womanizer Premium 2 is available in five colours. It has many features on which to base a close relationship with this noble toy. Women with high demands are delighted with the original Air Pleasure technology of this vibrator. The shape and functions of the pleasure dispenser guarantee maximum pleasure.

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Test report from Corinna (48 years, Dresden)

“I purchased the Womanizer Premium 2 in the Raspberry color. Because I think this color goes well with my private parts and reminds me of a penis. I use this model much more often than my previous vibrator. The fact that it has 14 levels of intensity alone is exciting. Sometimes I only let my clit be stimulated very weakly, then I feel the tingling all over my body. When I switch to autopilot, the Womanizer Plus 2 surprises me with changing tempos and almost always gets me totally in the mood.

Sextoy Test saugender VibratorI feel like my labia are opening on their own. By the way, this vibrator is also suitable for water games and other activities with my partner. For example, he likes a gentle egg massage with vibration. Sometimes in combination with blisters.”

What are the benefits of the Womanizer Plus 2?

The shipping of this exclusive sex toy is free of charge and in discreet packaging. The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty on the device. If you expect more from this stimulator than just another toy, you won’t be disappointed. The manufacturer itself describes the Womanizer Plus 2 as the most luxurious item in its range to date, and recommends it as the ultimate toy for sensual women. Or those who want to discover their sensuality first. Additional intensity levels and enhanced autopilot features make for exciting solo sex or erotic play in company. Users can expect pure sex fun and intimate adventures.

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Thanks to the Pleasure Air Technology, very special operations and experiences are possible. Because a Womanizer model provides clitoral stimulation without touching. With gentle air vibrations, the Womanizer Premium 2 causes multiple climaxes. Sucking and massaging the female pleasure center triggers pleasant emotions to the point of ecstasy.

Autopilot 2.0 and Smart Silence

Test report: The Womanizer Premium 2 for highest pleasuresThese are the keywords to further plus points with which the Womanizer Premium 2 comes up. A consistently positive feedback on the part of the female users applies to the autopilot. This mode has been developed at the request of female testers. Therefore, the Womanizer Premium 2 scores with an improved function in this regard. Switching between intensity levels from intense to gentle is said to be well received.

Commenting on the Smart Silence product feature, Jennifer (31) says: “For me, this is pure innovation. The Smart Silence Technology senses my pleasure and only starts working when the Womanizer Premiums 2 is almost touching my skin. If I’m not using the toy at the time, it goes into standby mode. This further reduces the volume and increases my pleasure.” Jennifer praises the Womanizer Premium 2’s endurance, in addition to its battery-saving program: it can last four hours. That’s a full 240 minutes. And it only takes a few minutes for the user to come. So many orgasms in a row are possible with this coveted toy, which has powerful energy.

Individual moments of pleasure with the Womanizer Premium 2

Test report: The Womanizer Premium 2 for highest pleasuresWhether in rich black, elegant grey, smart blue, noble dark red or sexy raspberry red: every woman prefers certain colours and surrounds herself with corresponding objects and accessories. It’s worth it to have an extraordinarily tingling experience with a Womanizer Premium 2. Meant is the bathing pleasure IPX7 with the waterproof Toy. Candlelight, soft music, a nurturing bubble bath in the tub and pure relaxation in warm water with the powerful Womanizer Premium 2. It is also suitable for a refreshing shower or a lively party in the pool or Jacuzzi. This soothing form of immersion can appeal to numerous women who feel weighed down by everyday stress.

Users are consistently positive about how reliably the high-quality vibrator fulfills their secret desires. Some feel weightless when using it or praise the velvety soft silicone coating. Others highlight the powerful pressure waves that the Womanizer Premium 2 emits. Retreating and just enjoying yourself is one way. But there are also couples who include the Toy in their activities. Or men who give their partners the Womanizer Premium 2 as a gift. Whether it’s out of calculation to prevent infidelity or out of good will to keep the partner happy doesn’t matter. In any case, the woman is the winner.

Sextoy test: Rechargeable panty vibrator with remote control

It also benefits from the fact that the product designers have thought of everything. Also remember that every woman’s body is different. That’s why the delivery includes an additional stimulation attachment for the Womanizer Premium 2, ensuring that every woman can use the toy.

A vibrator for every taste

Just one push of a button – and the next climax is certain. It doesn’t matter which of the 14 intensity levels gives women the decisive waves of pleasure. Because the steps are carefully balanced. The transition from one to the next is smooth. In this way, the exact setting is always possible that suits the respective state of arousal. Many women have gotten to know their body and its needs better thanks to a high-quality vibrator like the Womanizer Premium 2. In the sense of a self-determined sexuality, they no longer want to do without it.

Womanizer Premium 2Womanizer Classic 2
ArtDer luxuriöse Klitoris-StimulatorDer klassische Klitoris-Stimulator
FarbenBordeaux, Schwarz, Blaubeere, Himbeere, GrauBordeaux, Schwarz
MaterialSilikonSupersofte Oberfläche mit Silikonknöpfen
Ladezeit120 Minuten120 Minuten
Laufzeit240 Minuten180 Minuten
Spezielle MerkmaleSmart Silence
Verbesserter Autopilot
WasserbeständigkeitWasserfest (IPX7)Wasserfest (IPX7)

Whether single or bonded: A toy as luxurious as the Womanizer Premium 2 can even be a loving gift between close friends. Or a purchase a woman gives herself. As a gift of love from your partner or husband, the Womanizer Premium 2 should also be welcome. Not only women who like to experiment will enjoy treating themselves to dreamlike moments with such a selected vibrator. Trying out all the functions of the Womanizer Premium 2 is not only fun, but also makes you horny.

Sextoy Test saugender Vibrator

Who has already tried this shapely toy, this gently sucking vibrator, will probably not want to miss it again. Lesbian couples know its advantages as well as lonely women. Test subject Jennifer aptly remarks: “Sometimes the desire comes over me completely unexpectedly. I’m often solo at the time. How good that I always have my Womanizer Premium 2 handy. All I have to do is sit back and turn on the vibrator. And already I have feelings that I don’t necessarily have when having sex with a man. I let my kinky fantasies run wild and enjoy every second!”

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