TES 2022 – The Affiliate Conferences under the sign of solidarity

By Mario Meyer
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TES 2022 - The Affiliate Conferences under the sign of solidarity
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The dark side of war

The biennial TES 2022 – Affiliate Conferences, which this year again took place in Sitges near Barcelona, quickly faded into the background on the Thursday of the event, even though “business as usual” was of course also conducted on the side.

TES 2022 despite pandemic and war turmoil

TES 2022 – Die Affiliate Conferences im Zeichen der SolidaritätIn times of pandemic, TES 2022 was one of the first events in the adult entertainment industry to return after a nearly two-year hiatus. In the fall always in Prague – in the spring in Sitges or in the past years in the Portuguese Cascais near Lisbon.

Andreas and Walter gathered more participants for the TES than many had expected: almost 1,000 people from the business gathered at the event hotel Calipolis on the Catalonian beach. In addition, there were nearly 60 exhibitors offering their services and hoping to do business in their lounges.

But: on Thursday, news from Eastern Europe clouded the mood at the fair. Vladimir Putin’s Russia had invaded Ukraine. Participants from the country did not want or could not go back, some wanted to stay in Spain and wait out the war, others wanted to get back to their families and to defend their homeland as soon as possible.

Quick help for the Ukrainian participants

The first initiatives for unconventional help were quickly established and the support of Ukraine within the adult industry demonstrated the cohesion within the erotic “family” when the chips were down. A big thank you goes to the organizers Andreas Bischoff and Walter Y. Andreas, who coordinated help and offered the stranded Ukrainians to stay in Spain for the time being.

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But we would also like to mention Stefan Mühlbauer, who got a few people together and offered Ukrainians not only accommodation in Romania, so that the families were not torn apart too far, but also collected monetary donations and sent transporters full of food, baby items and medicines to Ukraine.

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The show, TES 2022, was again a class reunion of the nice kind: lots of old familiar faces, new partners, interesting conversations, delicious food. Even if the obligatory parties were cancelled this time for understandable reasons, the participants of the Affililate Conferences lacked nothing at this industry meeting.

Only those who are forgotten are forgotten

TES 2022 – Die Affiliate Conferences im Zeichen der SolidaritätAlso commemorated was industry photographer Julius F. Kedvessy, who passed away unexpectedly late last year. Everyone can and did like Julius, who took his photos at really every event in every place in the world for several decades. He was remembered by a large life-size cardboard cutout and a memorial service.

During the three days it was possible to get in contact with (potential) business partners in the lounges and at the bars or to deepen this contact. An all-around successful event that will take place again in Portugal in spring 2023. But for now, we’re looking forward to the show in September in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague!

One request: Every Euro helps the children in Ukraine, who cannot help it that adults instigate a war from which they have to suffer. At https://help.unicef.org/ukraine-emergency you can help quickly and unbureaucratically. Donate – even if it is little. It helps the children. Please.

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