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Test: SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

The SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator is a great toy for both experienced couples and advanced players. It is especially recommended for women who want stronger clitoral stimulation. It is also extremely pleasant for massaging the G-spot and, in men, the testicles and perineal area.

For free: 1,000 Dirty Coins on MDH and VIP membership

An amateur portal not only gives away 1,000 Dirty Coins to each new user, but also grants a free VIP membership. But that's not all, because on top of that there's another 30% bonus on every recharge. That makes the Corona crisis bearable, doesn't it?

The Fetish Dictionary: What is Sitophilia?

Since the movie "American Pie" the sitophilia has spread more and more. Many foods mean pleasure and delight the senses. With sitophilia, the pleasure of the senses goes much further. Here it is a matter of gaining pleasure through food of all kinds.

Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandings

The media allegedly portray perfect relationships or typical male/female mistakes. From neighbor to grandma, everyone has advice on relationships. But in fact, most of these pieces of advice are misunderstandings.

Did you know? Color of the labia determines sex life!

Men who call themselves "women connoisseurs" claim that they can tell by the colour of a woman's labia how often she has had sex. The more often she had sex, the darker the color of the labia would be. Does that really work?

5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship

The love and relationship expert Bernardo Mendez highlights the difference between men who want something long-term from women and those who are not committed (or simply do not seek a relationship with you). The five clearest warning signals for all women.

Awesome: 20 Euro as a gift on eronite.live

What man doesn't dream of meeting hot girls who are taboo and willing? Such a thing is promised on many dating sites, but often not kept. Not so on www.eronite.live.. There men can not only make their dreams come true, but also get 20 Euro for free.

STI laboratory test anonymously from home

Many people are uncomfortable going to the doctor for an STD. It is too embarrassing to have to admit openly that you have caught something. Now the STI laboratory test can be done anonymously from home.

Toxic masculinity and latent hatred of women

According to a survey, every fourth woman has ever experienced sexual violence. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. One reason is the so-called toxic masculinity. In society, there are certain role models despite emancipation.

Online flirt: from digital crackling to blazing love fires

If it fits online and first phone calls fuel curiosity, there is no reason to postpone a real date. Only a genuine meeting answers open questions and ensures that the flirt partners are in the truest sense of the word about each other in the picture.

Two men, one woman – does this love triangle work?

When we talk about a triangular relationship, this usually refers to the constellation in which a man has two wives. In addition to having a lover or affair with a steady partner, the classic triangular relationship is to have one. It occurs millions of times. The reverse case is not uncommon either.

Why are so many women into body insemination?

Why is body insemination so horny? On the part of the men the answer is clear. They find their sex partner very attractive. Their curves and curves make them desire. They express this desire by injecting sperm into the particularly attractive body parts.

The best fitness tips for an erotic body

An erotic body is important for most women! Especially women who work as sex workers pay attention to their bodies and want to shine with a TOP figure. When booking a High Class Escort, most men first pay attention to the outward appearance.

One-night stand and the morning after

It was a beautiful evening with a crowning finale: the one-night stand. The bad "awakening" comes at the latest when your partner is lying next to you the next morning. What happens now and how the situation can be saved - here come the best tricks.

10 Rules of etiquette in dealing with escorts

It may be hard to believe, but there are actually rules of etiquette when dealing with escorts or call girls. The escort ladies also want to be treated with respect by their clients. After all, it's usually the gentlemen who decide on an escort.

Guide: 5 sex positions for a small penis

Many men are of the (more or less) justified opinion that their penis is too small. However, this belief is often unfounded. With sex positions for a small penis, good sex is still possible because its best part can penetrate particularly deeply into these positions.

Testicle crawl: Pampering program for his eggs

Erotic tip: To play around your type with pleasure the testicles is a practice to make it hot with the love play. On the other hand, crawling the testicles is a satisfying relaxation program and a pampering program for his eggs, which most men like.

Red light: How much does a blowjob cost in a brothel?

The price range for blowjobs in brothels is very wide. If you inform yourself a little beforehand, you can estimate the approximate cost of a fellatio in a brothel. But the blowing in the brothel can not only be a sensual experience, but also quite inexpensive.

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Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

Heavenly pleasure for the modern man: the masturbator Alex Powerful Thrusting from SVAKOM was thoroughly tested. It promises fantastic experiences and ultimate pleasure. This is ensured, for example, by the seven intensive modes and the ultra-realistic pleasure channel. Almost like a real woman.

A sex story

Sex story: My wife and the big dog

My wife and the big dog played a decisive role in an experience in my life that could hardly have been more blatant. When I couldn't find the money, I was supposed to experience my blue - and exciting - miracle. A sex story.

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vrXcity: When virtual erotic spaces are created

To pursue sexual preferences openly and uninhibitedly and to live out virtual eroticism full of relish? What sounds so simple often only works to a limited extent in reality. Factors like insecurity, the missing partner or special fetishes often limit the enjoyment of one's own sexuality.

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