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The Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona is back again

A great novelty of the Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona will be that live porn will be on display and it will be up to the audience what they want to see. The performances offer a different perspective and advocate for the normalization of diverse bodies.

A sex story

Perfidious: The perfect public humiliation

Had I known beforehand what I was getting into, I don't know if I would have endured the public humiliation. But I probably would have. Also because this perfidious plan was so perfectly executed.

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Sex on the washing machine is that horny

When having sex on the washing machine, good timing is important. Some like it in the spin cycle, others in the gentle cycle. But the vibrations alone make it a pleasurable experience when the bed is swapped for the washing machine. We reveal the best tricks!

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