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The production of porn and fetish films is a gigantic market, because "fucking is always". We show you all the facets of the erotic industry.

Podcast: Applying for porn – How does it work?

In a podcast Tim Grenzwert and Maria Mia talk about porn applications. Tim is a well-known porn director and Maria works as an actress. They both know how to do it, which requirements the candidates have to meet and what is important.

Free culture on the Internet? Customers pay for porn!

Money is spent on porn movies on the Internet - despite the free culture on the World Wide Web. According to one of Germany's largest providers of on-demand pornography (VOD) on the Internet, customers pay above all for quality.

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Damn sexy: blonde Latina and Instagram model

Provocation is the best way to get attention. It is precisely this mixture of innocence and eroticism that creates the image of blonde Latina Germaine and makes her so damn sexy. We introduce you to the beautiful South American woman in picture and word once.

A sex story

Sex story: The black chambermaid

The erotic story from France: Not even in my dreams did I suspect how horny the sex with the black chambermaid could be. We did it uninhibitedly in my hotel room, which she had cleaned during the day. So she had accepted my suggestion!

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Gymbunny Porn – from the Province to the Erotic World

She loves Cumshots so much that even the mayor spoke to her about it. She quickly became the talk of the town when the Bavarian girl posted porn on the net as Gymbunny Pornos. She loves provocation and loves to shoot outdoors. We're introducing the gym girl!

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