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The production of porn and fetish films is a gigantic market, because "fucking is always". We show you all the facets of the erotic industry.

Podcast: Applying for porn – How does it work?

In a podcast Tim Grenzwert and Maria Mia talk about porn applications. Tim is a well-known porn director and Maria works as an actress. They both know how to do it, which requirements the candidates have to meet and what is important.

Free culture on the Internet? Customers pay for porn!

Money is spent on porn movies on the Internet - despite the free culture on the World Wide Web. According to one of Germany's largest providers of on-demand pornography (VOD) on the Internet, customers pay above all for quality.

First porn university in the world opened

No one wants to see dark, blurry amateur porn with almost nothing on it anymore. Porn University shows how it's done right. Porn students can also practice having sex on camera there.

How can I become an erotic performer?

Jobs as a porn actor are not reported as vacancies to the employment agency. If you want to become an erotic performer, you usually have to apply for a porn casting. It's kind of like a talent contest for the adult industry.

Field report: From virgin to porn actor

Too proud for teaching, too beautiful for logistics, so what to do in life? Virginity adé: In my experience report I tell you about porn casting at Eronite. So the casting was the ideal springboard into the porn industry.

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Sex Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius

Bored in bed? For the zodiac sign Aquarius an absolute taboo. Romantic love in the missionary position? That won't put Aquarius on the chain either. Aquarius needs time.

A sex story

Sex story: My grandpa Helmuth is a pervert

Sex story: Grandpa Helmuth does things with me that he would have preferred not to do as a grandfather with his own granddaughter. Not only he, but also his buddies were in the middle of the story. But still - somehow it still made me horny.

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Corona: Porn actress Lena Nitro does not mince her words

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe. Protecting oneself and one's fellow human beings is the highest commandment. This is exactly what porn actress Lena Nitro thinks and from now on she sells her own collection on her website.

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