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Offers and promotions are like hotcakes: we'll tell you where you can save money and where to get the best porn vouchers for free!

The best TS Livecams in the Transen Chat

Watch the best Tranny Liveshows at TS Livecams in the Transen Chat and enjoy Shemale Camsex in the Webcamchat with transgender people! We introduce the Ladyboy Sexchat and tell you what to expect and what you have to pay attention to!

New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet

By combining innovative technology and data protection in a dialogue with the legislator and industry, a new solution has been created which implements the desirable development of the protection of minors in an exemplary manner.

Switch on Transen Cam and enjoy Tranny’s camshows

The Transen Cam is there to spoil everyone who is transsexual or likes Ladyboys. There is something for every taste. This is ensured by the large selection of transgenders live. Trans* cam sex is anything but commonplace.

Corona: Porn actress Lena Nitro does not mince her words

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe. Protecting oneself and one's fellow human beings is the highest commandment. This is exactly what porn actress Lena Nitro thinks and from now on she sells her own collection on her website.

More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZE

On Sundays we take on average more time for ourselves, for what is good for us and above all for sex. For even more desire for sex and self-love the new vibrator SUNDAZE now seduces.

Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

Heavenly pleasure for the modern man: the masturbator Alex Powerful Thrusting from SVAKOM was thoroughly tested. It promises fantastic experiences and ultimate pleasure. This is ensured, for example, by the seven intensive modes and the ultra-realistic pleasure channel. Almost like a real woman.

Gift: 1,000 Dirty Coins on MDH and VIP membership

An amateur portal not only gives away 1,000 Dirty Coins to every new user, but also grants a free VIP membership. But that's not all, because on top of that you get another 30% bonus on every recharge. Makes the corona crisis bearable, doesn't it?

Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene...

The obscene 2020 is clearly a trade fair in the first place. As a visitor you will therefore be able to see a lot of products that belong to the areas of BDSM and fetish. The range extends from lingerie and clothing to various toys and sophisticated "torture tools". Novelties are presented as well as well-known classics.

The porn casting in Munich – finally in Southern Germany!

At the Pornocasting in Munich you can finally prove what you are made of, that you can become an erotic actress or porn actor! You can present your possibly previously hidden talents in the field of erotic presentation to the experts of the label Eronite here.

Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020

The fact that it will become even hotter in 2020 is not only due to the climate, but also to the new Lena Nitro calendar. By the way, it comes with 12 exciting photos of the highest quality and guarantees that it will be hot for many, even if there is frost outside.

Horny: 20 euros given on eronite.live

What man does not dream of meeting hot girls who are taboo and willing? Such a thing is promised on many dating sites, but often not kept. Not so on www.eronite.live. There, men can not only make their dreams come true, but also receive a gift of 20 euros.

What’s so awesome about phone sex with housewives?

A look at various erotic portals shows that telephone sex with housewives is very popular. Not only telephone sex with housewives, sex on the phone in general is very popular with many men. Often it gets so hot that the wires almost start to glow.

Did you get your Schnuggie91 autograph yet?

A Schnuggie91 autograph is surely the biggest dream of their countless fans. Soon there will be two chances to get a signed autograph card of Schnuggie91 - at the Berlin erotic fair "Venus" in Berlin!

MBM Exchange – Majorca Business Meeting in July 2020

The summer is - at least in Germany - already as good as over. But that doesn't stop the initiators of the MBM Exchange from launching a new event. Why is there a new event? Isn't there already enough for the online entertainment industry?

Insomnia Mallorca – Hedonistic Lifestyle Holiday Palma

Insomnia Mallorca invites couples to broaden their sexual horizons for a week. Here sensual moments are exchanged, erotic adventures are experienced and everyday life is completely faded out. Whether curious couple, swingers or lovers with a pronounced sex drive.

23rd Venus: Berlin once again under the spell of eroticism

At the 23rd VENUS, the Berlin erotic fair, there will be numerous innovations this year, a firework of eroticism in the capital. What's new and why a visit to the lifestyle fair is really worthwhile, our readers can find out here again!

The “My Condom Box”: You decide what’s in it

No more condom mixes and standardized mix packs, where half of the condom ends up in the barrel. Everyone has different preferences, especially when it comes to sex. My condom has a pretty simple answer to that.

Win one of five free tickets for the Passion 2019 Fetish...

If you are interested in BDSM and fetish, Passion 2019 in Hamburg is a must for you. The tickets are in great demand and therefore the event is quickly sold out. Here at Eronite you can win one of five free tickets for the Passion.

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