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We report about events of the porn industry, about erotic fairs (e.g. Venus Berlin), shows (e.g. EWT Mallorca or The European Summit) and pornocastings.

6 x nominated: porn actress Texas Patti

Porn actress Texas Patti can look forward to six nominations for various awards in the United States this year. Thanks to her fans she was nominated for various categories, a recognition of her achievements and popularity.

Julia: My first erotic casting was really cool

I have never been a child of sadness and when I read in a relevant magazine that erotic actresses are wanted for sex films at Eronite, I applied for my first erotic casting. Even though I was very nervous, I went to this appointment and experienced a lot of things there, which I still rave about today.

Sexy import from the Czech Republic: Little Caprice wins AVN Awards

What is the Oscar for feature films is the AVN Awards for erotic films. These awards have been presented annually in Las Vegas in January since 1984. The AVN Awards are the most important film awards in the erotic industry. Little Caprice won the award for "best actress internationally" in 2020.

Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene...

First of all, the obscene 2020 is clearly a trade show. As a visitor you get to see a lot of products that belong to the areas of BDSM and fetish. The palette ranges from lingerie and clothing to various toys and sophisticated "torture tools". New products are presented as well as well-known classics.

Lexy Roxx porn – hot, red and full of energy

Lexy Roxx Porno - what's there to see? We introduce the red-haired porn actress with a penchant for expensive cars and car porn. Red is her fiery long mane and red is her favourite colour. You can tell that not only by her outfits, but also by her luxury cars.

obscene: The erotic and scene fair with claim

The obscene in Stuttgart-Sindelfingen is more than just an erotic fair. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in BDSM, fetish, gothic, steampunk and burlesque. In addition, visitors can expect colourful and exciting stage shows and parties outside the mainstream.

The Bondage and Fetish Fair “Passion 2019” in Hamburg

The fetish fair Passion 2019 was more than worth a visit: an event for bondage artists, dominas, slaves, masters, fetishists of all kinds and followers of the BDSM scene took place in Hamburg at the weekend. We were there and also report with an interview.

The porn casting in Munich – finally in Southern Germany!

At the Pornocasting in Munich you can finally prove what you are made of, that you can become an erotic actress or porn actor! You can present your possibly previously hidden talents in the field of erotic presentation to the experts of the label Eronite here.

Austrian Porn Couple Home Venus Awards

Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo, an Austrian porn couple, each won top honors at this year's Venus Awards. The two porn actors are not only very busy and successful in front of the camera, but also behind it.

Live switch to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award

Texas Patti wasn't at the Venus Fair at all, but still got the 10th Venus Award for her career. While she was working on a porn set, the big buzz went up in Berlin. Nevertheless, the native of Münster was one of the winners of the evening.

Why did only one in two receive a Netstars Award?

Presenter Conny Dachs had his hands full to bring the many Netstar Awards to the woman or the man, although half of the nominees were not even there. What was going on at Club Maxxim in Berlin at this year's Netstars Party during the erotic fair Venus?

There were tears of joy: Jessy is Netstar 2019

During this year's "Venus" fair there was a small "sensation": The Netstar Award 2019 went to an outsider: Jessy Thomas from Bavaria got as many votes from her fans as the girls in places two to five put together.

23rd Venus: Eroticism, lifestyle and a world record

From 17 to 20 October 2019, Berlin was for the 23rd time all about passion, lifestyle, lust and eroticism. In the exhibition halls under the Radio Tower there were already many surprises for the visitors at the start on Thursday.

Pornstar Little Caprice – Photoshoot in the middle of Vienna

The Viennese have probably never experienced this before: In the middle of the historic Ringstraße, porn star Little Caprice recently competed with the magnificent buildings with her charms. Quite revealing and very lightly dressed she presented herself for example in front of the venerable State Opera.

Did you get your Schnuggie91 autograph yet?

A Schnuggie91 autograph is surely the biggest dream of their countless fans. Soon there will be two chances to get a signed autograph card of Schnuggie91 - at the Berlin erotic fair "Venus" in Berlin!

The Netstars.tv Party 2019 takes place in the fashionable Maxxim Club

We'll be back soon. On October 19th the Netstars.tv Party 2019 will take place at the famous nightclub Maxxim in Berlin. Star guests are the nude model Micaela Schäfer and the presenter, musician and porn actor Conny Dachs.

Insomnia Mallorca – Hedonistic Lifestyle Holiday Palma

Insomnia Mallorca invites couples to broaden their sexual horizons for a week. Here sensual moments are exchanged, erotic adventures are experienced and everyday life is completely faded out. Whether curious couple, swingers or lovers with a pronounced sex drive.

Review: TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 in Prague

For anyone involved in adult entertainment in the online sector, this event is actually a must. In addition to high-quality workshops, seminars and panels, there were excellent opportunities for the networking that characterizes this industry. A common togetherness.

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