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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

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Exclusive interview with amateur and camgirl Sophie Kush

The great exclusive interview: Sex in a hot air balloon would be a highlight for the red-haired amateur and the mother of four also dreams of pretty freaky things. She discovered her passion for porn even during her pregnancy and now shoots porn even with baby in her belly.

A sex story

Trucker sex: This is how I let truck drivers fuck me...

There are girlfriends who ask me if I can recommend sex with truck drivers and if the experience would also be something for them. For me in any case, trucker sex has become so horny that I'm downright addicted to the next parking lot fuck!

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Product presentation: The “Panty Vibe” from Sweet Smile

Whether on the street, in the train or even in the restaurant: if the partner wants to prepare his wife or girlfriend times publicly pleasure, the Panty Vibe comes just as called. Nobody knows what she wears in her panties and when it vibrates, her abdomen suddenly tingles and nobody notices.

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