Eigenes Sperma schlucken – Darum sollten es nicht nur Sklaven tun

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Swallowing your own sperm – Therefore not only slaves should do it
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A lot of men would at least give it a try

Swallowing your own sperm – the easiest way to do it

While many women love to spoil a man with a blowjob and swallow his sperm, it is common in the BDSM scene to swallow their own sperm as well. For many men, the thought of consuming their own semen has negative connotations. However, there is no reason for this at all. Those whose interest is awakened should not shy away from this practice in any case. Because costing your own sperm is also worthwhile from a health perspective. Thus, not exclusively sexual preferences are a motivation in the BDSM scene.

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Eigenes Sperma schlucken - Darum sollten es nicht nur Sklaven tunWhat contains sperm?

The first step is to clarify the question of what ingredients the male ejaculate contains. Because if you want to try your own sperm, you usually want to know what makes up the seed fluid of the man. Initially, the male seed consists mainly of water. It also contains sugar, Vitamin C and vitamin B12, zinc, magnesium, lactic acid, sodium, potassium and citric acid. Therefore it seems to be quite healthy to swallow your own sperm. As already mentioned, ejaculate contains protein. It should therefore be noted that the protein content is approximately equal to the protein content of a protein. This is another reason to taste your own sperm. Because a high protein content is healthy.

What does semen taste like?

Moreover, many men often ask themselves what their own semen tastes like. Basically, it can be said that his taste varies from man to man . At this point, nutrition and the respective lifestyle are decisive. It is therefore worthwhile to eat your own sperm, as no general answer can be lost about whether it tastes bitter or rather sweet. The ejaculate of men differs in taste, consistency, colour and the amount of protein content. A large number of women describe the taste as trufflesome or fungal.

Does it make you sick to swallow your own sperm?

Basically it does not make you sick to try your own sperm. Because, as mentioned above, the ejaculate contains proteins and vitamins. However, it should be avoided to taste one’s own sperm if the person is suffering from venereal diseases. This is because it exposes them to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. As the mucous membrane of the mouth is extremely susceptible to infections, bacteria and viruses, extreme caution is required.

How can you taste your own sperm?

Basically, a man can masturbate on his own hand and then try his own sperm. In the BDSM scene it is common to masturbate into a glass and then swallow your own sperm. Those who are sporty can try a great, but somewhat complex position. For this purpose the man lies on his back and does a roll backwards. He has to stop in such a way that his penis is above his mouth. The knees are at the top of the head. In this position the man can now masturbate and swallow his own sperm. Because he will ejaculate exactly at head height and cannot back out.

Jungbrunnen Sperma? So wirkt es auf den Körper!

Many men find the idea of swallowing their own sperm exciting. But as soon as they cum, they back down. However, this can be avoided with the position just described. Therefore, they do not have to be directly active in the BDSM scene. He can also masturbate alone at first and see if such an idea still excites him in practice.

What are the consequences of swallowing your own sperm?

In principle, swallowing your own sperm has no negative consequences. It is broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. The body makes no difference whether the man drinks water or tries ejaculate. The body simply cannot distinguish between the different liquids.

Can swallowing your own sperm relieve depression and promote health?

A study of college students in New York has shown that swallowing your own sperm acts like an antidepressant. Men who tried their own sperm showed fewer signs of depression. It is also a remedy for sore throats. Trying your own sperm is like taking an antibiotic. It also contains the sleep hormone melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep.


In summary, swallowing your own sperm is widespread within the BDSM scene. In any case it is worthwhile to taste your own sperm. It is healthy because it contains numerous vitamins and also proteins. Moreover, it has no negative consequences to ingest your own ejaculate. As long as the man does not suffer from venereal diseases, it is completely safe to ingest sperm. Furthermore, the seminal fluid acts similar to an antidepressant.

Studies have shown that significantly fewer people suffered from depression who had ingested sperm. It also helps you to find your way to sleep better. Because in order to get tired, the human body has to release the sleep hormone melatonin. And this is exactly what is contained in male ejaculate, which is why many find it easier to fall asleep after oral sex. And for those who don’t have a slave or want to become one, there is the slave paradise with contact guarantee to try out.

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