Surprise: German Dream 18 is Xisca Bond

By Mario Meyer
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Surprise: German Teen 18 is Xisca Bond
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More and more comes to light

Gangbang slut, Analteen and superboobs united in one person. German Dream 18 from Görlitz has already caused a sensation on her profile, which is now available at

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Now she revealed her name and soon she will show her face – both exclusively at Eronite!

Xisca Bond is the new star in the erotic sky

Hands up! In this lingerie the tits come out especially nice!Investigative investigative journalism made by Eronite. Hardly any girl was worth so many articles to us in the last days as German Dream 18. As a thank you for her loyal fans among our readers, the likeable girl with the huge natural breasts reveals her name. And not only that. Soon Xisca Bond (pronounced “Tschiska”) aka German Dream 18 will show her face to the world. All this exclusively at Eronite.

Xisca Bond is the name

The name Xisca Bond should be remembered. Hardly any girl has made such a big splash recently. And we will not tire of continuing to report diligently on the activities of this man’s dream made flesh. For this our horny Xisca aka German Teen 18 is just too horny. Anyone who has already had to deal with her in any way knows what we are talking about here. The fan base of the lively girl is growing and growing. No wonder, however, with the appearance and equipment that nature has given her. When their fans talk, it is not uncommon to hear talk of addictive potential or dependence.

Directly to the bust miracle

Almost all of them are repeat offenders. Because Xisca Bond has the gift to engage individually with her chat partners, so that everyone feels in her care and welcome. This was already one of their specialties as german Dream 18 and is now being perfected under a new name.

Surprise: German Teen 18 is Xisca BondTo write about all the other finesses and game ideas of the creative girl would be out of place here. After all, curious people should not only read their articles, but also visit their chat. After all, nothing replaces the first impression you make on yourself. Here goes. Be brave and hit the keys. No one has regretted it yet. On the contrary. Even chat newbies or generally rather nervous contemporaries are in good hands with Xisca.

For the particularly curious, there is already a corresponding domain. At the connoisseur will find a lot of worth seeing photos of our blonde dream girl. If you are not convinced so far, you definitely will be after looking at the photos shown there, because no man can resist these big boobs once he catches sight of them. Already something stirs in the pants, it becomes tight in the upper area, the privates presses mightily against the zipper and the buttons, actually just wants to be freed and properly jerked. Indeed! You can guess that you not only want to look at this girl, but also touch her.

Directly to the big breasts

Once knead these magnificent specimens of tits, suck on the hard nipples or immediately rub your own cock between them until it comes to you. Not a few men dream of this and the photos of the young blonde are in demand as never before.

Bust miracle, not from Jupiter, but from here

Surprise: German Teen 18 is Xisca BondFans of the cult series about Al Bundy and his terribly nice family know which film is already in the VCR. Namely bust miracle from Jupiter. Particularly noteworthy, of course, is the scene when the bosom wonders with the melted cheese, … but let’s rather get back to our actual topic. Because our bust miracle does not come from Jupiter, but from this planet. It even originates from our area, as its former name German Dream 18 inevitably indicates.

Busty miracle, fleshy young tits, plump milk udder or atomic tits. Whatever you want to call it. The bust is one of the most effective weapons of a woman. And Xisca Bond is really exquisitely armed. She also knows how to use a woman’s weapons to her advantage. Quite a few who come to enjoy this huge bust will actually believe in a miracle. Because often you can not find such divine tits, which in addition are absolutely silicone-free, in this world.

Straight to the tits girl

And whether the Roman god Jupiter is worshipped or rather Venus is up to one’s own preferences.

Does the new name reveal anything about her fetish?

Surprise: German Teen 18 is Xisca BondThe name Xisca Bond will make some think of the term bondage. Whether this is intentional, we cannot answer at this point. But the mental excursion into the world of BDSM is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first. Earlier we had talked about a woman’s weapons and their uses. Such huge tits like Xisca Bond’s are just predestined to make men submissive and compliant. Pretty much every submissive man dreams of losing a fight against such a bosom.

Christmas 2021 - Feast of fucking and new record

A massive stem of this kind gives a whole new meaning to the term mindfuck. The mere sight of these colossal tits can hypnotize. A few well calculated moves coupled with inciting dirty talk or ASMR will drive any victim insane. Here it becomes clear what power Lady Xisca has with her phenomenal bosom.

Of course, the other side is also quite conceivable. What dominant man would not want to expand his stable of slaves with a dairy cow with such a huge udder? Whether it actually has to be petplay is an open question. But just the idea of extensive tit torture brings tears of joy to one’s eyes at these dimensions. Here spanking is possible not only on the buttocks. The front also offers sufficient target.

Directly to the bust miracle

Big enough so that even inexperienced doms can try their hand without missing. Friends of pleasure torture also get their money’s worth. Because the hot wax pulls on tits of this size particularly long its courses. With different colored candles can create whole patterns here. If you feel like it.

My name is Bond – Xisca Bond

A beauty in bra in nature in the forestOn behalf of her majesty with the license to make the male world horny? Didn’t Hollywood recently consider casting a woman in the role of the super agent? Xisca Bond would definitely be a hot contender here. Even if the films in the future would not pass a FSK 18 release. But what if Miss Bond aka German Dream 18 actually succeeds Sean Connery? What can she do with her Goldfinger? Or with her Octopussy? Would the erotic world be enough if she hunts for Dr. No in horny mission for clinic games? Can she coax a quantum of cum from her viewers? Or do you only jerk off twice?

All these mind games will probably remain in the realm of fantasy. But who knows: Maybe we could give the successors of directors like Russ Meyer some ideas with this article. After all, the porn film scene is hungry for new faces and new impulses in equal measure. Old pigtails must come off, fresh and young meat must come, unused faces, flawless and natural bodies that are bursting with sex.

Straight to the tits girl

Hardworking camgirl becomes the new star in the erotic sky

No pain, no gain. This is true in the working world, in the private sphere and, of course, in the erotic business. Especially in the porn industry, it is important to stay on the ball by maintaining a permanent presence. The competition is not exactly small and it does not sleep. Xisca Bond is already doing everything right. Because their name or German Dream 18 can be found constantly and everywhere.

Breasts squeezed together invite every man to titty fuckSweepstakes, interviews, new articles, our horny Xisca is very inventive with such things. She constantly offers her fans something new and in this way stays in the conversation. What some companies need entire marketing departments for, the talented Xisca Bond just shakes off her wrist.

At least it gives the impression. Because, as we all know, success always looks easy. Most fans don’t find out what kind of work goes into it. In any case, Xisca Bond is extremely successful at what she does. She is also to be congratulated for this. After all, anyone who works so hard and comes up with new ideas for the fans on a permanent basis is also entitled to celebrate success. The beauty is that when celebrating, our busty wonder gets her fans involved right away. Because they are allowed to join in the celebration. And again there is an action, from which the erotic press will still report.

Because when Xisca celebrates, it celebrates right. Still a few users from their chat room packed to it and already nothing stands in the way of a horny orgy. A sex party that is of course captured on camera. Either for adult photos harmful to minors on their website or to expand their film archive. Either way, sooner or later their fans will be allowed to enjoy their awesome actions.

Directly to the bust miracle

By the way: Xisca Bond is not to be confused with Annika Bond. Neither are related, known or related by marriage. And what has become of Annika, we have now reported.

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