STI laboratory test anonymously from home

By Jens Haberlein
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STI laboratory test anonymously from home
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Your one-night stand becomes a long runner?

A wild party night. A few drinks, dancing until dawn. Hot looks are followed by a hot night. So far so good. But when the condoms are forgotten in the heat of the moment and it starts to itch a few days later, the big disillusionment comes. What now? This is exactly where the STI laboratory test comes into play:

STI laboratory test anonymously from homeThe STI laboratory test without shame as remote diagnosis

Many people find it unpleasant to go to a doctor because of an alleged venereal disease. The feeling of shame is too great to have to admit openly that one has caught something. Those affected live in uncertainty and are unnecessarily tormenting themselves with complaints that need to be treated. testalize me‘s online platform is designed to help these people.

The Dutch company has set itself the task of offering anonymous STI tests safely and discreetly on the Internet: “For many people, the barrier to having their doctor test them for venereal diseases is enormous. In order to break this taboo and reduce the number of resulting infections, the idea was born to offer practical remote diagnostics online with testalize me,” says Hubert Mooren, Managing Director and founder of testalize me. The aim of the online platform is to diagnose venereal diseases as early as possible. This is the only way to treat them properly and prevent infections.

Now finally also in Germany!

The anonymous offer hits a nerve! In the Netherlands, 30,000 people can already be tested with testalize me every year. Since July 2019, it has finally been possible to order STI tests from Germany and numerous orders have already been received.

Caution: Even kissing can transmit gonorrhea

The demand is high, because on the online platform you can be tested for the most common sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and gonorrhea and get a diagnosis quickly, anonymously and inexpensively. Unlike other providers, the samples are also analysed in an ISO-certified laboratory in the Netherlands. The test is just as reliable as the tests of doctors or clinics.

Get tested: fast, secure and 100% anonymous

The procedure is very simple and takes place in three simple steps:

  1. Users have the opportunity to find the right STI test for them through an individual online consultation.
  2. Testalize me doesn’t lose any time: Within two days the users receive their test, of course discreetly packed and thus completely anonymous.
  3. The STI laboratory test is conveniently performed from home and sent back to the testalize me laboratory via the return box provided. Done!

Users receive their results within 72 hours and can query them securely and anonymously online with a code on the testalize me portal. If the result is positive, the user receives clear instructions for further action and a detailed report from the microbiologists.

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