Spanish woman writes sex cookbook

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Spanish woman writes sex cookbook
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Love goes through the stomach after all

In the village of Sa Pobla on Majorca, it has long been known that good food is more than just a treat for the palate. Since time immemorial, people have wanted to stimulate their libido with food and pass on their knowledge. A woman has now drawn the conclusion from this and brought out a sex cookbook which has it in itself.

Spanish woman writes sex cookbookThe origin of the sex cookbook

The author of the sex cookbook is the sprightly former cook and businesswoman Cati Aguiló. The idea was born when she taught at the Escola d’Hoteleria and the students planned an erotic week. She was responsible for catering and preparing erotic food. Since that time, the Spaniard has not let go of the subject and she has been creating more and more recipes. A total of 55 recipes, which are supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect, are presented in the sex cookbook. She cooked and tested all the dishes herself and the cousin helped with the pictures for the sex cookbook.

The best and most tempting dishes

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, Aguiló reveals her favourite dishes from her cookbook. She particularly likes caramel salmon with honey and soya. She also reveals that the most aphrodisiac ingredients are chocolate, seafood and figs. Alcohol should only be drunk in moderation. All dishes are light, so that there is still enough energy for physical activity after consumption.

Do the recipes from the sex cookbook really work?

So far, the recipes have not been scientifically tested for their effectiveness. It is clear, however, that many of the ingredients are ascribed an aphrodisiac effect in popular wisdom. The best way is to try out the recipes from the sex cookbook yourself and test whether they work.

Lick me! Is oral sex healthy?

Inspiration from Majorca for Germany?

The example of Aguiló could also lead to a new trend in Germany. The sex cookbook has already attracted a lot of attention in Spain. Also in Germany there are numerous local ingredients which are traditionally ascribed an aphrodisiac effect and with which great recipes would be possible.

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