Since the laser treatment in Augsburg the women run after me

By Daniel Kemper
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Since the laser treatment in Augsburg the women run after me
Since the laser treatment in Augsburg the women run after me

Since then I am a sex magnet

There was a time when I had no luck with women. Unfortunately, this was understandable, because after my car accident I was covered with scars. A successful laser treatment in Augsburg not only remedied the situation, but also made me attractive again to the ladies. Since then I can hardly save myself from clear offers of hot girls. What can I say? I enjoy it to the fullest.

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How the laser treatment in Augsburg came about

At first I was very skeptical. Who likes to have their face snipped? After I learned about this relatively new method of laser treatment in Augsburg, I first did extensive research. I read reference books and reviews on the Internet. After that, I was even able to get in touch with someone who had already had laser treatment in Bavaria. I received consistently positive feedback and finally decided to take the plunge. The laser treatment in southern Germany was supposed to finally free me from the scars.

Sexy Girls mit reiner Haut

Direct sex after the laser treatment in Augsburg
What goes through someone’s mind when they are being treated by a laser? So I for one at some point only had eyes for the hot nurse who was present during the entire treatment. The horny redhead in the tight white dress really made me forget any worries about the ongoing operation. Sounds strange, I know. But it was actually so.

Seit der Laserbehandlung in Augsburg laufen mir die Frauen nach

After surviving the operation, I should lie down and rest. After some time, I noticed that the redhead was still present and eyeing me. She assured me that the surgery had been successful and now looked really good. Sexy, she added softly. Then she confessed to me that all this time she had not only noticed my glances, but also enjoyed them. I could hardly believe it. Before I knew it, she had ripped open the buttons of her nurse’s dress and was lying on top of me.

Her breasts pressed against my upper body, while she grabbed me courageously between the legs. She quickly freed me from the patient’s gown and tore off her own. She wore no underwear, which no longer surprised me with the horny behavior of this woman. With her legs spread, she sat on top of me and began to ride. I was still completely caught off guard, but my body responded to the touches and I climaxed shortly after her.

Sexy Krankenschwestern

“The way you look now, this will happen to you more often in the future.” She actually said this sentence before getting dressed again and leaving the room.

The old school friend

The cool thing is: The red-haired nurse should be right. Since my surgery, I have been able to land with women. I was able to shed my shyness more and more and flirt openly with the girls I liked.

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Not infrequently, I ended up in bed with my achievement the same evening. Everything was as I had always hoped it would be. With every girl I picked up, I became more ambitious.

Until I set myself a very big goal: Her name was Melanie and she had gone to school with me. Back then, I had spent entire school hours staring at them. Melanie had always been the fairest of the fair and the best of the best. Of course, I had never had a chance with her back then. Like most guys, she had turned me down.

Sexy Girls mit reiner Haut

But now the cards have been reshuffled. I was brimming with confidence and I really wanted to know. Could I manage to get the absolute top girl into bed?
It took me until I found her profile on Facebook and contacted her. As luck would have it, a class reunion was on the schedule and Melanie wanted to go. I cheered. This was my chance.

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When I finally saw her again, I actually got nervous for a moment. Despite the time that had passed since school, she had lost none of her appeal. On the contrary. She was even more adorable than she was then. A beer helped me to calm down again. From then on, everything went like clockwork. I addressed them as talked and talked. Eventually we danced together and became closer. Closely embraced, we moved to the songs of yesteryear, with her seeming to enjoy the closeness to me.

And then what I had dreamed of for at least twenty years happened. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered that she would like to be fucked by me. That’s right. She said not sleeping together, making love or fucking. No, she specifically said fuck.

I think from that evening on we almost brought down the palisade behind which we were hiding. But even that would not have mattered to me at that moment. Then all my former classmates would have seen my triumph. I, the scar face from back then, fucked the School-Queen Melanie!

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