Sextoy Test: Vibes of Love Honey Bear Magenta

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Sextoy Test: Vibes of Love Honey Bear Magenta
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Vibes of Love Honey Bear under the magnifying glass

The Honey Bear from Vibes of Love is available in the color pink. The toy convinces by many details and is a reliable companion, whether alone or with couples plays no role. The vibrator can be used imaginatively and provides pleasure again and again in a different way. What it can do and more details follow in the test.

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First information about the vibrator

The vibrator from Vibes of Love is waterproof and is suitable for frivolous play in the shower. It is beautifully curved to fit the female curves of the vagina perfectly. This makes it ideal for pampering the G-spot. It also has stimulating grooves on the shaft. Above the buttons is an extension for clitoral stimulation. There are a total of nine adjustable modes on the Lovetoy by Vibes of Love. These can be adjusted to suit your preference and needs. A combination as desired with the nine different rotation programs is also possible.

Sextoy-Test: Vibes of Love Honey Bear Magenta

However, both can also be set separately. The vibrator is rechargeable. He’ll be ready in two hours. The duration of use is one complete hour. When it is charging, the light flashes, after it is fully charged, the light is on constantly. The equipment includes two powerful and reliable motors. The vibrator is made of skin-friendly silicone, free of phthalates in the color magenta. It is 12.5 centimeters long and has a diameter of three centimeters. The weight is a light 0.27 kilograms.

What exactly is the Vibes of Love vibrator?

The Vibes of Love vibrator is especially suitable for vaginal stimulation, but can also stimulate the clitoris through the extension. This vibrates and is thus able to stimulate the clitoris in parallel. Such toys are also known as rabbit vibrators and provide double the fun.

If you want to buy a vibrator, you should pay attention to the materials. Finally, the sex toy touches the mucous membranes. Therefore, it should be made of skin-friendly material such as ABS and silicone. But that’s a given with the Vibes of Love Honey Bear.

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But where exactly is the G-spot located? To make a long story short: It’s found inside the vagina. Many men even today do not know where the clitoris is located. This test should change that. The reason for this is that female sexuality is nowhere near as researched as male sexuality.

Anyone who wants to learn about the male erection will get all the information they need. With the clitoris it is still different. Many still believe that this is only the outwardly visible part. But that’s not right. Rather, the clitoris is very complex. It is composed of various nerve tracts and erectile tissue. It’s also bigger than I thought.

How to use a G-spot vibrator?

There are many possible uses for a vibrator like the one from Vibes of Love. The only important thing here is that it is introduced. It can be used alone during masturbation or together with the partner to enrich the love game. What is most pleasing is right. By the way, there is no right and no wrong when it comes to deployment. No special position is necessary for this, neither are acrobatics.

BezeichnungVibes of Love Honey Bear Magenta
Art des SextoysVibrator
Motoren2 (leistungsstark)
Vibrationsfunktionen9 verschiedene
Rotationen9 Muster
WiederaufladbarJa (verbauter Akku), USB
Ladedauer2 Stunden
Betriebsdauer1 Stunde
Merkmale• Körperverträgliches Silikon
• Phtalatfrei
• LED blinkt beim Aufladen
• LED leuchtet bei vollständiger Ladung

The first time the woman should take a relaxed posture. Preferably lying on your back. There should be enough time for this. And then it’s a matter of trying everything until the perfect position is found. The insertion is even easier with a lubricant. The only important thing here is to use the right lubricant. Lubricants based on silicone are not suitable for toys made of silicone, as they can destroy the surface.

Now the fact is that most vibrators are made of silicone. And it would be too bad if the Vibes of Love vibrator is damaged by wrong lubricant. To make a long story short: A water-based lubricant is the right choice for the Vibes of Love toy.

What feelings does the Vibes of Love vibrator produce?

The vibrator for the G-spot is suitable for all women who find stimulation at this point exciting. Not every woman is like that. That’s why it’s important to know. But if you like G-spot and clitoral stimulation, you’ll be more than satisfied with this toy.

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It is important to take plenty of time for trial and error and to find the right handles. This is the only way to discover the different modes and rotation settings. Expectation pressure is out of place and has a counterproductive effect. Pure relaxation is the order of the day to explore the vibrator from Vibes of Love. Lust originates in the mind. Therefore, foreplay is necessary to fuel the excitement. The more relaxed “woman” is, the better the orgasm can occur.

If you put all this into practice, you can experience great orgasms with the Vibes of Love vibrator Honey Bear. And not just once, but again and again.

Questions about the use of a G-spot vibrator

G-spot vibrators are suitable for all women who can have vaginal orgasms. The Vibes of Love vibrator focuses on the female G-spot to apply pressure there. With a little practice, even squirting may be possible. However, some women prefer to be stimulated by the clitoris. With the Honey Bear, however, both are possible. This means that women can indulge themselves twice with the toy or discover new pleasure centers in themselves.

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Some women probably also wonder how the G-spot vibrator is capable of stimulation. This is done according to a simple principle. He presses on the G-spot from the inside. This excites him and triggers orgasms afterwards. The user will have to try out which settings will ensure this the fastest. Vibrations and rotations can be set as desired.

By the way, the Vibes of Love vibrator is available at a very affordable price. That’s why it’s worth giving the Toy a try for a number of reasons. Although it is cheap, it is still high quality. Now users just need to locate the G-spot, which are still not sure. It’s not hard. It is located in the vagina behind the clitoris. If you want to be sure, you can insert a finger and touch it to the small depression it forms. Then the sensitive spot is finally found and can be stimulated.

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