Sextoy for men in test: Masturbator WYNE with vibration, suction and heat function

By Benno von Sandhayn
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The masturbator WYNE for relaxing hours alone or as a couple

The masturbator WYNE looks not only visually chic, but has it quite in itself. In the truest sense of the word. He spoils “man” alone, but can also be involved in lovemaking with the partner. The article explains what it can do and which details are still important.

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What can the sex toy for men?

First of all, it is convenient that the masturbator WYNE is rechargeable. This means that there is no interfering cable. Accordingly, it offers high flexibility and can be used anywhere. To prevent it from damage, there is a protective cap. The user puts these on when he is not using the masturbator.

Sextoy for men in test: Masturbator WYNE with vibration, suction and heat function

The inner sleeve is soft and nubbed. Therefore, it gently encloses the penis. But that’s not all. Masturbator WYNE massages the best piece with intense movements. This makes the sex toy feel very real. But now come the two clous.

The masturbator is equipped with a heat function. This reaches a maximum temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. This feels very pleasant on the sensitive skin. Again, this creates lifelike feelings that give the man the greatest pleasure. In addition, the masturbator WYNE has a suction function. Three modes are available for this purpose. Once the function is turned on, it feels like a real blowjob.

What else is there to say about the WYNE masturbator?

There are five vibration modes available, which can be combined with three speeds. Here every man will find the right setting. Massages from gentle to very intense are possible. If you think the toy is complicated to use, you’re wrong. This is absolutely simple. The functions can be set separately from each other. Everything happens at the push of a button. The buttons are located on the masturbator. Thus, the operation is intuitive, the way the man likes it best.

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Once the use of masturbator WYNE is finished, it is very easy to clean. The inner sleeve is removed from the toy and washed out with clean water only. To ensure that the masturbator is always ready for use when its user feels like it, he can use the USB charging cable. It is included in the scope of delivery.

The use of the sex toy

Nothing is easier than using the masturbator. The man inserts his penis. It is recommended to use some lubricant in the process. Then everything feels just as good again. The user can do the application himself or he can leave it to his partner. Thus, it can be included in the prelude. The opening of the toy can also use some lubricant.

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If there is to be a pleasantly warm reception for the penis, the heat function can be switched on. It is best to get this up and running before use. Then it has already reached the desired temperature when the man penetrates with his penis. If you want to add suction, vibration and speed, just turn on the buttons on the masturbator. Then nothing stands in the way of erotic fun.

Are there any special features about the Toy that are worth mentioning?

Sextoy for men in test: Masturbator WYNE with vibration, suction and heat functionThe three functions of the masturbator give the user great pleasure. Just the way he wants it. To get things started, he simply presses the button. All functions can be switched on together or separately. If vibration, heat and suction function work in parallel, the highest level of feelings is reached. In the practical test, the “Masturbator 01” convinces, which is truly not the rule for such products. When the heating of the device is turned on, a lifelike feeling is guaranteed.

These features are quite noticeable in the inner sleeve of the masturbator. The massage is absolutely intense and feels realistic. The soft material in the best quality is also responsible for this. Those who prefer it cozy and warm can switch on the heat function. Do not forget to use a lubricant. This enhances the lifelike feeling even more. So the masturbator feels like a real mouth or vagina.

If the user is not alone, but includes the toy in the game with his partner, he can spoil her at the same time. Several constellations are possible. Surely couples can think of something good to do. Anyway, the man experiences high pleasure with the masturbator. The suction function and the vibrations do the job very reliably. Even more so because the man can adjust them as he pleases. The controls do not have a disturbing effect at all. The easy operation via button is responsible for this.

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This allows the user to have their penis operated in an all-encompassing manner. The entire member is pampered by the masturbator. The design of the toy is such that the masturbator can be used completely discreetly. There the fun is not long in coming.

Why buy this particular sex toy?

Masturbator WYNE is recommended for its suction and heat function. So when you use it, it feels like a real blowjob. Even if the partner is not there, nothing stands in the way of pleasure. The application is completely simple. In addition, the toy can be used as desired.

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Some may now wonder whether lubricant is actually necessary. Yes, it is. Lubricant is not only gentle on the penis. The sensitive materials are also better protected with lubricant and do not wear out as quickly. At the same time, painful friction on the best part of the man is avoided.

A great advantage is that the masturbator has very compact dimensions. That is, it fits in any pocket.

After pleasure – clean the masturbator WYNE

As soon as the pleasure comes to an end, it is the turn of hygiene. Cleaning the toy is necessary so that it will be ready for use the next time. To do this, remove the inner sleeve and rinse with water until it is properly clean again. The housing is cleaned with a damp cloth. If you want to be even more precise, you can use a Toycleaner. Such agents have an additional disinfecting effect.

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What else is important not to damage the masturbator? Only water-based lubricant is allowed. Lubricant gel based on silicone, could attack the delicate material. The user should remember this, but it is also stored in the toy’s user manual. No one needs to remember more details.

Finally, a few technical details. Masturbator WYNE is 26.5 centimeters long and has a width of ten centimeters. The insertion depth is 16.5 centimeters. The inner diameter is 2.5 centimeters. The inside is a little stretchy. The production is made of ABS, PU, silicone and TPE. Masturbator WYNE is black and red.

The “Masturbator 01 Wyne” is available at for 199 euros.

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