Sex mit Scheintoten – Wenn Deepsleep zum Fetisch wird

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Sex with Apparent Dead - When Deepsleep Becomes a Fetish
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Rohypnol, Diazepam & Co. are their little helpers

These women do not want normal sex

You want to be sedated. With sleeping pills, diazepam, Rohypnol or Valium. When they are completely defenceless and the man takes advantage of them, it gives sexual arousal to the apparent dead. But not everyone can understand Deepsleep sex.

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Sex mit Scheintoten - Wenn Deepsleep zum Fetisch wirdStunned for sex with suspended animation

… …and made will-less. For example, a lover of Deepsleep writes on the Internet that she does not want normal sexual intercourse at all. Instead, it is suitable for sex with apparent death and for this men via a special portal, which is not unfamiliar with the subject of apparent death. She says that she likes to be anaesthetised with various means and then used. As long as there are no late effects like constant pain or even injuries, every fan of Deepsleep can have a lot of fun with her. At the same time, however, she asks for understanding that she does not want to go through with it on the very first date.

Schau diese Deepsleep-Frau an!

Another one wants to be fucked as hard as possible in all three holes during sex with apparent deaths and then be inseminated extraordinarily.

To do this she pretends to be dead and lifeless, lets her whole body go limp and falls into the so-called deepsleep. So if you can imagine having intimate intercourse with her, perhaps you should take a closer look at the sham-dead woman! The advantage: you don’t have to ask her if she agrees with this or that practice. That would be something for the Swedes, who have to get the permission to fuck at any time, certainly also for sex with apparent dead.

I guess there’s no such thing as a fetish that doesn’t exist. But is apparent death during sex only in humans? Not at all! Even spiders like thanatosis, this unusual and for many surely perverse variant!

Exciting practice or subliminal danger?

Sex with suspended animation – The sexual practice called Deepsleep is becoming more and more popular with more people. The absolute relinquishment of control, the intoxicating power over a will-less body and of course the surprise effect when waking up play a major role in love play, in which Rohypnol, Valium and Co. are consciously taken.

But is the Deepsleep really a harmless practice to refresh your love life? What do you need to consider in advance to experience sexual fireworks instead of bitter disappointment?

Caution is better than indulgence – Tips for safe deepsleep sex

Sex mit Scheintoten - Wenn Deepsleep zum Fetisch wird

Go to sleep, child, go to sleep…

Of course, you can simply stand asleep and remain in a motionless position. But for most people who want to practice Deepsleep, this does not go far enough. With the help of sleeping pills and various medications, the passive part is put into an actual state of deep sleep.
At this point, caution is advised – the experiment can backfire without medical advice. The exact dosage depends on a great many factors, which is why responsible handling is absolutely necessary in order not to have to stop the sexual experiment due to health problems.
Beginners and all those who do not want to take diazepam and co can try to start sexual intercourse in the real deep sleep phase. This can be determined without much difficulty with the help of sleep trackers. Then for the active part it is: Wait and see and off you go with Deepsleep!

Trust as a prerequisite for this practice

No matter how you have entered the deep sleep state called Deepsleep, once you are in a deep sleep, you are completely at the mercy of the active part. The latter can realize his own fantasies with the will-less person and cannot obtain an explicit declaration of consent in case of doubt.

Schau diese Deepsleep-Frau an!

To avoid such situations, communication in the run-up to the sexual experiment is all the more important. During an intensive conversation both partners find out what is okay and what is completely taboo. The own limits are explicitly set at this point, so that the active part gets quite clear instructions what is allowed and what is not covered by the agreement.

It is a matter of trust that the active part of the couple keeps to the agreed points exactly. For this reason, deep sleep sex with chance acquaintances and one-night stands is not recommended. Because once you have sunk into a deep sleep, you can no longer stand up for yourself and your wishes and needs, but must trust the other person 100%.

You have to be careful

As an active part of the Deepsleep you have a completely will-less body in front of you. With this one can do almost everything that has been agreed upon: Some agree on classical practices, others do not mind if the situation gets tougher in their sleep.

Especially if you want to practice anal sex or penetrating vaginal sex with large objects, it is even more important than under normal circumstances to pay attention to the physical reactions of your partner. For despite deep sleep, the body clearly indicates when a certain practice causes pain by means of unintentional twitches or other movements.

Die Erektion vor Angst • Orgasmus kurz vor dem Tod

Since many mental mechanisms are switched off in the passive sleeping part, it is the purely physical actions that can cause arousal. This is not always easy, which is why lubricant is simply indispensable for the Deepsleep. The rule here is: Better too much than too little!

The active part should also try to start the penetration with smaller sex toys. And to increase gradually to avoid possible injuries to the mucous membranes. An increase is always possible, but especially the beginning of the sexual act should be slow and give the sleeping body the opportunity to get used to the new sensations.

What’s your position on the subject? Would this be something you’d like to try? Write us your letter to the editor here, what you think about Deepsleep, sex with the seemingly dead!

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