Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual woman

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Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual woman
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Sex with a transsexual: Also exciting for porn star Texas Patti

Having sex with a transsexual is undoubtedly the dream of many a man. No wonder: the best of both worlds can be experienced in this way. Even porn star Texas Patti apparently appreciates that. In a video that she shows in an interview with Hera Delgado, she talks about this very special charm.

Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual womanWell built at the top and (!) at the bottom

Transsexual women seem to exert an irresistible attraction not only on men. German porn actress Texas Patti is also fascinated by sex with them. At least that’s what you can hear from an interview she conducted with Hera Delgado in 2015. In it, the sexy lady with the long black hair tells of a shoot on Mallorca. Her partner: A more than attractive transsexual, who, according to Patti, is well built above and below.

Now you might think that such a successful porn actress would have experienced everything and would not be impressed by anything. If you listen to her in the conversation, however, you inevitably get the impression that sex with a transsexual was a very exciting, even horny experience for her.

» Directly to TS Kimber Lee

Patti, for example, reports bluntly about a blowjob scene in which she kneels before her partner with a certain something. She kept looking up and thinking: “Cock, tits, cock, tits”.

It’s the special mixture that does it: Sex with a transsexual

This exciting combination of feminine and masculine sex traits is very likely the reason why sex with a transsexual also inspires the imagination of many men. Patti could not avoid this during intercourse. In doggystyle she looked around from time to time, she says, and saw especially beautiful women’s legs and high heels. The porn star also leaves no doubt that her filming partner was a very feminine and attractive transsexual.

As open and full of enthusiasm as she reports on her experience in the conversation with Hera Delgado, one can confidently assume that it has excited her at least a little bit. It’s the mix that makes the difference, even with an experienced porn star. One would have liked to know more. However, sex with a transsexual only plays a relatively small role in the conversation between Patti and Hera. The focus is more on the career of the trained dental assistant, who really got off to a good start at this point.

Not a permissive sex bomb at school

Patti, for example, reports that she has just finished her second self-production. She plays in a dentist’s office, which is of course quite piquant. She lost her job at a dentist when he found out that Patti was also working in the erotic business. And believe it or not, at school the tough-looking lady seems to have been anything but a sex bomb. She describes Hera Delgado’s behaviour at school as rather reserved.

Intersexual, Trans, Shemale - What's the difference?

She probably hadn’t even thought about having sex with a transsexual at that time, one may assume. Most of her male classmates would certainly be surprised today, Patti speculates, that she is successful in the porn business. Probably some of the boys are jealous of her because she had this really special experience – sex with a transsexual.

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