Sex Story: My Wife And The Big Dog

By Jens Haberlein
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Sex Story: My Wife And The Big Dog
Sex Story: My Wife And The Big Dog
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His wife was used hard and Edmund enjoyed it too

Never in his life would he have dreamed of such a thing

The Müller family was a well-to-do family in a small town in Saxony. Father Edmund (39) had already met his wife Katharina (38) in their school days and they had been a couple since the eighth grade. When they were 19 years old, they said yes to each other and lived happily ever after. Edmund took over his father’s business, which yielded enough so that Katharina did not have to work. My wife and the big dog (Hartmann von Bavaria – Dutch Shepherd Longhair) could therefore stay at home. She was a really great woman and really took care of everything.

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Sex Story: My Wife And The Big DogMy wife and the big dog as a secret bet?

She enjoyed her life as a housewife. About nine months after the wedding she had her first child, her son Paul, and already in the following year her daughter Miriam saw the light of day. After that, Edmund and Katharina agreed not to have any more children. From then on, the four of them led a fulfilled life, until a few days ago their lives were to change fundamentally.

The private poker tournament was the beginning

Edmund, a dog breeder friend, had invited some local bigwigs to his house for a poker game. It was a convivial evening: Business was talked about in the round, while Katharina regularly supplied the players with drinks. She made sure that the guests stayed nicely drunk so that her husband could win, because Edmund was a lousy poker player. In doing so, she often attracted the glances of her fellow players, because she was an extremely attractive woman. She had shoulder length dark hair and had squeezed her wonderful figure into a tight fitting black dress with a nice neckline that showed the beginnings of her full breasts. She wore a lush, silver necklace with it.

She could never have imagined that her husband’s gambling addiction would cause her to get it on with a dog. But in turn, the idea to have sex with the dog appeared on the scene while playing poker. How big the dog should really be, nobody guessed at that time.

When the humid evening was already quite far advanced, she herself sat at the table, held a glass of red wine in her hand and watched how her husband once again lost a lot. Meanwhile, to block out this fact, she had poured herself several refills.

Finally, Peter said, “Gee, Edmund. If we’re not careful, your wife will drink us under the table.”

Whereupon all except Katharina and Edmund bawled. The evening took its course and Edmund was not as bad as usual this time. One player after another had already dropped out of the game and gone home, until finally only Peter and Edmund remained. Katharina had also already gone to bed. Each of the two men now waited for his final hand that would bring him victory. Then it was time for Edmund to lose with a pair of kings to Peter’s ace pair.

Sexstory: von der Dogge geficktEdmund had no talent for poker and lost everything

Peter: “Sorry Edmund, but apparently you just have no talent for poker.”
Edmund: “Oh, why can’t I ever win? Always taking my money out of my pocket. Do I have any chance of winning it back? Maybe you can give me a loan.”

After some begging, Peter granted Edmund the loan, but again Edmund could not win and was therefore even more in debt than before.

Peter: “You see, you don’t stand a chance against me, and now I would quite like to have my money.”
Edmund: “Gee, Peter. I don’t even have that much money in the bank, you’ll have to give me a little time to get it.”
Peter: “You have one week. Then I’ll come back and God have mercy on you if you don’t have my money then.”

Edmund did everything he could to raise the money, but he was unsuccessful. Fearing a moral lecture, he had said nothing to his wife. But then came the day of reckoning.

Around eight o’clock the doorbell rang and Edmund opened. As you might expect, Peter was standing in front of it. But he was not alone. Behind him were two big burly men who looked very dangerous.

He wanted to take my holy of holies as collateral…

Peter: “You got my money?”
Edmund: “This is all I could come up with in a hurry. Peter, I beg you, give me a little more time, I will repay you for everything.”
Peter: “Very well, but in return I’ll take your family as collateral. You knew how it was with me before. Boys, get them out!”

Then the two gorillas trudged past Edmund into the house, while Edmund stared stunned into Peter’s face.

Erotische Geschichten im Erotikmagazin

Edmund: “I thought you and I were friends.”
Peter: “We are, otherwise I would have had your kneecap smashed now. And because we’re such good friends, I’ll give you another friendly hint, you better get that money fast or I’ll get it for myself.”

Then Peter’s goons came back, dragging Katharina, Miriam and Paul with them.

Catherine: “Edmund, what’s going on?”
Peter only replied, “Oh, didn’t he tell you? Your husband borrowed money from me and now he can’t pay it back. So I figured I’d turn up the pressure on him a little bit and take a little deposit.”
Catherine looked at her husband in horror, “Oh, Edmund, how could you?”

Sex Story: My Wife And The Big DogMy wife had to put on VR goggles…

Then Catherine and Edmund lost sight of each other when the wife and her children were forced into a black van, leaving Edmund alone. He stood motionless in front of the door for a while longer, then walked back into the house with his head down. Edmund had never felt so bad in his entire life. He had been so defenseless when the gangster he thought was his friend had taken his family. He had to put a stop to this and vowed to get the money as soon as possible.

A week passed, but Edmund hadn’t been able to raise much more money than he had the week before, and he was afraid of Peter’s next visit, which would probably really hurt him this time. But Peter did not come. Instead, the next day Edmund found an unaddressed letter in his mailbox with a DVD inside. Full of shock, Edmund went to his TV and put in the DVD.

The movie starts and Edmund saw his wife sitting naked on a chair. Her arms and legs were tied to the chair legs and armrest so she couldn’t move. In her mouth she wore a gag. Then Peter’s voice could be heard from the background:

“Hello Edmund. I was hoping you’d finally give me my money back, but it seems I was wrong. I had already told you that I would get the money in other ways if necessary, and that is what I am doing now. Your wife will work off your debt for me. But since she’s a bit unruly, we’re going to “reprogram” her a bit for our purposes for now. Doctor Frank Steiner is the leading specialist in this field and helps me a little bit. Frank, you may!”

Sex Story: My Wife Gets Fucked By Doggy

My wife and the big dog formed a kind of team…

A little old man in scrubs stepped into the picture. He carried a box of utensils in front of him and set it down in front of Catherine, whose eyes widened in shock. Then he reached into the box and put some sort of VR goggles on the anxious wife and explained in a harsh Russian accent:

“These glasses are for optical stimulation. This will better exploit the senses, we are now adding audio stimulation.”

Then he put headphones on Catherine, reached into the pocket of his smock and pulled out a syringe.

“This allows the body to absorb information even better, we’re giving another drug now.”

Catherine twitched briefly as the doctor injected her with the drug. Then, apparently, the real treatment started. For the screen split and Edmund could now see and hear what his wife also saw and heard.

A firework of images now streamed across the screen: All sorts of women having sex or in compromising positions. Then women doing it with animals and even pictures of underage boys and girls. To this one constantly heard a hypnotic voice:

“That’s what you like from now on. You are nothing but a worthless whore to your new master. You will do everything for him from now on.”

Whenever the voice said the word “Master,” a picture of Peter appeared. Edmund was now really getting scared. What if the treatment should have an effect? His family would be ruined forever. But strangely enough, he didn’t just feel fear as he did so. The thoughts of it excited him, too. Immediately he tore himself away from the thought. No, it couldn’t be. He had to get the money as soon as possible.

The second DVD was already in Edmund’s mailbox

So he doubled his effort the following week. However, he still didn’t have the money together and so one day he found the next DVD. He quickly went to his TV again to watch the movie on it. At first the screen was black, but Peter’s voice could be heard again:

Wie ich zur Sexsklavin meines Mitbewohners wurde

“Oh Edmund, what have you done? I think your wife has lost her mind. You don’t believe me? I’m about to prove it to you. But you can be sure that it’s mine now. She only does what I say. I’m sorry my friend, but you have now lost your wife. Even if you’re left with the shame of knowing you’re still married. Please take this video as a final warning, if the money isn’t there in three days, your kids are next.”

Then Edmund could suddenly see his wife. But she didn’t look the same as he knew her. She wore a black leather suit that highlighted her figure perfectly. Catherine knelt in the room on all fours, almost like a dog. Her breasts seemed to literally pop out of her catsuit in this pose. Then Peter’s voice was heard again, “Catherine, my good girl, why don’t you spin in a circle and present yourself?”

Catherine: “Yes, Master.”

Edmund stared intently at the screen. His wife is now really spinning in circles and presented her hot body. When she had turned halfway around, Edmund could see that her suit had an opening in one place, so that her vagina and anus were quite clearly visible. Apparently they had even shaved her. When she was done with that, Peter said, “She’s ready, bring him in.”

Sexgeschichte: von der Dogge gebumstAfter 20 minutes the mastiff finally let go of her

A door was heard to open and suddenly Edmund could see a large Great Dane on the screen. The dog approached Catherine and sniffed her crotch. Finally, he began to lick her cunt. Edmund could not believe it, his wife moaned lustfully. Did she like the whole thing? How could something so forbidden give his wife such pleasure?!

The Great Dane now moved a little to the side and Edmund could see the huge limb of the animal. It was about a foot long and eight inches thick. That couldn’t be possible. Edmund’s excitement grew again and he looked spellbound at the screen. The dog now threw his front paws over Catherine’s hips and his gigantic member made its way to her pussy. However, it missed and only landed a hit on its second attempt. The dog’s tail disappeared full length into Catherine’s pleasure grotto.

The Great Dane was now hammering her penis into the woman again and again in a wild frenzy. The rhythmic clapping sounded from the loudspeakers while the dog mercilessly penetrated Katharina. Edmund now saw and heard his wife panting more and more violently and trying to escape the beast by crawling. But escape was impossible, on the contrary: the more she tried to escape, the harder the dog fucked her and the louder Katharina moaned.

My wife and the big dog moaned about the bet

This spectacle went on for several minutes until the dog suddenly paused and Catherine came violently. Then the woman and animal collapsed and lay motionless. The camera panned over and you could clearly see the dog’s tail tangled in the woman’s vagina.

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Connected like this, it took another 20 minutes until the dog detached itself from Katharina again and licked once more over her still trembling sex. Then you could see someone holding a cup under Catherine’s labia and she spread them to let the cum run out of her, which the cup caught. Before the screen went black, this very cup was presented to the audience so that everyone could examine the massive load.

Edmund turned off his television, gasping. During the video, he had masturbated and cum three times. He knew now that he wanted to see more of it, so he didn’t want to pay Peter’s money.

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