Sex on TikTok: Is there really such a thing?

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Sex on TikTok: Is there really such a thing?
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Is there porn there or is it forbidden?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps. Since its introduction, the number of users has grown rapidly. By mid-2021, for example, TikTok could boast more than 63 million downloads per month. This put TikTok ahead of Facebook and WhatsApp. The number of monthly users has now grown to well over one billion people. But is sex forbidden on TikTok?

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So what about sex on TikTok?

One reason why TikTok is so popular is because it is so easy to use. Users can create an account with a few clicks and record and upload videos with their cell phone camera. However, if you are looking for porn on TikTok, you probably won’t find anything. Sex on TikTok is strictly forbidden according to the new terms and conditions. The content of the videos must be adult content.

Sex on TikTok: Is there really such a thing?

In concrete terms, this means that not only sex is banned on TikTok, but also nude shots or clips showing butts, tits with visible nipples or sexual organs are strictly prohibited. Every now and then, such videos are posted online anyway. However, they are usually removed again within a short time.

In the beginning it was different

When TikTok was introduced to the public in September 2016, there was still a lot of porn on TikTok. Many porn stars uploaded hot clips there and showed lots of sex on TikTok. Some of the stars had close to 1 million followers.

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After TikTok had to pay several hefty fines and was blocked or threatened to be blocked in some countries, the platform relented and changed its terms and conditions to today’s adult-free standard.

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Then what are so many pornstars doing on TikTok?

Indeed, at first glance it seems strange that many porn stars upload (adult) videos on TikTok, although porn is banned on TikTok. The reason is simple and is called marketing. Of course, the porn stars are aware of how popular TikTok is, especially among the younger generation. The so-called Generation Z is also among the most avid consumers of porn.

Porn stars therefore use the video platform to promote their clips. They advertise their own websites, where of course there is plenty of sex to be seen. In addition, many of the stars on TikTok like to show their private side.

Sex on TikTok: Is there really such a thing?

They give their fans insights into their everyday lives. You can take them on a shopping spree or even watch them cook at home. That such a marketing strategy works is shown by the success of iLOVEFRIDAY’s rap song Mia Khalifa. Clips of the song have been used more than 4 million times for TikTokVideos. Mia Khalifa[here for her tragic story] is a U.S. porn actress and media personality whose roots are in Lebanon. Although sex is forbidden on TikTok, she became internationally known through the video platform.

Are there no hot videos on TikTok?

It is true that sex is forbidden on TikTok, but that does not mean that there are no hot videos to watch. Only the provisions of the protection of minors must be observed. For example, according to TikTok’s terms and conditions, it’s perfectly okay for a voluptuous blonde to loll on the couch in a skin-tight latex catsuit.

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The catsuit is closed up to the neck. Except for the face and hands, no bare skin is visible. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, the sight is incredibly erotic. The thin material traces every curve. Nipples and even the pussy stand out (cameltoe). This looks even more erotic than a completely naked body, because the fantasy is stimulated. The largest sex organ in humans is the brain.

Revolution for women or just a camping toilet?

This is also stimulated when a porn actress presents herself in a slutty outfit that consists of a bra with cups that barely cover the nipples, a miniskirt that barely reaches over the buttocks and wears red or black overknees that show her Legs appear endlessly long and automatically direct the gaze to the crotch. If the beauty also makes lascivious dance moves, gyrates her hips and wiggles her butt, this is a very hot video, even if sex is officially forbidden on TikTok.

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Such clips appeal to many users. They are encouraged to visit the star’s homepage, where they can watch the real action without censorship or petty restrictions. Moreover, while there is no porn on TikTok, there are plenty of other websites where users can watch porn for every conceivable preference. Quite a few of the offers are even free, just like TikTok.

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