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Gynaecologist: »Sex keeps you fit – not just the vagina«

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Frauenärztin: «Sex hält fit - nicht nur die Vagina»

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Sex keeps fit and increases blood circulation

In an interview with gynaecologist Sheila de Luz, a women’s magazine states: “Sex can keep you fit! The vagina and the general fitness of the woman.

Those who have sex regularly contribute to their health. The blood circulation of the body is promoted, the vagina remains tight and hormone production is running at full speed. All this contributes to women feeling fitter and healthier – even in old age. Because: Not only young people enjoy sex! Women over 40 in particular have particularly good sex, they say.

Gynaecologist: »Sex keeps you fit - not just the vagina«When you’re 40, you can enjoy even better sex

According to de Luz, women over the age of 40 benefit from a sex life in which they are more likely to know what they want. At this age you would know what you are into and what you actually want during sex. Self-confidence also increases as you get older. That means: sex keeps you fit and gets even better later.

Self-confidence would come primarily from the fact that women no longer have to prove themselves. The hormonal balance changes, women feel more balanced. Women over 40 can thus enjoy even better sex than before and live out their lust self-confidently and without taboos. Sex keeps you fit – even at over 40!

Sex keeps fit and prevents thinning of the vagina

Those who enjoy sex often prevent the vagina from getting thinner. This also affects the mucous membranes. It is different for people who do not have sex. Here it can happen that the mucous membranes and the vagina thin out more quickly if sexual activity no longer takes place.

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The result: sex is no longer fun, since it now causes pain. In this way, sexual desire is slowly lost. Women no longer feel comfortable with their partner during the act of love and prefer to avoid him. This makes it all the more important to keep your sex life on the go and to take care of your vaginal health.

Even solo sex is better than none

Usually we have sexual intercourse with our partner. If none is available, masturbation also helps. Here, too, sex keeps us fit. Some women find masturbation particularly relaxing and do not have to search for a sex partner in a convulsive way.

Solo sex helps to keep the whole body fit, to promote blood circulation and to increase well-being.

Testosterone provides a clear head through more driving power

Hormone production changes over the years. As they mature, women produce less estrogen and more of the male sex hormone – testosterone. Testosterone can help women get more drive, assert themselves and do something good for themselves.

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During sex they now know what they want to do without and sometimes they say no. This means that they can have more sex and do what they really want to do. So sex keeps you fit and makes you happy.

Conclusion – sex keeps fit, rejuvenates vagina and body

Many gynaecologists are convinced that sex keeps you fit. In general, sex has a positive effect on health, as hormones are released which contribute to general relaxation. This helps especially people who often feel stressed or suffer from mental problems.

Sex also keeps you fit if there is no partner with whom you can experience it – this is about masturbation, with which women prepare themselves for joy. If you have a relationship, you should seduce your partner to make love more often, because sex keeps them both fit.

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