Sex in the Bathtub – Tips & Love Positions

By Jens Haberlein -
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Sex in der Badewanne - Tipps & Stellungen

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A little practice is required

Bathtub sex can be especially hot

The most beautiful minor matter in the world does not always have to take place in your own bedroom. Thus a common bath can also be totally erotic. A crackling foam and being very close to your partner’s naked body creates a very special atmosphere. However, when having sex in the bathtub, you should be aware of some things.

Sex in der Badewanne - Tipps & StellungenPleasant atmosphere

To have relaxed sex in the bathtub, you should create a pleasant atmosphere. The water temperature should be around 37 degrees. This temperature is ideal for relaxing. You can also dim the light and possibly light a few candles. That’ll make it more comfortable. Cosy music and a few rose petals on the bath water create a romantic ambience. Furthermore, both should not come directly stressed from work. In order to be able to spend a pleasant, romantic evening, both should also be in the mood and not rush from one appointment to the next.

Suitable sex positions for bathtub sex

Important for sex in the bathtub is to find the right sex position. Otherwise it can become dangerous as there is an acute danger of slipping. The doggy position, in which the woman kneels into the tub during sex, is particularly popular. This position is particularly safe in terms of slipping and sex from behind is very intense for both.

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With a wide bathtub the riding position also works very well. The man can lie on his back with his legs slightly bent. The woman sits on him. However, sex in the bathtub is not always inevitable. Petting is also very exciting and can bring both to climax. Since water does not have a particularly gliding effect, the use of lubricants is worthwhile. Bringing your partner to orgasm with your hand or mouth can sometimes be more fun than having sex in the bathtub.

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When having sex in the bathtub, you should be careful as the risk of slipping is very high. Therefore one should only choose positions where both have a good hold. For this the little doggy or riding position offers itself. However, it can also be very stimulating to stimulate your partner with your hand or mouth.


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