Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Women

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Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Women
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Nine women sex fantasies

Typical female sex fantasies are similar in outline. But every woman has her own desires with an individual touch. Men sometimes wonder how kinky women’s sex fantasies turn out. Above all, they are amazed that some women would like to have a partner with whom their erotic fantasies can actually be realized.

What are the most common nine female sex fantasies?

Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Women1) Private striptease

Women’s favorite sex fantasies are not about getting naked in public. The focus when dreaming is usually on stripping as a means of seduction. The idea of getting the man going by the sight of the female body and the revealing poses is what gives it its thrill. If the striptease results in an erection, the woman feels in full control. This feeling and the awareness of one’s own attractiveness make an irresistible combination for many women.

2) Exhibitionism

This sexual preference is attributed more to men. However, even women’s sex fantasies are not completely free of them. Why not shoot a sex video yourself in which your own body is the focus? But often it remains a fantasy, because few females consider themselves flawless.

What fantasies do these girls have?

An increase in the sex fantasies of womenaround exhibitionism is the hidden desire to show themselves naked in front of spectators or to have sex.

3) Fantasies of mild violence

There is a widespread idea that mild violence is involved – for example, so that a woman is willing to have sex. According to psychologists, such sex fantasies of women allow unrestrained sex without subsequent suffering. Typically, these sex fantasies of women look like this: A gorgeous guy takes the woman in no uncertain terms and ignores her protests. He rips off her clothes, causing her to become aroused. Even if she resists outwardly, this moment is especially enjoyed inwardly in women’s sex fantasies. That doesn’t mean that’s the way it really is.

Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Women4) Voyeuristic sex fantasies of women

The female imagination is strongly developed. The taboo fantasies with which women get themselves going are correspondingly complex. Thus, the assumption that they do not like to stretch more less intensively is not a mistake. Women enjoy watching other people have sex just as much as men do. The fact that it is not proper and is considered quite indecent additionally inspires such sex fantasies of women.

5) Sex in threesome

A variant of the threesome looks ideally like this: Two attractive men without gay tendencies are fascinated by the body of the woman. She can develop completely according to her preferences and spoil both penises, manually, orally or also with vaginal or anal intercourse. Actually, such sex fantasies of women are still a taboo subject. It does not happen so often in reality that the partner is taken with such female sex desires. For this very reason, there is something extremely exciting about this performance.

These Girls Love Sex In Threesome

Sex between women is nothing totally unusual nowadays and therefore also an important part of the most common sex fantasies of women. In most cases, the man as the third participant in this constellation plays a rather subordinate role. He gets to watch two women have fun with each other. What the two do together can be foreplay for the man’s sexual involvement. In this respect, women’s sex fantasies about an erotic trio differ from many porn movies in which two performers “share a cock.”

6) Sex with a stranger

These sex fantasies of women are hardly lived out, because they require courage and a portion of recklessness. All the more women often have fun imagining a corresponding situation. Just enjoy sex and with it no obligations to enter: That sounds like an enticing experience to many female ears. Their erotic desire kicks in when they think about being picked up and nibbled by a stranger. The female sex also has its dark sides, in which daring sex fantasies thrive. For example, from this corner come “forbidden” women’s sex fantasies about incest or seducing a celibate clergyman.

Teacher/student and teacher/student7) Teacher/student and teacher/student

Punishable sex with attachments also has its place in women’s titillating sex fantasies. Either they see themselves as more or less innocent schoolgirl à la Britney Spears soon 20 years ago. Or as a cheeky schoolgirl who provokes her (naturally good-looking) teacher so much that he puts her over his knee. In doing so, he demonstrates his superiority and ensures that consensual sex with the schoolgirl occurs. Women always enjoy the dominance of the male part in their fantasies.

But it also works the other way round: Then the strict but totally hot teacher plays the leading role in the sex fantasies of women. She turns the heads of her young students and takes advantage of suitable opportunities to have sexual intercourse with a young boy. Gladly playful, declaring the whole action a kind of tutoring.

8) Male dominance

Women’s sex fantasies about male dominance happen more often than you might think in these days of “Me Too.” But there are certain moments in the female imagination when the desire for erotic dominance stirs. Then women see each other in bed, feel the man’s hands insistently on their sensitive spots and feel the tender bites on the neck or throat. The exciting thing about it is the masculine energy, the decisiveness with which the man takes what he wants. Important: These and similar sex fantasies of women refer exclusively to the physical and are limited in time. After that, absolute equality between the sexes should be the order of the day again.

9) Female dominance

The prejudice that women love strong men is known to be true. But there is also a surprise for men and for women: One of the most popular female sex fantasies is namely that of the dominant sex partner. Behind this is the desire that the man adores and desires the woman’s body and wants to be released from his burning desire.

Das sind die Top 10 Sexfantasien von Frauen

But she makes him stew and beg. This form of physical control is enjoyed by some women in their fantasies and exclusively there. In reality, they refuse to behave in such a dominant manner.

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