Soon sex with corpses and siblings allowed?

By Laura Buschmann
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Soon sex with corpses and siblings allowed?
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Incredible: Incest and necrophilia on the advance

Youth party wants to allow sex with corpses and siblings

What causes disgust and shaking one person’s head is right and cheap for the other. According to a Swedish boys’ party, sex with corpses and siblings is allowed in the not too distant future. “Nobody benefits from the existing bans,” says the liberal youth from Sweden.

Sex with corpsesIncest and necrophilia soon legal?

When sex with corpses and siblings is soon allowed, Cecilia Johnsson has reached her goal. The Swedish political activist now makes public her somewhat more unusual demand for the legalisation of incest and necrophilia (sex with the dead). The chairman of the youth wing of the Swedish Liberal People’s Party (LUF) wants to allow sexual intercourse between siblings older than 15 years in the future. Get an orgasm at the nurse’s? Some Europeans are crazy!

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But that’s not all. Those who soon die and draw up their will can bequeath something completely different to the general clauses on money and property to their heirs: their own bodies. His own body for sex, hard-core intercourse with his dead body! For this only this declaration has to be made during one’s lifetime.

Cecilia Johnsson, president of the Librale Jugend, talks about the legalisation of incest and necrophilia against the Swedish news site “Aftonbladet” and suggests that she knows that her proposal would be seen more as critical. Some of them make enemies of her, saying she’s disgusting and disrespectful.

Inzest: Bald Sex mit Leichen und Geschwistern erlaubt?

Organ Donation Plus: Sex with corpses and siblings to be allowed

Up to now incest and sex with corpses has been forbidden by law in Sweden, but the young politician now wants to go one step further. Everyone should decide for himself what happens to his body after death. A kind of organ donation deluxe. Because it doesn’t matter whether the dead body goes to the museum or is still “needed” by one’s own relatives – also in a sexual sense.

As early as 2014, the German Ethics Council proposed decriminalizing incest and allowing sex between relatives. However, using a corpse sexually in this form is new to the Swedish young politician.

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