Little whip lore – The whip

By Mario Meyer
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Little whip lore – The whip
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A percussion instrument not only for equestrian sports

When it really twinges and the skin bursts open

When talking about a whip, laymen usually think either of a riding crop, as it is often used in equestrian sports, for example, or of thin branches of flexible wood (willow). For friends of the game of pain and pleasure, of course, it has a very different meaning.

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Kleine Peitschekunde - The Crop | The BDSM & Fetish EncyclopediaWhip lore: What is a whip?

Crops are often used in the BDSM area. They consist of a relatively thin stick made of natural material (bamboo) or plastic. At the tip there is a pad, usually made of leather, sometimes also of plastic. The handle is ergonomically shaped so that it lies well in the hand. To prevent the whip from slipping out of the hand when striking, the handle is equipped with an additional safety loop. Crops are usually between 50 and 70 cm long. High quality models are made of genuine leather.

What are crops used for?

They are percussion instruments used for punishment, but also for pleasure. Due to their design, they can be used to inflict pain at specific points. For example, the Dom can use a crop to specifically hit his sub’s plump ass cheeks and enjoy the way she winces with each blow.

When using the crop, however, it should be kept in mind that it is a percussive instrument for experienced BDSM lovers. Because it is angular and elastic, it develops great kinetic energy when struck. If you have no experience of where and how hard to strike with a crop, you are not only inflicting severe pain on your partner, but possibly even injury. This is why crops are not recommended for beginners or anyone who only occasionally practices BDSM.

Kleine Peitschenkunde - Der Rohrstock

If you are interested in trying out how it feels to be beaten with a whip, you should visit a BDSM club with your partner. Many clubs cater to the needs of sadomaso fans and have rooms equipped with a wide variety of instruments and equipment. This is an ideal opportunity to try out different percussion instruments and find out which one works best. In the SM-Club you will also meet experienced members who are happy to show newcomers how to properly handle crops. If a couple enjoys playing with it, they can order their own instrument.

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BDSM-Ratgeber: Das Einmaleins des Schlagens

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