On our own behalf: we refrain from using gendered language

By Mario Meyer
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On our own behalf: we renounce opposing language
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We are fighting back against this unbelievable nonsense!

Counter-gendered language is confusing and misleading

With endless bullets and special characters, the counter-gendered language defaces every sentence. The aspiration behind this is in itself characterized by good intentions. Counter-gendered language is intended to express and emphasize gender equality. Also, the invention of gender-neutral pronouns (xer/they/them), is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, this gender nonsense is based on the unscientific assumption that gender is non-binary and socially learned.

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On our own behalf: we refrain from using gendered languageMale, female, diverse – Is that already gender nonsense?

Biological sex is either male or female based on reproductive function. Less than one percent of the world’s population is born with expressions of both sexes. These people fall into the “diverse” category. Gender, on the other hand, describes a feeling. Namely, whether one feels more masculine, feminine, or neither in relation to one’s gender. If one’s perception matches one’s biological sex, that is the normal case. A real-life example of the opposite is transgender people.

The gender nonsense from America

The “gender theory” goes one step further. Supporters of this nonsense claim that a spontaneous change between gender sensation as well as intermediate stages and various combinations are possible. Meanwhile, the gender nonsense goes so far that more than 70 genders are named. Among them are bizarre things like the Moongender, which is only active at night and during a certain moon cycle, and the Aquagender, which likes to stay near water.

The whole thing sounds increasingly like the ideas of a bored video game generation. Whether they actually exist, or whether they will only become so through continuous thematization, is a chicken-and-egg problem. The fact is that the existence of trans people is thereby unintentionally ridiculed.

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Do we really need to remind ourselves through counter-gendered language that men and women are equal? An enlightened person is aware of this anyway. So why all the neologisms and chicanery? Most people, without prejudice, do not think further about gender.

When someone says they go to the doctor, it doesn’t mean the doctor is a man. By the way, most people interpret the job title neutrally. And isn’t it precisely prejudice-free thinking that we should be promoting, rather than harping on differences via gender language and promoting prosodic contrast accents in typologically diverse languages?

In any case, we do not use gender-neutral language, this newfangled gender-speak. And yet we love all people – even if we run the risk of breaking friendships!

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The German Language Association is calling for a signature campaign against gender nonsense. We have also joined this initiative and also ask for your signature: Yes, I am also against this nonsense!

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