Put the condom on properly: That’s it!

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Put the condom on properly: That’s it!
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With a little practice, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Putting a condom on properly is essential for safe sex

For safe sexual intercourse it is particularly important to be able to cover the rubber properly. Because a condom not only protects against an unwanted pregnancy, but also against venereal diseases. So it’s a great and useful invention. Nevertheless, the overdraft is partly a critical moment. Especially when you have little practice and everything has to work perfectly. In order to escape this unpleasant and perhaps also embarrassing moment, you should practice a little beforehand.

Put the condom on properlyStep one – open the package

For some, opening the condom packaging is already the first hurdle. After a few glasses of alcohol or a massage with massage oil, it can be difficult to open the packaging in the dark. In this situation, it’s worth having your sweetheart open the packaging. One should by no means reach for nail scissors or a kitchen knife. The probability of damaging the condom is too high.

Step two – Put the condom on correctly

If the rubber could be removed from the packaging without an accident, the condom must now be properly covered. It is important that the condom is turned the right way around. This is given as soon as the rubber roller is outside. If you are unsure in the heat of battle, you must keep calm. Putting on the condom properly does not work if it is reversed. To see if it is the right way around, you can hold it by the tip with one hand and carefully pull the rubber ring with the other hand. This makes it very easy to determine whether the rubber roll is on the outside and the rubber can be properly coated.

It’s better not to experiment with a condom. It not only protects against pregnancies, but also against venereal diseases. In order to be able to put on the condom properly, it is worth practicing in advance.

Soon sex with corpses and siblings allowed?

If you remember to remove the rubber from the packaging before a massage with massage oil, nothing will go wrong when you open the packaging. Rolling over isn’t witchcraft either. As long as the rubber roller is on the outside, the condom can be put on properly. This should also work quite easily if you have chosen the right size.

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