Prostitutes in Palma de Mallorca from 15 euros?

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Prostitutes in Palma de Mallorca from 15 euros?
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Mallorca on the brink

Prostitutes in Palma suffer especially

The corona pandemic is known to be wreaking havoc in the tourism industry. Especially the favorite island of the Germans has been hit hard. Mallorca’s islanders have been fighting for their existence since the beginning of the pandemic. The unemployment rate keeps rising and there is just no end in sight. Especially prostitutes in Palma are currently living below the subsistence level.

Prostituierte in Palma de Mallorca ab 15 Euro?Prostitutes in Palma are particularly affected

The island seems partly as empty swept, the party tourism is put on ice, especially Palma resembles – since the beginning of the Corona crisis – a city without tourists. Everywhere you see empty beaches and especially empty shops. The locals are struggling to survive, but there are simply no jobs as everyone is dependent on the tourism business.

Naked Mallorca Girls

Especially prostitutes in Palma do not know what to do, because in their line of work physical distance is not possible. You’d think the pandemic would hold the chance for a fresh start for these women – maybe even a complete exit from the red-light milieu. But many now see no chance of getting out of their misery and receive neither unemployment benefit nor ERTE (short-time working allowance).

Many prostitutes in Palma cannot pay their rent, let alone buy something to eat. Some women are on the island illegally, from Colombia, Morocco or Romania for example, they have neither a residence permit nor their own apartment.

What are the consequences of this poverty?

The consequences are devastating. Out of necessity, many prostitutes in Palma now offer their services in the surrendered or own four walls. Even women who previously had nothing to do with the red light milieu no longer see any other perspective than to sell their bodies.

Nevertheless, there are not many customers, because most of them are afraid of getting infected with the corona virus. Besides, a large part of the customers consists of tourists, and as we all know, there are none of them at the moment. The absence of customers naturally drives prices down.

Ein Rückblick: Rotlichtviertel Palma - Bordelle auf Mallorca

There are prostitutes in Palma who offer their services for as little as 15 euros, so that most of them just get 80 to 100 euros a week. In addition, there is the danger into which women put themselves who work in their private homes without any personal protection. They may now be defenceless against acts of violence.

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