Problems with premature ejaculation? – Here you can get help

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Problems with premature ejaculation? - Here you can get help

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The compliment, which is none

You could disguise it as a compliment, but unfortunately it is not a compliment and means more frustration than pleasure. If the rocket launch, the premature ejaculation, happens all the time, it can upset your love life.

The good news – that man comes too soon is not an insoluble problem and not a fate into which one must surrender. Besides, every once in a while too early is still a long way from being an illness.

However, if it happens every time you have sex, there is a need to talk and act. This is the first step in addressing the problem.

Too soon or normal?

There are no objective criteria that determine how long a man must hold out in bed. In the end, it is always the couple who decide together whether their partner is early or not. So it only becomes a problem when one of the two partners suffers from early ejaculation.

These are the triggers for such ejaculation disorders

Some doctors commit themselves and give man about 15 – 30 seconds before they classify the ejaculation as too early.

These are the triggers for such ejaculation disorders

In order to be able to do something about these disorders, it is first necessary to investigate their causes. Some causes are regularly observed as triggers:

  • agitation
  • rare sex
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • hormonal causes (serotonin)

What can be done in case of premature ejaculation?

As with almost every problem, the first step is always communication. Both within the relationship and with a doctor or therapist.

In the case of very high suffering, the doctor can provide first aid with a potency agent. A diagnostic clarification provides information about physical causes. If none can be found, it is recommended to talk to a therapist.

Additionally you can change a few things yourself:

  • Not too infrequently and not too quicklySome couples often stress themselves out, especially when it comes to sexual activity. If you have regular relaxed sex, you rarely get problems, unless there are other causes.
  • Man can practice aloneThere is a possibility to practice delaying ejaculation with the masturbation technique. For this purpose, the man excites himself up to three times in a row until an erection is achieved and then lets it subside without ejaculation.
  • Start and stopThe technique can also be used as a pair. You get yourself up to speed together and then take a relaxing break until you are ready to go on to the next round. This can be repeated up to three times before reaching orgasm. If the whole thing is not considered too technical, this method is a great enrichment for every relationship.
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buy power resources

Many men do not dare to see a doctor on this sensitive subject and feel helpless. This can lead to depressive phases, which in turn can cause disturbances during sex. A vicious circle.

In order to remedy this situation and increase your own potency, there is the possibility of ordering prescription-free potency products online. So-called generic drugs can be used for this purpose.

A generic drug (singular generic) is a copy of a drug that is already approved on the market and whose patent has expired. This is often the case after 2 years, so that other manufacturers now have the opportunity to use the available information to produce the active ingredient and market it as a generic product.

Natural power resources

They are also known as aphrodisiacs – natural remedies that can increase a man’s potency. These include many foods, herbs and spices.

Natural power resources

Also certain homeopathic remedies are suitable for solving the problem. They have proved particularly effective in cases of premature ejaculation:

  • Sulphur (sulphur)
  • Conium maculatum (spotted hemlock)
  • Turnera diffusa (Damiana)

Ejaculation problems can also be successfully treated by using acupuncture and moxa therapy.

Men can also use special muscle training to prevent premature effusion. Two special muscles have to be trained for this – the one that allows the man to interrupt the urine stream and regulate the defecation. These are two different muscles. They can be trained regularly, in the car, in the office or in the waiting room. Whenever the opportunity arises to adopt a relaxed sitting position.

If a man comes too soon, he has a hangover and/or suffers from premature ejaculation, he might want to think about seeking medical advice.


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