Populist Club: Sex with the Professor

By Faizel Ahman
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Populist Club: Sex with the Professor
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The club of populists: Susi has sex with the professor

Susi was desperate. Her dream of an academic career seemed to end before it even began. She had already screwed up several exams. If she failed again, she was threatened with forced expulsion. However, the club of populists prevented this fate.

How was that possible?

Susi was an attractive brunette and liked to party. She was therefore constantly invited to parties by her male fellow students. She really let it rip and had already had sex with many men. Her studies suffered because she didn’t have enough time to study and showed up late or not at all for lectures. In her distress, Susi turned to her friend Nelly. The just laughed and asked her to become a member of the club of populists.

Populist Club: Sex with the Professor
Susi (left) and her friend Nelly

Susi stumbled and asked what kind of club it was. Nelly explained to her that the club of populists was a club of female students who had sex with their professor. In return, they received better grades and sometimes financial support from the professor. Susi listened up. The club of populists seemed to be the solution to their problem. She asked her friend to talk to the professor.

Susi prepares

A few days later Nelly told her that the Prof wanted to see her. He gave Susi an appointment for the next day right after class. The brunette slut carefully prepared for it. She dressed sexy, even provocative. Since it was hot, she wore a skimpy top that her mighty tits threatened to burst as she breathed. To match, she chose her shortest mini. The skirt barely covered her shapely ass cheeks. Underneath she wore a wetlook suspender belt, black fishnet stockings and high heels with 10 cm high heels.


Her outfit caused quite a stir. She earned venomous looks from her female fellow students, while the men virtually devoured her with their eyes. After the lecture Susi freshened up and renewed her make-up.

Susi joins the club of populists

Populist Club: Sex with the ProfessorExcitedly, Susi knocked on the door of the office. When no one answered, she entered. The secretary was not there, but the door to the professor’s office was open. He sat at the desk and beckoned her in. His eyes wandered over the body of the brunette bombshell. Smiling, he stood up and locked the door. He walked around Susi and pulled her to him. While he kissed her greedily, his hand went under her short skirt and massaged her buttocks. His fingers rubbed her clit and slipped into her pleasure cleft. Almost immediately Susi got wet.

Apparently the Prof liked that very much, because his powerful erection bulged his pants and bored into Susi’s abdomen. He asked the student if she wanted to become a member of the club of populists. Susi answered in the affirmative. The professor said her application had been accepted and he now had to see if she could meet the membership requirements.

Of course Susi understood what was meant by that. Without hesitation, she opened the pants of the professor. His strap rose liberated from the prison and stretched towards her. Susi opened her mouth, which she had made up extra bright red, and inhaled the cock. She had already sucked many cocks and knew what the men liked. Anyway, the prof was very pleased. He grunted and moaned and thrust his mighty prick down her throat to her balls. His fingers rubbed Susi’s clit and caressed her labia. The girl was so horny that her pussy juice oozed out of her cleft and ran down her fishnet stockings.

Susi becomes a member of the club of populists

Suddenly the professor withdrew his tail. If Susi had continued blowing, he would have come in her mouth. But the horny buck did not want that. He was hell-bent on penetrating the tight, wet pussy of the beautiful student. He grabbed Susi and pushed her upper body onto the desk. Her round ass cheeks were emphasized even more by the fishnet stockings and suspenders. Between the two hemispheres Susi’s cleft shone and gaped invitingly open.

What man could resist such an invitation? Not the professor, anyway. He grabbed Susi by the hips and penetrated her to the hilt with the very first thrust. Her pussy was so wet that she smacked loudly. This sent the professor into a sexual frenzy. He fucked the brunette suspender slut like possessed.

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Susi groaned and moaned with each thrust. While fucking, the professor alternately spanked her ass cheeks or kneaded her plump tits. His long cock hit Susi’s G-spot exactly and sent her to the heaven of pleasure. It came as it had to come. Her body was shaken by one of the strongest orgasms she had ever experienced.

She was shaken as if by convulsions. Even her pussy twitched. The silky smooth but muscular walls massaged the professor’s penis like a strong hand. He couldn’t control himself any longer and moaned loudly while his cum squirted deep into Susi’s pussy in spurts and made her overflow.

So I could make a dominatrix my slave

Entrance examination passed

After sex, the prof congratulated Susi. She was now a full-fledged member of the populist club. From now on, she didn’t have to worry about her exams. Her financial situation also improved because the professor slipped her money from time to time. He did not pay her directly for sex, after all Susi was not a hooker, but gave her gifts from time to time. Susi was grateful. As a member of the club of populists, she had it much better than before.

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